Did he fool you? Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income paid for by taxing automation.

Source: Dick Eastman


With basic income advocates, there is usually no up-front mention of the source of the money to be distributed. We must learn if Andrew Yang is a populist wanting government to distribute the basic income created ex-nihilo (“from thin air”) and autonomously (not co-created with new debt) – or whether the government must tax the middle class and borrow at compound interest from international lenders, making him another shill for usury. Which is it?

He says he will provide a thousand dollars to each citizen per month from taxes on corporations that make use of automation! THIS MEANS HE IS NOT ADDING NEW MONEY TO THE ECONOMY AT ALL, BUT IS RAISING THE PRICES OF GOODS PRODUCED WITH HIGH TECHNOLOGY. THIS SOURCE OF REVENUE WOULD SOON BE USED UP AS FIRMS RESORT TO LESS-PRODUCTIVE HUMAN LABOR, WHICH OF COURSE MEANS OUTSOURCING TO CHINA WHERE LABOR IS NOT PAID VERY MUCH. Yang is a shill – perhaps a de facto shill, but a shill nonetheless.

End result of Yang’s “universal income” paid for by taxing technology? The final death of technology in American industry and more corporate outsourcing to China for cheap labor. Don’t you smell Soros and false-front economic sabotage benefiting China and Kissinger Associates? I do.

The problem with the American economy is its money and lending system. The solution is not redistribution of business earnings to consumers done in such a way as to make businesses less efficient and to incentivize them to outsource labor.

The real problem is that we live in an economy where the entire money supply (transferrable bank deposits) is borrowed into existence with a co-created debt obligation to pay principal and compound interest to the lender. Instead of this, we need permanent national money that is not co-created with new debt. This new money needs to be distributed exclusively via a new-money dividend to households. That is populist social credit – not to be confused with China social credit, which is communism that gives to each according to his obedience to Big Brother and takes from each his labor, which is sold to Jewish-owned corporations through Henry Kissinger and Associates.

[Ed. note: Yang also proposes a Value Added Tax (VAT) and defends a “Carbon Tax”.]


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