End Mass NSA Data Collection – Security and Intelligence Budget for 17 Intelligence Agencies Over $80 Billion and Las Vegas Couldn’t Be Prevented?

NSA Whistleblower William Binney, Terror Attacks Not a Priority


If Steve Bannon is going to “declare war” on the Republican establishment, will he also “declare war” on the Republicans who sit on the Senate Intelligence Committee who apparently make decisions on how much money is budgeted for the NSA so this corrupt and now demonstrated incompetent intelligence agency can continue with their mass data collection software? As William Binney points out in the interview above, European countries are now finally realizing collecting mass data on its citizens is counter productive. All one European country needs to do is put a stop to mass data collection on its citizens like they are moving towards, and the entire house of mass data collection on private citizens cards will come down. For comparison, people should realize the entire Russian defense budget is at around $70 billion.

Steve Bannon Declares War on Globalist Senators, 1825


There are something like 17 US intelligence agencies with a combined budget of almost $80 billion dollars and with all of their financing, sophisticated computer and software systems, communications listening, satellite data and man power and none of these intelligence agencies could prevent Las Vegas? This is what endemic bureaucratic corruption does: seeks more and more funding. This only goes to demonstrate that these intelligence agencies will only clamor for more money. Something is seriously wrong with these current circumstances. So if the events in Las Vegas were faked as more people are considering and contributing evidence, then the 17 intelligence agencies would be in a better position for additional funding as their budgets increase year-after-year.

Intelligence Agency spending: Trends and Issues



US Senate Intelligence Committee

United States Intelligence Budget

Elite Hackers: Stealing NSA Secrets Is ‘Child’s Play’

Kind of makes serious observers wonder where all that $80 billion (probably vastly more than this since for example the NSA’s budget is classified) is being put to use?


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