Don the Real Estate Guy Is Not Your Savior – Juxtaposition: Don’s Campaign Speech In Michigan and Conditions in Seattle

Ed. note: If you as an American are waiting around for Don the real estate guy to fix your economic, social and political circumstances, you are going to be waiting around for hell to freeze over. This editor could only get through the first 10 minutes or so, of Don’s pep talk in Grand Rapids, Michigan to his political supporters then had to turn it off in order to get back to grounding with reality. What is that reality you ask? That reality is in Seattle.

We’ve juxtaposed Don’s pep talk in Michigan to a documentary taken on the political, economic and social circumstances taking place in Seattle, Washington. If you can get through Don’s full pep talk good for you. However, our suggestion would be to watch the documentary on Seattle (the “Emerald city”) to get better grounded on our real circumstances. Come on, Don, don’t bullshit us by making us feel good about ourselves, not when Seattle is self-destructing.

And now, lets get grounded in reality…

In case readers think this is all hyperbole or we’re being negative about Don the real estate guy, look for yourselves. Here is the financial condition of what was once an extremely well run beautiful American city. Just like most other deteriorating American cities burdened with huge debt.

State Data Lab -Seattle, Washington

Interesting background:

The Power Couple Running Seattle

Remember when Trump talked about “sh*t hole nations” when he was campaigning for presidency? Well readers, “Seattle looks like shit.”

Seattle Looks Like Shit

Here is what getting grounded to reality is readers, debt, something Don the real estate guy would know all about. One of the fundamental underlying problems of what is happening in the “Emerald city”, is discussed in this brief overview given by Michael Hudson. The solutions are there and are only as good as Americans implement them, not waiting around for Don to “save us.”

After a closer look…

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Have a look what the Silicon mafia are doing in San Francisco.

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