Economic Warfare Heading to All Out Shooting War?

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U.S. could disconnect Russia from SWIFT over aggression against Ukraine

06 December 2018

European partners could ban port calls to Russian ships sailing from the occupied Crimea or the Sea of Azov.


U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations, Ambassador Kurt Volker says the United States and its Western allies are considering a number of options to prevent Russia from asserting any more “unilateral control” in the shared waters of the Azov Sea.

Volker told Voice of America one of the possible measure is cutting Russian banks from the international SWIFT banking network, which operates under Belgian law and facilitates international transactions by sending payment orders between institutions in different countries.

“People refer to it as a nuclear option,” Volker said. “It would have costs for everybody involved. Big costs for Russia, but big costs for allies as well. Ultimately, we have to keep it on the table as a possibility because we just can’t continue to see Russia launch further steps of aggression in its neighborhood like this.”

Volker said the United States’ European allies could move to bar Russian vessels coming from Crimea or the Azov Sea from European ports. He said the move was suggested recently by Annegret Kramp-Karrenabaue, general secretary of Germany’s ruling Christian Democratic Union and an aspiring successor to outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“It is a very strong measure and a very creative one,” Volker told VOA. “We’ll see if they pursue it.”

He said the United States wants such measures to put pressure on Russia and “get to the point at which Russia is willing to negotiate a solution.”

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Source: Voltaire Network

Who profits from the incident in the Strait of Kertch?

by Valentin Vasilescu | 3 December 2018

Valentin Vasilescu, an expert on military affairs, comments on the role of the Israeli and US reconnaissance planes in the incident at Kertch. These facts have been confirmed by the Russian FSB (which the Russian Federation’s Coast-Guards depend on) and which has disclosed videos recorded during the interrogations of the captured Ukrainian marines and a document seized on board one of their ships.

Un avion espion US photographié lors d’une reconnaissance près du détroit de Kertch

A US spy plane photographed during a reconnaissance near the Strait of Kertch The international media has not presented us with an accurate picture of what went down in the Strait of Kertch. The media has been trying to make us think that it was an act by Russia to limit international maritime traffic. In my opinion, this incident can have serious military consequences for Russia and could lead to the loss of Crimea.

The ground troops do not always have enough information on the enemy and therefore turn to a process known as “reconnaissance” to gather more information. For example, a reconnaissance group, which moves about in very mobile vehicles, engages in combat against the enemy for a few minutes. Then, if it is not captured, the group withdraws ever so quickly.

At the time of the incident that occurred on 25 November 2018 in the Strait of Kertch, two small Ukrainian armed battleships (Berdyansk and Nikopol), class Gyurza-M, executed a reconnaissance mission. Their aim was not to cross the Kertch Strait but to kick off a reaction of the Russian combat set up, tasked with defending a bridge, running above the strait. The two ships were ideally suited for this type of mission. This is because they are the fastest and far easier to manœuvre than the very well armed ships belonging to the Coast Guard and Navy.

This is the visible part of the incident. There was another aspect, which in contrast, was invisible, and yet far more important than the media made it out to be.

In fact, the information the fruit of “the reconnaissance operation” was not collected by the reconnaissance group that is in contact with the enemy, which in this case is, the small ships (Berdyansk and Nikopol) belonging to the Ukrainian military navy. The information was gathered by another reconnaissance structure which acts in secret. This secretive structure, is specialised in putting in place for surveillance the enemy reaction (that is, the defence set up of the Russian bridge and the Strait of Kertch) thanks to points of land observations, air resources, naval resources, systems for intercepting radio frequency emissions, radar/infrared detection systems, etc. The Ukrainian army has not deployed as complex a reconnaissance set up near the Strait of Kertch, because it does not have the resources to do so. But as we have already demonstrated in a previous article published a little while before the incident, the United States and Israel have become very active in the region.

5 November 2018: a Su-27 Russian plane intercepted a US plane ELINT EP-3E, series 157316, indicator AS17. This Russian plane had taken off from the base of Souda on the island of Crete, flying close to Crimea’s territorial waters. On 19 November, an Israeli reconnaissance plane Gulfstream G-550 Nachshon Aitam (indicator of flight 537) flew over the Black Sea around the Strait of Kertch.

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Russia releases ‘confession’ video of Ukrainian sailors | DW News



Ukraine: US-Installed Fascist Tyranny in Europe’s Heartland

by Stephen Lendman • December 3, 2018 ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Ukraine matters. It’s territory is Europe’s largest after Russia’s. It borders seven countries in Europe’s heartland – Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Russia.

It shares a strategically important 1,500-long land and sea border with the Russian Federation.

The country is resource rich. Zbigniew Brzezinski once said “without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire.”

Separately, he said if Russia reunites with Ukraine, it’ll be a Eurasian powerhouse. If Ukraine allies with Western Europe, Moscow will be significantly weakened geopolitically.

The Obama regime’s February 2014 coup d’etat replaced democratic governance in Kiev with Nazi-infested fascist tyranny. Political crisis continues to grip the continent since that time, flashpoint conditions risking East/West confrontation.

Obama bears full responsibility for what happened. Hardcore neocon extremist Victoria Nuland was his point person involved in staging the coup, its aim to border Russia with a hostile menace to its security.

Brussels shares blame for what happened, partnering with Washington’s coup. Britain, France, Germany and other EU countries virtually always go along with its imperial agenda, even when harming their own interests, operating as a virtual US colony.

Washington stops at nothing to advance its imperium. Replacing independent governments with subservient pro-Western ones is longstanding US policy – by color revolutions or naked aggression.

US-installed putschists in Kiev represent mob rule. Puppet president Poroshenko and others surrounding him are societal misfits, waging war against their own people, risking war with Russia over staged provocations like Black Sea/Kerch Strait incident – likely planned and orchestrated in Washington and London.

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Will Trump admin tear up INF treaty?

Putin Explains US Scrapping the INF Treaty: They Needed an Excuse and Found One to Withdraw

Zakharova Receives American Ultimatum: Russia Has 60 Days Until US Shred Nuke Treaty

Vladimir Putin Explains Why He REFUSES to Speak to Poroshenko! No Need to Fall For Provocation!


Press Availability at NATO Headquarters (Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo in Brussels, Belgium, December 4, 2018)


It seems Russia has a different plan on any “world order” than that of US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

Pax Americana? Pompeo orders UN, WTO, ICC to bow and comply with a US-led world order


The US is going to force Europe to purchase US produced LNG and then ship that LNG to Europe shipped through the Panama Canal at $200,000 per ship in canal fees compared to Europe receiving cheaper gas through the Nord Stream Pipeline?

US Mulling Over ‘Variety of Things’ to Stop Nord Stream 2 Construction – Bolton


The Ukrainians know that if all out war starts in Ukraine they are going to be on the front lines as proxies in an intense, very short duration and horrific war with Russia.

Russian Federation SITREP — December 6, 2018

Russia is rehearsing for a global war, and giving early warning to the West

Ukraine Provokes Russia to What End?


American foreign policy wonks including John Bolton still can’t get over the fact that Crimea is part of Russia.

John Bolton Tells Russia To ‘Get Out’ Of Ukraine, Stop Election Meddling

Is Crimea Russian? Is Donbass independent? Then it’s Jail time for you! — Lutsenko


Mass Exodus: Thousands of Ukrainians Flee Military Call Up; Preparing Run for Russia

RAW: Russia’s latest missile corvette deployed to Black Sea Fleet base

Lavrov Lets Loose at Presser: Talks Ukraine, Kerch Strait Incident and American Overreach


Watch carefully as Russia’s Foreign Minster Sergey Lavrov snubs Victoria Nuland in a meeting with John Kerry who was the previous US Secretary of State. Why “blood-soaked?” Because those mercenary snipers in Kiev, Ukraine (Euromaidan movement of 2013 and 2014 in Maidan Nezalezhnosti [Independence Square] in Ukraine’s capital Kiev) in 2014 were shooting at both sides to stir up as much confusion and chaos as possible. Three snipers were mercenaries hired out of Georgia, the remaining mercenary snipers have not yet been identified.

Lavrov Snubs Blood-Soaked Neocon Witch Nuland Before Meeting with Kerry in Zurich

BOMBSHELL: Georgian Mercenaries Admit Being False Flag Snipers in Kiev’s Maidan 2014 Coup


So who is actually provoking who in Ukraine with Russian news sources reporting that British military special operations groups are operating in Ukraine?

UK Commits Extra Military Forces to Ukraine: Irresponsible Policy, Dangerous Repercussions


Spook Infestation: British MI6 Agents Allowed to Run Amok in Ukraine by Traitor Government in Kiev


If you are a young intelligent skilled British citizen thinking about joining Britain’s MI6 as MI6’s chief Alex Younger encourages young university students to do, here is a reminder of what happens to MI6 employees when they go beyond the “perimeters of their intelligence”.

Who Really Killed MI6 Spy Gareth Williams?


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