Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Developing a “Crystal Ball” – The Reason for This Pathological Obssession With Security: “Techno-Fetishism” – Technological Desacralization of Nature in the West – America (Anti-Civilization) Is a Giant Techno Laboratory – Every American Will Receive an “Assessment Threat” Through the “Automated Targeting System” – The “Watchkeeper System” – All Based on a Subjective Assessment

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Department of Homeland Security employees use their own judgment to put Americans on Do-Not-Fly list

DHS’s 2015 Data Mining report, reveals that TSA, CBP, Coast Guard or all DHS employees, use their own judgment to determine who’s put on a government watchlist!

While each program described below engages to some extent in data mining, no decisions about individuals are made based solely on data mining results. In all cases, DHS employees analyze the results of data mining, and then apply their own judgment and expertise to bear in making determinations about individuals initially identified through data mining activities.

I’m way off-base you say? The government, would never let law enforcement put people on a watchlist using nothing more their judgment?

Below, is an example of police using their ‘training and experience’ to conduct unlawful home drug raids.

A Washington Post review of 2,000 warrants served by D.C. police between January 2013 and January 2015 found that 284 — about 14 percent — shared the characteristics of the one executed at Taylor’s apartment. In every case, after arresting someone on the street for possession of drugs or a weapon, police invoked their training and experience to justify a search of a residence without observing criminal activity there.

Before anyone is allowed to travel in America, they’re given a threat assessment.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) uses an ‘Automated Targeting System‘ (ATS) to assign a threat assessment to every American.

ATS-UPAX vets the visa application and provides a response to the DoS’s Consular Consolidated Database (CCD) indicating whether DHS has identified derogatory information about the individual. CBP uses biographical information on identified and possible overstays in ADIS to be run in ATS-UPAX against risk-based rules based on information derived from past investigations and intelligence. CBP also uses risk-based targeting rules and assessments, in other words EVERYONE is being given a threat assessment.

“ATS-UPAX does not use a score to determine an individual’s risk level; instead, ATS-UPAX compares information available through ATS against watch lists, criminal records, warrants, and patterns of suspicious activity identified through past investigations and intelligence. The results of these comparisons are either assessments of the risk-based rules that a traveler has matched or matches against watch lists, criminal records, or warrants.”

What is the ATS-UPAX system?

According to DHS, ATS-UPAX is a custom-designed system used to evaluate passengers and crew members prior to their arrival to or departure from the United States. ATS-UPAX utilizes CBPs’ System Engineering Life Cycle methodology.

This essentially means, the government creates a program(s) and then justifies its existence by publishing documents which validate its effectiveness. (see diagram below)

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DHS combines seven passenger lists to give every American a threat assessment:

1) The Automated Commercial System (ACS)

2) The Automated Manifest System (AMS) 

3) The Advance Passenger Information System (APIS)

4) The Automated Export System (AES)

5) The Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)

6) The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA

7) The Nonimmigrant Information System (NIIS), BCI, ICE’s SEVIS, and TECS.

DHS/Coast Guard also use the “Watchkeeper System” to spy on Americans. Click here to find out more about the WatchKeeper system.

DHS/Coast Guard are also spying on boats: “Boaters have no expectation of privacy” according to DHS’s new boater surveillance program.

Last year, I warned everyone that DHS was quietly creating a nationwide boat tracking system.

DHS watchlists are being used to deny Americans the right to fly domestically!

This information includes: passengers who are confirmed or possible matches to the watchlists on international flights of covered U.S. aircraft operators; passengers on domestic flights who are confirmed matches to the DNBL or TSDB watchlists; passengers who possess certain derogatory holdings that warrant enhanced scrutiny; and travelers with a high probability of being denied boarding by an aircraft operator on a carrier bound for or departing the United States.

Click here to read how Americans are being given risk assessments while traveling inside the US.

Things are getting so bad, law enforcement claims traveling from one city to another city is suspicious.

Traveling on a ‘drug corridor’ cannot reasonably support a suspicion that the traveler is carrying contraband. To so hold would give law enforcement officers reasonable suspicion that every vehicle on every major—and many minor—thoroughfares throughout this country was transporting drugs.

Airlines have been VOLUNTARILY spying for the government since 1997!

ATS-UPAX maintains Passenger Name Record (PNR) data, which is data provided to airlines and travel agents by or on behalf of air passengers seeking to book travel. CBP began receiving PNR data voluntarily from certain air carriers in 1997. Currently, CBP collects this information to the extent it is collected by carriers in connection with a flight into or out of the United States..

DHS also uses the “Common Operating Picture” (COP) program to decide whether to put Americans on Do-Not-Fly, Do-Not Board lists.

“The first phase of this program involved the creation of a COP, a single unclassified location where all travel of Inhibited Passengers (persons identified as matches to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Do Not Board List (DNBL), the No Fly and Selectee subsets of the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB), or co-travelers identified by TSA and CBP is displayed to both components.”

DHS and law enforcement use a orbuculum called the “Advanced Targeting Initiative” (ATI) to predict if a person might be a potential threat.

The ATI Initiative strives to improve law enforcement capabilities with predictive models. The CBP/DHS office supports the ATI research on entities and individuals of interest, data queries, data manipulation on large and complex datasets, data management, link analysis, social network analysis and statistical analysis in support of law enforcement and intelligence operations.

Click here, here and here to see how predictive policing is being used to arrest and treat people like potential criminals.

Under the iii Data Sources section DHS claims, they’re allowed to spy on Americans because private entities (corporations) give it to them.

“The information is either submitted by private entities or persons and initially collected in DHS/CBP source systems (e.g., ACE, ACS) in accordance with U.S. legal requirements (e.g., sea, rail, and air manifests); created by ATS as part of its risk assessments and associated rules..”

Who’s providing DHS with this information? If you guessed it’s the police, give yourself a gold star.

Everyone’s home is being given a color coded threat rating based on pizza deliveries!

The database goes through all public information for the call’s location — from arrest records to pizza deliveries — and gives the address a rating. Green means minimal threat, yellow a possible threat and red a major threat.”

Police are using Intrado Communications, Beware software to give every home a threat rating!

Click here to read about the alarming ways DHS/Police are assessing pre-schoolers, college students and more.


The Liberal American World Order: Professor Alexander Dugin on Jay’s Analysis 

Published on Mar 12, 2016

Professor Alexander Dugin is an author and former advisor to Vladimir Putin. He was gracious enough to speak with me in this in-depth philosophical discussion that covers a wide range of topic, including: The origins of modern liberalism in the Enlightenment era, the problems of atomistic individualism, the anti-metaphysical stance of Anglo-saxon and Scottish empiricists, how this philosophy was mirrored in the Calvinist reformers, and the desacralization of Nature in the West.

From there, we discuss the ‘quantification’ of reality that resulted from that period’s mechanistic view of the kosmos and how this led to the techno-fetishism of our day and transhumanism, resulting in the attempt of destroying all collective groupings and ontological categories, including family, gender, etc. Professor Dugin explains the Fourth Political Theory and the importance of Heidegger and the European logos, as well as how evil can have its own inner ‘logic’ as we see “pure Satanism” manifested in the West.

Great Scene from The Twilight Zone episode “The Obsolete Man” 

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