Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom interviewed by Deanna Spingola (Feb. 27, 2016)

Deanna’s returning guest this afternoon was Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom (bio), who talked about natural climate change, a Maurice Strong video, Agenda 21/Agenda 2030, the New World Odor, and Appendix 24: Talmudic “Noahide Laws” Deception. (listen/download: mp3)

Maurice Strong (1929-2015), Protégé of Rockefellers & Rothschilds, NWO Guru of Baca Ranch, Colorado – Paris 2015 U.N. “Climate Change” Conference: Began Just After Moe Strong Died – Anthropogenic Global Warming Hypothesis Has Been Proven Wrong – Interfaith Ecumenical Blending and Merging, to Destroy Traditional Religions – United Nations’ Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21 on Steroids): Blueprint for Global Enslavement Under Jewish Corporate Masters – Satanic Plan for “World Governance” – 2015 U.N. “Global Warming” Treaty in Paris – Onslaught by Oligarchic Social Engineers on Rational, Scientific, Christian Nations – Before Hitler, There Was Herzl – Merger of Venetian Black Nobility and House of Rothschild – Tavistock Institute: World Brainwashing and Social Engineering Center – Freemasonry, a Gentile Front for Judaism – Frankfurt School “Refugees” (Radical Jewish Subversives) From Germany – Covert War Against the U.S. – The Aquarian Conspiracy (Stanford Research Institute) – Trauma-Based Mind Control – 9/11 Gatekeepers – U.S. Navy’s Project CHATTER (1947-53), CIA’s Project MKULTRA – Talmudic Noahide Laws Deception – New Age False Religions of the Intended Talmudic New World Order – Tikkun Olam: Judaic “Repair of the World” Delusion – Fraudulent “Climate Change” Issue – Gang Stalking and Electronic Weapons – Holding Onto the U.S. Constitution and the Bible – Defending Ourselves From Financial Parasites – Repealing the Federal Reserve Act & National Security Act – Locke’s Individualism vs. Rousseau’s Statism – Jews Are the Most Aggressive Special Interest Group (Nation Within a Nation) – Judaism Is the Modern Recrudescence of the Babylonian Mystery Religions – Judaic Megalomania and Psychopathy – Chabad Lubavitch Radical Judaic Sect






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