Don the Real Estate Guy’s Trade War With China

“Ye shall know them by their fruits.” [Matthew 7:16]

Ed.’s note: The evidence is arriving daily. One policy after another and we can begin to see how Don the real estate guy has been seemingly tasked with taking down the US economy. If this doesn’t explain what is happening what else can explain the following evidence? This trade war between the US and China is allowing Israel to develop closer economic ties with China for China’s B&RI and trade. China is Israel’s third largest trading partner globally and largest trading partner in East Asia. As we will see, Don the real estate guy seems to have been tasked with totally isolating America using NATO to ramp up threats against China.

Flourishing in the new era: China-Israel economic and trade cooperation

How dos the Trump administration do it? Through the treasury by currency manipulation. And it can do this because of the central banking system.

Trump And Bipartisan Majority In Congress Complicit in Chinese Currency Manipulation Canard

IMF Report Refutes Trump’s Currency Manipulation Charge Against China

Trump’s Trade Policy Makes No Sense

China currently is the largest holder of US debt at an estimated at $1.11 trillion and China knows it can cripple the US economy and uses this debt as political leverage. One of the trends we have observed is that the more of a negative impact on the US economy that is taking place with Don the real estate guy’s trade war with China, it seems Israel is the economic beneficiary. China relies on Israel for microprocessor designs in an area of technology where Israel thrives in chip design. As this trade war intensifies blocking China investment in the US, China is turning to Israel where it continues to invest in Israeli technology.

The Evolving Israel-China Relationship

US Debt to China, How Much It Is, Reasons Why, and What If China Sells

Continue watching very closely increasing trade between China and Israel while simultaneously, trade between the US and China will continue to deteriorate which can only be beneficial to Israel, especially in the sector of technology. This is particularly true with Intel chip sales dropping in the US, while in Israel Intel chip sales will only increase.

Huawei enters Israel’s solar power market, hours after quitting US

Exclusive: Israel’s chip sales to China jump as Intel expands

Israel-China relations

China signs $300m deal to buy lab-grown meat from Israel in move welcomed by vegans


Source: The economic Collapse

“Worst Year Ever”: The Chinese Ban On U.S. Agricultural Products Will Be A Death Blow For Countless U.S. Farms

August 6, 2019 | by Michael Snyder

U.S. farmers have never experienced a year quite like this.  During the first half of 2019, endless rain and unprecedented flooding were the major problems.  As a result of the incredibly wet conditions, millions of acres of prime farmland didn’t get planted at all, and tens of millions of other acres are going to yield a lot less than usual.  Even without anything else happening, we were going to see farm bankruptcies soar to absolutely crazy levels, but now the Chinese government is essentially cutting off U.S. agricultural imports.  This will greatly depress the prices that U.S. farmers get for their crops, and so many farmers that were still hoping to squeeze out a profit for this year will be hit with a loss instead.  Ultimately, the truth is that 2019 is going to be a death blow for countless U.S. farmers that were barely hanging on financially after a string of really tough years.  Many will leave the industry entirely and never go back to farming again, and our nation will be worse off because of it.

When the Chinese announced that they were going to completely stop buying U.S. agricultural products, it sent shockwaves across the middle portion of the country.  According to the executive vice president of the American Farm Bureau, our farmers and ranchers will now be facing “just a really tough, tough time”

“This is a body blow to farmers and ranchers all across the country,” Dale Moore, executive vice president of the American Farm Bureau, told FOX Business. “That’s one of the things that we are feeling the effects of, and this is on top of a year when mother nature has been a terrible business partner in many parts of the country. It’s just a really tough, tough time for farmers and ranchers in this country.”

Shares of industrial, farming, oil and transportation companies have plummeted, a direct result of the increased tensions between the world’s two largest economies.

Of course President Trump is trying to be upbeat and he is promising that the Chinese will not be able to hurt our farmers, but the truth is that they already have.

Chinese imports of U.S. agricultural products fell by more than half from 2017 to 2018, and now they are going to zero.  The following comes from Fox Business

Despite Trump’s tweet, American farmers now stand to lose all of what was a $9.1 billion market in 2018, which was down sharply from the $19.5 billion U.S. farmers exported to China in 2017.

Unfortunately for U.S. farmers, they are caught right in the middle of a tug of war between the Chinese government and President Trump, and China specifically went after U.S. farmers in order to hurt Trump politically

China’s new agricultural ban has an additional benefit to the Chinese of maximizing negative political impact to Trump.

Important presidential election swing states in the Midwest grain belt such as Iowa and Wisconsin were vital to his 2016 election victory. Cutting this particular area of bilateral trade at a time when American farmers are recovering from the after-effects of this year’s floods is a potent way for Beijing to punch back against President Trump’s new tariffs.

If the presidential election was held this November, it would be really difficult for Trump to win in Iowa in Wisconsin.  Of course much can change between now and November 2020, but right now Trump is definitely losing support in the middle of the country.



Farmageddon: Farm Loan Delinquencies And Bankruptcies Soar, Incomes Plunge


Source: Michael Hudson

Charge us More

August 8, 2019

Trump’s claim that China is paying for the tariffs is completely false and basically serves to redirect income from his poor supporters to his wealthy supporters. Not only that, the policy will have the consequence of further isolating the United States, says Michael Hudson.


More evidence of the detrimental impact Trump’s trade war with China is having on the US economy:

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Global chip sales continue to decline as US-China trade war escalates

Intel Tops Q1 Chip Sales; Semiconductor Market to Decline 7.2% in 2019

Americans and Europeans are prepping because they realize their economic survival will depend on themselves and their own resources:

Prepping Has Gone Mainstream: Politics, a “Culture of Fear,” or a Return to What’s Been Lost?

Enjoy the endangered species while you still can:

‘Disgusting and Disturbing’: Trump Guts Endangered Species Act in Gift to Big Business

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