“Did a Serco AWE SWAT team put polonium in Litvinenko’s tea?”

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The Forensic Investigation into the Polonium Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko

Wednesday 01/27/2016 • by Sean Allocca, Editor

[Image] Photograph of the grave of Alexander Litvinenko, Highgate Cemetery, London, United Kingdom (Public Domain via Wikipedia)

Alexander Litvinenko took tea with two men at the Millennium Hotel in London on a bright afternoon on the first of November, 2006. That night he began violently vomiting—the beginnings of a three-week episode of radiation poising that would eventually lead to his death. What investigators are still trying to pin down is where that poison came from, and ultimately, who is responsible for the death of the Russian dissident.

Investigators quickly discerned the two men at the hotel were former KGB operatives, and that Litvinenko had ingested a fatal amount of the radioactive element polonium 210, likely manufactured in Russia. But, experts are still trying to determine if polonium has an exact “fingerprint” which would show where it came from.

A new 300-page report released by the British government, this week, documents the forensic investigation into his death, and alleges Litvinenko survived another radiation poisoning only two weeks before in October of 2006.

In the report, forensic experts systematically trace the radioactive poison from the teapot’s spout back to portions of Mr. Litvinenko’s hair that had been cut and tested for polonium after his death. The Health Protection Agency posthumously tested several organs and found Litvinenko had ingested an estimated 4.4GBq—approximately equivalent to 180 times the activity of 1 kilogram of uranium ore.

What experts did not expect to find in the hair analysis was the signs of radiation poisoning, two weeks before the fatal dosage, which they believe likely occurred during a previous meeting with Russian operatives sometime between Oct. 14 and Oct. 25, 2006.

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