Economic and Social War

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By Vicky Davis | July 05, 2019

In 1989, President George Bush convened a meeting of Governors in Virginia to talk about the Education System.  The Charlottesville Summit was held September 27 to 28, 1989.  Bush never indicated any interest in education until the presidential campaign in 1988. At that time, he said he wanted to be the “Education President”.  What the vast majority of people in this country didn’t know at the time, was about the negotiations that were underway for the Uruguay Round of trade that would ultimately establish the United Nations specialized agency, the World Trade Organization in 1995.

Going back in history and tracing the timeline, what one finds is that the American people were deceived about true nature of what was being discussed under the heading of trade, that Washington DC is a cesspool overflowing with human waste and that the U.S. mainstream media is Pravada USA telling you what you are supposed to believe, not what the truth is about anything.  The problems we are dealing with today in this country and around the world are directly linked to the so-called trade agenda that was really about the globalization of communism.  Has the media told you that?  No. And they won’t either but all the documentation is available in the public domain for any curious and thinking person to find

End of the Cold War – Beginning of Economic and Social War

From the early 1970’s forward, U.S. foreign policy followed two tracks: 1) End the Cold War with the Soviet Union; 2) open up China.  By 1989, both missions had been accomplished.  The Berlin Wall was opened up to allow the communists from East Germany to rush the west and China expressed interest in “open and free trade” which was the objective of the Uruguay Round of trade talks.  Also in 1989, twelve Pacific Rim “economies” came together to establish the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) for economic collectivism to harmonized the factors of foreign “trade” such that corporations could do business across borders without interference from national interests .  The twelve co-founding nations were Australia, Brunei, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United States.  APEC is the weapon of economic and social war on the American people.

“America’s trade policies are connected to our broader economic, political, and security aims. This intellectual integration may confound some trade scholars, but it follows in the footsteps of the architects of reconstruction after 1945.” – Robert Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative

It’s not my purpose to rehash what I’ve already written about the deceptions around the concept of “free trade”, but that background is important context for planned changes to our system of education that were initiated by the Charlottesville Summit with the Governors and the Charlottesville Summit was the set up for changing the U.S. education system as trade ministers negotiated during the APEC “trade” forums.

The objective of the system of global “free trade” was open borders for commerce including goods and services.  A service is a person or a job so the system of open borders was for the free movement of “workers” – both white and blue collar.   No borders. No nation.   Just one great big global communist system of oligarchs, slave workers and a police state control system to keep the peasants in line.   Think of the population of the Pacific Rim nations including China and Russia and then think of the population of the United States.  That’s why I said Washington DC is a cesspool.  They betrayed our people and our country.

Despite all that has been written about the “reform” of education, the objective was going to be the creation of a world system of labor with harmonized training and certification to provide the slave pool of human resources for the multinational corporations and to act as thought leaders (change agents) for the confused populations still living in the nation-state context as the inexplicable changes were being made to our systems of government and our institutions – dismantling them while they privatized the power of government.

The Chairman at the time of the first APEC Summit was Australian Gareth Evans, QC, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade.  He gave the broad category outline of the areas that APEC would be addressing:

Economic studies: including the review and analysis of the economic outlook for the region and its implications for policy, and the improvement of regional economic and trade data;

Trade liberalisation: with an initial focus on consultations among participants at Ministerial as well as official level to pursue a timely and comprehensive outcome for the Uruguay Round of multilateral trade negotiations;

Investment, technology transfer and human resource development: including programs for information exchange and training; and

Sectoral cooperation: in fields such as tourism, energy, trade promotion, environment matters and infrastructure development.

Notice that initially they used the term human resource development.  As time progressed, they changed the term to education to reflect what they really had in mind.

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