Did James Files Shoot JFK? Exploring the Claims with Abel Danger’s David Hawkins

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Sponsor Crowdsource the Truth: http://paypal.me/crowdsourcethetruth


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  • “Did Geo H W Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team” at VeteransToday.com

    Aerial photos of the six shooter locations and nine shots fired….

    Big Bush at Dal-Tex and Baby Bush at TSBD building for CIA Operation Zipper

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation is supposed to investigate public corruption.
    Hillary Clinton is an accessory after the fact, in the murder of John F. Kennedy.
    Charity fraud and criminal donors taking IRS deductions really get complicated.

  • lbj and USS Liberty showed jfk murder for the its real helli coup it was
    Who will be able to tell real from fake in this EArthly test???? wake up zio zombies!
    JFK was another ‘in your face terror act and what are you gonna do about it’ cuz you goy must Believe their lies NOT your own eyes SEE global warming and dark matter…

    bill greer serviceman chauffeur shot him it in broad daylight, A Dallas judge covered in gun powder in trailing car and at least 7 other witnesses were murdered for trying to tell truth right after event. A shellfish toxin dart from Maryland biowarfare labs disabled Jack first so he could not duck away at close range. jackie, a levy jew like mother as all presies are selected from chosen, ma fitzgerald of druid murdering french jew stock

    adelaide stevenson killed by such a dart in london a while later

    How many zio liars have made milions on peddling phony theories to goy returds? look at tex marrs bill o’reily dan rather.. prosperous presstitutes smiling in their profit from lies to us,

    zapruder film was doctored like stalin’s/hitchcock’s auschwitz videos. those with eyes and ears know this, j crew delight in torturing and terrorizing us again and again and making movies and seling books and papers glorifying their lying version AND WE BUY IT

    Japan showed truth for days once real video cleaned up so they know wiliam greer did it but usa don’t know nothin. A thousand and one theories and genius hawkins offers another POOH!
    THE truth found by ex navyman sent video by honest reporter, yes a unicorn. This navyman was gunned down by po lice in own backyard. He also knew 911 was imminent, and he knew driver wiiliam greer did it, see Bill Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse
    And yes ets are involved, grow up fools we are being destroyed by parasitic reptilians in disguise, eyescans in India are showing over 7% vertical slits. Our info, religion, food and medicine all being poisoned by them.

    jfk was Enki Osiris Pan Prometheus agent of the wise serpent, a flawed friend and father of mankind, the ‘dying god’ and unlike enlil’s phoney jesus he is from EArth and this is his home being invaded and poisoned by the genocidal anunaki that got him again….
    see w. bramley’s Gods of Eden and Anton Park’s Adamgenesis for glimpse into this spiritual war

    j crew are enlil’s minions and today’s heroes are ALL zio zeroes,as gilad atzmon knows, juice control message Embrace enlil jesus at your own peril, yeshua did not die on cross, he outfoxed the edomite spawn of phoney shat in (also enlil) who cannot even sprout a bean unlike real Satan a hay fork holding farmer figure, nurturer of all life and green is Her colour they lie about everything, bible babble = 95% upside down garbage

    even t rump who ranked 7th on zionaires list of top donors to its real with adelman 2nd few years back, so he is for yinon not usa, t rump will ensure Iran next to go. big bro towers in nyc up and berlin wall from mexico?

    Isaac Newton who was crazy from mercury when venetian banksters made him head of royal mint and royal science academy was former incarnation of abraham lincoln, his theory on gravity is disinfo away from magnetism’s role in cosmos. see tarpley’s Against Oligarchy

    Honest (hahaha they laugh in stupid goyim faces) abe’s death a zio liar false flag, walt whitman made living retelling abe’s phoney murder story on speaking tour accross U S A to seal in lie! See miles mathis, the banksters needed him to win one more but he was too sick to last a 2nd term so they suppressed vote! in 7 anti abe states just as they did for hilary, see wikipedia on abes 2nd election, and they let him retire early after faked death.