Dismantle the Democratic Party – The “Party” Is Over – Democratic Party is the Military-Industrial Banking Complex

Ed.’s note: America can no longer afford to run a Democratic Party but be extremely careful because this could be a bankers’ trap. The “party” is over. We all now realize what has to be done the morning after the “party.” The mess has to be cleaned up, so everyone put on your latex gloves, get your brooms and large trash bags out; because it’s time to clean up. And for the really “stubborn dirt and stains” be sure to use lots of bleach. Do Americans want to “build bridges,” or clean the entire mess up?

Do you want to see a cohesive America; or center right democrats, or left center democrats, or right-left democrats, or whatever they want to call their politics, in constant political warfare, opposition and infighting? Maybe this is all the intended consequences as bankers strategize behind the scenes. The Democratic Party is just a convenient name. What it really represents is the Wall Street Party i.e. insatiable greed. We have some comparative analysis for you…the warning here is you may just get (think bankers) everything you wanted with Donald Trump.


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Do it NOW! It’s time to recruit DISENFRANCHISED Democrats-it worked in 1994!

By David Brockett • October 19, 2019

Building bridges-It worked in 1994

As Newt Gingrich was leading Republicans towards an historic return to power in 1994, Republican leaders convinced conservative Democrats to abandon their party. Due to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s unpopularity, forty-three state legislators and a total of 137 Democrat officeholders said good-bye to their liberal brethren and ran as Republicans.

An Oct 1995 NYT article stated the following: “Political historians cannot recall when so many elected officials at all levels of government, from local constable to the United States Senate, have abandoned a single party in such a short time.

Following the national turnover of power (Democrats had controlled both houses for forty years), Republicans took control of both houses in twenty state legislatures compared to seventeen by Democrats. In 1995 Republicans won 22 of 32 special state legislature elections.

When the dust settled, Republicans gained 554 state seats.

According to the same NYT article: “This is the first time since Reconstruction that a majority of governors, U.S. House members and Senators from the 11 states in the South are Republican.

Many of the newly-minted Republicans stated they felt there was no room for them in a liberal Democrat Party. Some believed the party had moved away from family values. Again from the NYT article: “Representative W. J. (Billy) Tauzin of Louisiana, who became a Republican in August, put it, “You know it is time to move when you don’t want your own leadership to come back into power.

How many Moderate or Center-right Democrats really want to see Pelosi as Speaker in 2021?

Current Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, had already been in Congress for around ten years when the 1994 Republican surge took place. I wonder if she remembers the weeping, wailing, and bewilderment in the Democrat caucus?

Recent Project-Veritas CNN tapes show us that even some media professionals recoil at the heavy-handed  tactics of a liberal tyrant, but they won’t speak up to leadership. How do the closet-moderates in the Democrat Party feel about the Pelosi-Schiff impeachment clown show—what are their constituents telling them when they go back home? Real polls show us there is little appetite for impeachment, but you hear little else from the do-nothing Democrat leadership.

What will Democrats running for reelection be able to promise their constituents–MORE impeachment silliness if Trump is reelected?

NOW is the time for quiet offers to be made to vulnerable Democrats in both the House and Senate. 

Use President Trump’s China strategy and tell them if they wait until the election it will be too late. We know there are at least ten new House members elected in 2018 in districts Trump won handily. How many veteran House Democrats really think their leadership has been acting in the best interest of the nation—or even the Party? It’s time to find out!

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Benghazi Amnesiac Democrats Swallowed The Poisoned Bait in the Turkey-Syria conflict

By Yoichi Shimatsu | October 19, 2019

When the everyone in the room is staring at you to rise to a outright challenge, the smartest strategy is sometimes to turn around and walk straight to the long bar to ask for a double shot no ice. Don’t let the hooting and jibing get to your nerves, just elbow back the dust coat to show the glint of your six-gun. About then the would-be challenger will spot the shotgun-toting deputies on the staircase and stroll out the swinging doors back out to the dusty road, whistling a tune. The eager crowd of onlookers are suddenly downcast and get back to five-card draw, disappointed about missing out on the excitement.

Donald Trump just did the Matt Dillon, and everyone’s stunned that the big shoot-out didn’t happen and he’s still the sheriff. Those loud-mouthed and lame Chesters in the barroom may be sullen, but then again a smiling Miss Kitty wouldn’t’a been pleased about dragging so many dead and wounded customers out onto a wagon and then mopping buckets of blood off the floorboards. The only person that dares sidle up to the bar is Doc, who whispers “I could’ve used the business, you know, cause it’s been awful quiet ’round here since you took over.”

This isn’t Dodge City in 1880, or “Gunsmoke” in the 1950s, it’s Washington DC and the Turkish capital right now, just after Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State traveled to Ankara to negotiate with President Recep Erdogan for a 5-day truce along the Turkish-Syrian border, long enough to enable the Kurdish militia to pull back to safety from a potential massacre. American troop casualties stand at zero, and the Syrian troops are no doubt breathing a sigh of relief, after the years of bloodshed caused by the previous gun-happy U.S. administration of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Brennan. Suddenly all the hooters egging on fight look like plumb fools, meaning of course the surly Democrat candidates and neocon hawks in Congress. Once again the art of the deal steals the thunder, and Team Trump comes away with a triumph based on a winning strategy instead of more flag-draped coffins.

Wars are for Losing Lives

After spoiling for a fight, the Democrats have got to face music, so strike the piano. The shameless agitation by Democrat candidates for American intervention in the no-win Turkey-Syria border conflict is a reminder of the warmongering tradition of Democratic Party bosses obedience-trained by the military-industrial complex. The Democrat legacy of starting wars in the defense of globalist plutocracy began in earnest with Woodrow Wilson’s entry into the Great War in Europe and then went downhill from there with Franklin Roosevelt’s deliberate provocations against Japan to profit from participation in World War II; Harry Truman’s disastrous Korean Peninsula campaign; Lyndon Johnson’s carpet-bombing and napalming of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; Jimmy Carter’s brotherly alliance with jihadists in Afghanistan; Bill Clinton’s brutal aggression against the Balkans and Chechyna jihad: and Barack Obama’s Arab Spring and Libyan invasion. Wherever there’s bloodshed, you’ll find these blue dogs of war ripping at the dead and dying and then barking for more carrion.

The present Turkish-Syrian border conflict is one of the fatal consequences of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s treasonous abomination known as the Benghazi Affair, involving the betrayal of an American ambassador to jihadist assassins to conceal the CIA’s clandestine shipments of firearms, rocket launcher, land mines and chemical weapons via ports in Turkey to arm Islamic State rebels in the jihad to oust the secular Syrian regime. In his quest for a trans-Syrian oil pipeline from the Arab Gulf states to the Mediterranean, the Grand Caliph Barack Hussein Obama and his CIA director Mullah John Brennan failed to achieve their dream of an ISIS pipeline due to vigorous counterattacks by Assad loyalists backed by Hezbollah, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Russian air-power. Hillary Clinton, Brennan and Obama foolishly underestimated the resilience of Assad’s Alawite community, backed by the Shiites against Salafist Sunni fanaticism. While laying pipe across Syria to compete against Russia’s energy flows to Europe, the Obama caliphate failed to foresee that Vladimir Putin might send over his air force to rout the CIA-run horde of cutthroats with rolling thunder.

The consequent devastation throughout Syria led to the summer of 2015 Muslim refugee crisis and the consequent spike in rape, burglary and terrorism across Europe, all thanks to the Democratic-aligned intelligence agencies and their supporters inside the Pentagon and Congress, otherwise known as the Deep State. Today, these incorrigible criminal minds are hoping for a second chance to dance on the blood of innocents.

Obama’s Treacherous Islamic Policy

The Democrat double-dealing would be joke if not for all the Arab children maimed across Syria and sexually abused in the West, thanks to Pizzagate’s Jimmy “Comet” Alefantis who operated his first ping-pong cafe in the Turkish and Kurdish district of Berlin, with the rough trade in swarthy teens at the top of his Orientalist bathhouse menu. It should be hilarious that the Podesta crowd now wants to defend the Assad regime that they so recently tried to eliminate with a little help from their friends in Turkey and ISIS.

Besides warmongering and sexual perversion, the other Democratic character trait is betrayal, as Obama and Brennan did to their closest foreign ally Turkish President Recep Erdogan by trying to overthrow him in June 2016. Erdogan was Obama’s best friend. Soon after his 2009 inauguration, President Obama disclosed his “Islamic policy” of alliances with Muslim nations. This geopolitical con game was drafted by Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Boca Raton, FL, translated as the Bay of Rats). The ardent Zionist congressman was also the original sponsor of the Awan family spies sent to Washington by the DAI front for the CIA in Pakistan, before handing them off to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The “Zionist-Muslim alliance” was funded by the S. Abraham Foundation, headed by Wexler and funded by Sim Daniel Abraham, the tycoon behind the SlimFast diet program from Thompson Medical. Losing pounds around the waistline line soon led to losing heads in ISIS decapitations.

Obama’s first Islamic policy speech was delivered in Ankara on the podium with a beaming Turkish President, Recep Edogan, before the American presidential entourage flew off to Cairo. In hindsight, the Arab Spring and Syrian civil war proved that America’s first black president spat out his promises to an adoring Muslim realm like a viper with a forked tongue spitting venom at a flock of chickens. Seven years later, the treacherous CIA launched a coup attempt to depose Erdogan and install a puppet regime run by the Sufi sect. The major oil corporations needed a more obedient Turkish leader who could more aggressively rid Christian and Alawite minorities from western Syria for the pipeline from Qatar through a depopulated northern Iraq-Syria corridor, and then undersea onto Cyprus and Europe. Beheading villagers for their religious beliefs was, of course, a circus act to divert media attention away from “ISIS” construction contractors clearing the path to mega-profits for the PetroDollar energy corporations and investment banks. Terrorism is a tool of the energy industry. Another example was Osama bin Laden, the “terrorist” chieftain from the family that owns the biggest construction company on the Arabian Peninsula. The high-society cabal that gives orders to the CIA are in it for the money, and counter-terrorism is merely a cloak for their own daggers.

The Plot to Murder a Friend and Ally

The Democrat candidates are suffering a severe bout of amnesia, not just related to Benghazi, but the subsequent Obama plot for a military coup against their closest ally Erdogan, who evaded an assassin’s bullet to snuff the ill-considered treachery and surrounded the U.S.-NATO Incirlik Air Base with armored vehicles to prevent airstrikes against his capital Ankara. Alarmed at the unspeakable treachery, Erdogan then sought out an informal alliance with Russia, with Putin as a peace broker with Syria. Shamed by their failure to overthrow the legitimately elected Turkish president, Obama’s exposed team was reluctantly forced to turn against his ISIS minions, a sorry case of double jeopardy.

This sort of backstabbing is all so reminiscent of how the CIA assassinated South Vietnam’s lapdog president Ngo Dien Diem; removed and terminated Manuel Noriega, their man in cocaine hub Panama; and dispatched brother Hosni Mubarak to prison and a coffin. When any Arab used to call me “brother”, I would always correct that expression by informing them: “Who stands to inherit the family fortune at your death? The little shoplifter in the candy store or your younger brother?” Already you can detect the glint in the eye and the gleam of the fangs of those vile brothers and Jezebel sisters squabbling on stage at the Democratic candidate debates.

The net result now that the regional players have awakened to the Democrat backstabbing is a de facto regional arrangement across the Near East based on an enemy-of-my-enemy survival strategy. All the conflicted local players from Turkey and Syria to Israel, Lebanon and Egypt has since kept a wary eye on the CIA, State Department and other tentacles of the treacherous intel octopus. Foreign trust of the U.S. is by now down to zilch, thanks to American flip-flopping and, ultimately, the inability to deliver on the past-expiry Israel-Palestine peace arrangement. Nobody in the region trusts Washington’s Deep State, and its high-time that the rank-and-file of the Democrat Party smell the coffee and wake up to political reality. So how did the Kurds end up as the odd man out of the Near East club? Because they are the patsies for the CIA and the Mossad, distrusted by everybody else.

Please go to Yoichi Shimatsu to read the entire article.


Break up the Dem Party

By Michael  | Thursday, September 12, 2019 

Why we need to abolish the Democratic National Committee, even if that means breaking up the Democratic Party

Thursday’s debate on Walt Disney’s ABC channel is shaping up as yet another shameless charade. The pretense is that we are to select who the Democratic presidential candidate will be. But most Americans, as the Irish say, vote with their backsides, belonging to the informal but dominant party of non-voters who choose not to be sucked into legitimizing the bad choices put before them. But the limited airing of their personalities reflects the fact that most Americans, as the Irish say, vote with their backsides, belonging to the informal but dominant party of non-voters who choose not to be sucked into legitimizing the bad choices put before them.

The debate is being presented as a reality entertainment show. The audience is invited to rate the candidates who seem most likely to implement the policy they want – but not including the economy. Most Americans are now living from paycheck to paycheck and cannot come up with even $400 in an emergency. They are afraid to go on strike or even to complain about their job, because they are afraid of getting fired – and of losing their corporate health care, knowing that getting sick may wipe them out. These problems will not appear on Walt Disney.

Voters basically want what Bernie Sanders is promising: a basic right to Single Payer health care and a retirement income. That means protection against the Republican-Democratic threats to cut back Social Security to balance the budget in the face of tax cuts for the richest One Percent and rising Cold War military spending. This means a government strong enough to take on the vested financial and corporate interests and prosecute Wall Street’s financial crime and corporate monopoly power. When neoliberals shout, “But that’s socialism,” Americans finally are beginning to say, “Then give us socialism.” It beats being ground down into debt peonage.

But here’s the trick that the TV debates sweep under the rug: It is not the voters who are empowered to choose the Democratic Party’s candidate. That privilege belongs legally to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Since stacking the political deck in 2016 to serve up Hillary Clinton as nominee, it has put in place rules that will enable its Donor Class members, super-delegates and other lobbyists for the One Percent to repeat the trickery once again in 2020.

I hope that the candidate who is clearly the voters’ choice, Bernie Sanders, may end up as the party’s nominee. If he is, I’m sure he’ll beat Donald Trump handily, as he would have done four years ago.

But I fear that the DNC’s Donor Class will push Joe Biden, Kamala Harris or even Pete Buttigieg down the throats of voters. Just as when they backed Hillary the last time around, they hope that their anointed neoliberal will be viewed as the lesser evil for a program little different from that of the Republicans.

So Thursday’s reality TV run-off is about “who’s the least evil?” An honest reality show’s questions would focus on “What are you against?” That would attract a real audience, because people are much clearer about what they’re against: the vested interests, Wall Street, the drug companies and other monopolies, the banks, landlords, corporate raiders and private-equity asset strippers. But none of this is to be permitted on the magic island of authorized candidates (not including Tulsi Gabbard, who was purged from further debates for having dared to mention the unmentionable).

Donald Trump as the DNC’s nominee

The problem facing the Democratic National Committee today remains the same as in 2016: How to block even a moderately left-wing social democrat by picking a candidate guaranteed to lose to Trump, so as to continue the policies that serve banks, the financial markets and military spending for Cold War 2.0.

DNC donors favor Joe Biden, long-time senator from the credit-card and corporate-shell state of Delaware, and opportunistic California prosecutor Kamala Harris, with a hopey-changey grab bag alternative in smooth-talking small-town Rorschach blot candidate Pete Buttigieg. These easy victims are presented as “electable” in full knowledge that they will fail against Trump.

Trump meanwhile has done most everything the Democratic Donor Class wants: He has cut taxes on the wealthy, cut social spending for the population at large, backed Quantitative Easing to inflate the stock and bond markets, and pursued Cold War 2.0. Best of all, his abrasive style has enabled Democrats to blame the Republicans for the giveaway to the rich, as if they would have followed a different policy.

The Democratic Party’s role is to protect Republicans from attack from the left, steadily following the Republican march rightward. Claiming that this is at least in the direction of being “centrist,” the Democrats present themselves as the lesser evil (which is still evil, of course), simply as pragmatic in not letting hopes for “the perfect” (meaning moderate social democracy) block the spirit of compromise with what is attainable, “getting things done” by cooperating across the aisle and winning Republican support. That is what Joe Biden promises.

The effect has been to make America into a one-party state. Republicans act as the most blatant lobbyists for the Donor Class. But people can vote for a representative of the One Percent and the military-industrial complex in either the Republican or Democratic column. That is why most Americans owe allegiance to no party.

The Democratic National Committee worries that voters may disturb this alliance by nominating a left-wing reform candidate. The DNC easily solved this problem in 2016: When Bernie Sanders intruded into its apace, it the threw the election. It scheduled the party’s early defining primaries in Republican states whose voters leaned right, and packed the nominating convention with Donor Class super-delegates.

After the dust settled, having given many party members political asthma, the DNC pretended that it was all an unfortunate political error. But of course it was not a mistake at all. The DNC preferred to lose with Hillary than win with Bernie, whom springtime polls showed would be the easy winner over Trump. Potential voters who didn’t buy into the program either stayed home or voted green.

Please go to Michael Hudson to read the entire article.

Recent interview with Michael Hudson by The Saker:

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The DNC shoving Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg down the throats of American voters. Is this a bankers’ strategy knowing full well these three incompetent democrats will lose to Donald Trump in 2020?

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