EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Circulates Letter To Ask For Mueller To Appear In Public Congressional Hearing

Source: The Daily Caller

Alex Pfeiffer • White House Correspondent • August 11, 2017

Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin is asking for congressmen to sign onto a letter requesting that special counsel Robert Mueller appear publicly in a congressional hearing, The Daily Caller has learned.

Mueller, who is investigating Russian election interference and possible ties between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign, has come under intense criticism from allies of President Donald Trump for hiring attorneys who have donated to Democratic candidates and for his personal relationship with former FBI Director James Comey. Trump himself has called Mueller’s employment of Democratic donors “ridiculous,” yet he maintains that he has no plans to dismiss the special counsel.

Babin’s letter, which was obtained by TheDC, was sent out to congressmen Thursday and asks for members to cosign a letter he plans to send to House Judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte and Senate Judiciary chairman Chuck Grassley. (RELATED: Mueller Hires Yet Another Democratic Donor)

“Every nominee for United States Attorney must be confirmed by the Senate, a process that brings to the forefront any concerns regarding the nominee’s ability to hold their position in a decent and impartial manner. However, as Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III and his team of lawyers investigate our very own president, we as a nation wait in the dark with very little information about those given this great authority,” Babin wrote in the letter to his fellow representatives.

Babin writes in the letter that there are “serious concerns” about conflicts of interest with regard to members of Mueller’s counsel who donated “generously” to Democrats or even represented Clinton herself.

Should Bob Mueller Testify To Congress This Month?

“In addition, this investigation has the potential to drag on for months, or even years, and cost millions in taxpayer dollars,” Babin added.

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How many millions of dollars will it require to pursue this “Russian interference in American elections connection to President Trump” take now that there are to-date 16 lawyers on Mueller’s team?

Greg Andres: Latest lawyer appointed to join Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation team has background in foreign bribery


And what would Mueller’s team of 16 lawyers be without Jewish lawyers? And one of them just happens to be a “witness-flipping” (underhanded legal tactic to turn witnesses) expert:

3 Jewish Prosecutors Join Robert Mueller’s Team For Russia Meddling Probe

Mueller’s Trump Probe Team Includes Witness-flipping Expertise


There are so many more pressing national concerns that require attention demonstrating again an intentional deep state retribution on President Trump to destabilize and take his administration sideways:

What Could Happen If Trump Formally Declares Opioids A National Emergency


And this says nothing of the deliberate attempt of the media in American to seed as much uncertainty and fear as possible concerning North Korea’s alleged provocations against America. All of it a contrived media frenzy of fear and confusion when most Americans probably couldn’t even locate North Korea on a good map. “Our job tonight actually is to scare people to death” over North Korea. – Brian Williams during a panel discussion on MSNBC

NBC’s Brian Williams: “Our Job Is To Scare People To Death” Over North Korea




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  • Mueller is a traitorous proponent of the Deep State, attempting to obfuscate and cover up his and his cohorts own crimes, who needs to be charged with obstruction, sedition and treason. Likely subversion, robbery and murder of the American People as well, for his part in covering up and obfuscating 911. Mueller and his treason team are NOTHING that can not be taken care of with a good DRONE STRIKE. Foul SEWAGE that needs to be flushed back into the sewer it crawled up out of.

  • Jeff Sessions needs to hit the road as well. This weak little COWARD bastard is responsible for all this BS against Trump. This Deep State POLICE STATE Apologist that would TAKE more from the American People and empower corruption, needs to be permanently RECUSED from being ANY part of our Govt. One look into this creep’s eyes gives you an idea of how whacked out he is. I see nothing but power induced insanity. …and I supported the man. …no longer, after seeing what he is. Sorry, but got to tell it like it is.