“Did Serco’s Porton Down agents at the USPTO fire Skripal Novichok bullets?”

Source: Global Research

Evidence – Novichok Delivery System Patented in the US

By True Publica • Global Research • April 22, 2018

Featured image: Main Image – Patent Powder Dispersal Device – filed 2013, patent pending for the delivery of nerve agents, specifically, Novichok and sarin: Examples of nerve agents may include G series such as Tabun (GA), Sarin (GB), Soman (GD), Cyclosarin (GF), GV series such as Novichok agents, GV (nerve agent), V series such as VE, VG, VM, and the like. (Source: Powder Dispersal Device and method)

We wrote back on 9th April that: “The Skripal Novichok poison affair has fooled almost no-one with a slightly questioning mind and an internet connection. The entire story would make an epic egg-on-face Inspector Clouseau classic worthy of Peter Sellers at his best. The plot includes a delusional Russian despot attempting to assassinate an ageing retired ex-spy in Britain where the end result was an international scandal, a dead cat, two starved guinea pigs and a lot of unemployed diplomats.”

The Porton Down scientific findings only went as far as to say: “Blood samples from Sergei Skripal and Yulia Skripal were analysed and the findings indicated exposure to a nerve agent or related compound. The samples tested positive for the presence of a Novichok class nerve agent OR CLOSELY RELATED AGENT.

Theresa May, Boris Johnson, politicians from all tribes along with the false mouthpiece of the establishment – the mainstream media – unquestioningly supported the case for dragging the UK into the centre of a global crisis, just as they did when Tony Blair blatantly lied to the world and supported the Americans in creating the human hellhole that much of the Middle East now represents.

The evidence provided to a more critically minded public was little more than dubious accusations supported by ambiguous expressions such as “highly likely,” and “suspected” – forcing the government into the highest propaganda mode we have seen in over a decade. The lessons that should have been learned from the Chilcot Enquiry, that actual evidence is needed prior to acting – completely ignored by all.

Journalists such as The Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland is a perfect example: He refers to those who critically ask questions about the famed White Helmets, the chemical weapons attacks in Syria or the Salisbury Novichok attack with a rushed asthmatic certainty that everyone is a conspiracy theorist without even as much showing any evidence to the contrary:

“That claim, which has been repeatedly debunked, was instantly applauded and spread by the same crowd of pro-Russia voices on the far left and far right who have served so dutifully as Assad’s online cheerleaders. To them, Waters was a hero for daring to speak an unpopular truth. For everyone else, a once admired musician had joined the ranks of conspiracist cranks and apologists for a murderous dictator.”

People like Friedland have completely ignored the actual evidence provided by Robert Fisk, the Independent newspaper journalist with 40 years mid-east experience that there was no chemical weapons attack in Douma. He has ignored ex-ambassadors such as Peter Ford and Craig Murray, with huge experience in these regions.

Freedland wrote in 2003 –

“that war (Iraq) is needed to topple a cruel tyrant who has drowned his people in misery. In this view, the coming conflict is a war of liberation which will cost some Iraqi lives at first, to be sure, but which will save many more. It will be a moral war to remove an immoral regime. To oppose it is to keep Saddam in power.”

A million innocents lost their lives, millions more displaced and Iraq has since sided with Syria, Iran and Russia because of this type of absolute slavish devotion to those who turned out to be mass genocidal murderers.

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