Exploding Professional Sports Fiasco: The Hidden Back Story

Source: The Millennium Report

Trump Takes His Wrecking Ball To The NFL—WHY?

Baltimore Ravens players kneel down during the playing of the U.S. national anthem before an NFL

State of the Nation

Here these guys are: game-playing millionaires, who experience more annual arrests per capita than rap singers, complaining about … … …WHAT ? ! ? !

Then they demonstrate their extraordinary ignorance in glowing color by disrespecting the American flag and nation and people by using their prime-time platform to stick it in our faces.

These guys must be crazy. Or, maybe — just maybe — the concussions are really getting to them.

After all, in one study, 87% were found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the serious brain condition caused by repeated concussions sustained during professional football games. NFL Concussions Much More Serious Than Previously Known — Study

This particular medical aspect of NFL culture must be seriously considered and is respectfully offered as to why these folks are so easily stampeded in their current misguided direction.

Crash & Burn

It’s inconceivable that the whole National Football league would go into a total “crash and burn” mode. It’s as though all the owners and the players and the league officials are competing in a race to the bottom. And, they’re all winning!

All President Trump did was to advise the NFL Commissioner to tell the football players to stand during the anthem. Is that too much to ask of multimillion-dollar earning crybabies? Trump Sports Feud Escalates: Demands NFL Chief “Tells Them To Stand”

Never has a POTUS run into so much stormy weather for simply suggesting that the highest paid athletes in the world show some basic respect and dignity.

Think about this wild and crazy predicament for just a moment.

These guys are really going out of their way to disrespect the paying public … … … especially in those red states where football fever is by far the strongest.

It’s obvious that the South and the Midwest are where football mania reigns supreme each and every fall season, and has practically forever. While Southerners are the most conservative of the bunch, Midwesterners are a quite patriotic lot.

And, yet, these overpaid and over-armored spoiled brats (NFL ball players) have the audacity to disrespect their fan base every Sunday in the big stadium!

We know that these guys — football players in general — are not the brightest bulbs in the room, but why go out of your way to turn off your primary source of income?

We know that the NFL owners and league officials and coaches are also not the sharpest pencils in the drawer, but why shut down all of your major revenue streams?

This has got to be the craziest situation ever seen in professional sport. Honestly, there is nothing even close to this self-destructive madness in league history. Any league in any sport! Which begs the question: Who’s really running this game on the American people?

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  • Yes, however it is USA that is killing countries one by one , maybe they have a point , how many countries have they overthrown and installed dictators in ?? Around 50 or so and not one of them is for freedom of any kind , more like tyranny . Facts are what they are , and Trump is as two faced as the rest of them . Whats to be proud of ?? Torture ? Mass murder ?? I dont think so , they even attack their fake allies with economic warfare and interference with radical scams .

  • First we let them respect our God, by playing with themselves on Sundays. Now they want to disrespect the BLOOD that paid for our Liberty and so-called Freedom. So-called because of a treasonous Congress that has loaded a 20 trillion dollar debt on our backs for their Banker masters.

  • “DIS” respect our God.

  • U.S. Attorney General JEFF SESSIONS could lock up everyone who loves Amendment One AFTER a law is passed.
    Make it a crime to not obey posted speed limits. Make it a crime to think dangerous thoughts. Conspire to rebel.
    Go ahead- put your underpants on backwards. Be unique. Get a tattoo. This is America, land of homeless and unemployed former football team employees.

  • Trump needs to harken back to his election promises before he has the gall to take issue with anyone!

  • I was very happy when Mr. Trump was elected because he said so many positives that appealed to all good hard working Americans that have been so badly let down in the past by previous administrations. It quite simply appears that he is not following through on those promises.

    It looks to me as though some NFL players are finding the only way they know how show their dissatisfaction at what is happening to the country.