Dennis Kucinich Against Obama and the Republican: A False-Opposition Run – Occupy Movement Deception – Crown Sister Elizabeth Kucinich

Source: Dick Eastman, Citizens America Party

Feb 1, 2012

Michael Hudson backing a way-too-late Kucinich run against Obama and the Republican: a false-opposition run which the “Occupy Movement” deception was secretly organized and funded (by Soros?) to support

Michael Hudson on The Keiser Report takes over the theme of opposition to Austrian Economics – while secretly working for a run by Dennis Kucinich to kick in after Ron Paul ends his campaign in August. Kucinich is going to run in order to absorb energy that might have gone to some substantive populist opposition, in order to prevent populism from gaining any last-minute traction after the conventions leave people stuck with Obama and the Republican. If Kucinich were really serious about a run, he would have been public long ago, looking for support. The fact that he is going to enter as opposition so late – and that he has been secretly planning to do so with the secret leadership of the secret Occupy movement – tells me and perhaps you, that Kucinich is only interested in sapping and controlling some of the opposition energy pent up in the populists and expected to be white-hot after the conventions when it is clear that Ron Paul bombed and we are stuck with two monstrous candidates to choose between.

Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich

Former Chase Manhattan economist, Beijing advisor, UN advisor and Dennis Kucinich advisor, and Bloomberg commentator Michael Hudson has just staked out a position of leader of the anti-Austrian and anti-Wall Street thought. Hudson, on Keiser, here, says Austrian Economics is “insane” ideology that wants to replace government with central planning by the big banks – which is stupid, because that is what we have had since John D. Rockefeller and J. P. Morgan. At any rate, Hudson informs us that Kucinich will run against Obama and the Republican. Kucinich will run, doubtless – not that you will believe me – to replace Ron Paul after the conventions as the false-opposition candidate.

Keiser asked Hudson why he is not at Davos – and Keiser is right. Why hasn’t Hudson put out his solution long ago – when it first occurred to him? If he and Kucinich have a solution they have been working on – and if they have been working with the hidden leadership of Occupied – why have they not gone public with their solution before this? Why have they not advanced it and argued for its superiority over the social credit solution I offer, or the gold standard and austerity solution? But Hudson, like all of the other phonies, has been long on diagnosis but short on cure. Why the hell would one wait until after August to unleash a solution – unless, like Ron Paul, he is not in it to win, but only to “occupy” the space that real populists should have been occupying in your sorry sorry minds.

Michael Hudson – “progressive” counterpart to “libertarian” Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente – all diagnosis and prognosis, but no prescription. None of his books – neither Super Imperialism, nor Global Fracture, nor Fictitious Economy – offer a cure. In his interview with Keiser, he simply states that nothing bad will happen except to the 99 percent if we default. He does say that Greece should repudiate; but he does not raise a call for repudiation by the U.S. – although he may do so after August, when it is sure to be too late to affect the election – but only because, by doing so, he will take leadership of the repudiation movement that will come (no one notices that populists have been calling for repudiation for some time) and will lead it nowhere: lots of smoke but no fire. Look at his background and look at who is signing the checks that keep Hudson fed – and you may begin to suspect that I may be right.

The Money Power ALWAYS runs the strongest opposition against itself to steal all oxygen from the real populist grass-roots opposition. Kucinich is of course another false-opposition fraud – used twice before in national elections to elect the tagged Money Power candidate – like Ron Paul – everybody’s favorite fraud – to mislead and divide voters. (Paul gave such a great speech on foreign policy after Florida: he certainly hit all the right strings of my heart.) The people who bankrolled Ron Paul knew you would eat it up; and they know that as that as long as you are following pied-piper Paul, you will not be looking for and working for a real populist.

Michael Hudson has revealed the game plan when he tells us that he has been working in secret with the Occupy Wall Street Movement and in secret with Dennis Kucinich. We knew from the first that there was a secret hand behind Occupy Wall Street: it had a purpose. THE OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT IS A MASTERPIECE OF PROPER PLANNING AND POSITIONING BY THE MONEY POWER TO CONTROL THE OPPOSITION THAT WOULD BUBBLE OVER ONCE AMERICANS REALIZE THAT THEY ARE STUCK WITH TWO ROCKEFELLER CANDIDATES OF THE TWO ORGANIZED-CRIME-CONTROLLED POLITICAL PARTIES. Occupy Wall Street has been part of the grand plan all along: a deception to suck in people who are willing to take to the streets – and to take them over – to run the parade and make sure that the parade goes nowhere. Michael Hudson and Kucinich will be the leaders of a rebellion movement THAT WILL OFFER NO SOLUTION: but which many people – the activism-prone – will join simply because, like Newt Gingrich, these guys know what you want to hear and have no hesitation in telling you what you want to hear as long as they know they are not going to lead you to bring any of it about.

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are smokescreens. And Michael Hudson is to Dennis Kucinich what Gary North is to Ron Paul.

If Hudson were a straight shooter, he would not ignore my letters: he would have somehow addressed the social credit ideas that he must know are floating around. I can tell a lot about a person by the presence of, or the importance of, the things he willfully does not notice. So flock to Kucinich – the “not Eastman” candidate who will take the load of zombies dumped by Ron Paul in August. The Occupy movement never had a social credit contingent: they ignored all efforts to introduce the idea among them. The “issues” that circulated were the same pre-planned agenda menu that were needed for the “occupy your mind” operation to succeed against you.

Hudson is pressed for a solution and all he can come up with is to cancel the unpayable debt and to raise taxes on the 1 percent and to restore regulations and to set up a government bank. He does not address the problem of interest drain, or the problem of bank-loan money. He calls for 100 percent backing for loans – ending fractional reserve system money creation – but does not offer anything to provide new money. Where are the savings that will put money in the banks to lend the money in Hudson’s Kucinich economy? He doesn’t seem to see the problem his proposals create. Where will the demand come from that is needed to run the economy he is suggesting? Yet Hudson has never responded to any of my letters to him explaining the need for national treasury fiat money put directly into the hands of the household sector so that consumer demand can lift the economy without debt. (Social credit does not replace paychecks: it makes paychecks possible while keeping the country out of debt!!! But Hudson and Chossudovsky will not acknowledge the existence of this analysis or this proposal.)

See what Michael Hudson is calling a “solution”. He talked about educating people for a “revolution” – but when put on the spot as to what the revolution would consist of, he gives us cancellation of unpayable debt, higher taxes, a return to Glass Steagall and an end to fractional reserve banking – none of which puts purchasing power in people’s hands.

No one is arguing with his diagnosis: we all can see what is wrong. Every single presidential candidate is saying what Hudson is saying: they all know we are in pain.

The Worshipful Company of Coopers
Kucinich’s wife, Elizabeth, is former assistant to Stephen Zarlenga; and for eight years was a student at Coopers’ Company and Coborn School – a front for the Worshipful Company of Coopers, one of the livery companies of the City of London. After that, she made the obligatory pilgrimage to Mother Theresa to learn from the nun’s selfless service to the poor, and then to a Tanzanian village for her residency in doing good; she was an “advocate for regional government”, often speaking at the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords. She has also volunteered at the Red Cross and other charities. She is the perfect wife with the perfect image: young, pretty, altruistic and committed to Zarlenga government spending power (i.e. trickle-down from “Government Sachs” in addition to Goldman Sachs – “thin-air” in the service of pork for government contractors and other special interests); image for a “progressive” Congressman to maximize his advantages in runs for the presidency. She was Zarlenga’s personal assistant when she met Kucinich, who proposed at their second meeting. She is a vegan who currently draws a paycheck as director of public affairs for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which promotes the vegan lifestyle and opposes animal research.

Why do I tell you this?

Michael Hudson and Dennis Kucinich have been secretly part of the secret planners and organizers – an always behind-the-scenes leadership – of the Occupied Movement – which makes “policy statements” after these are circulated and discussed by well-trained “spontaneous” discussion leaders who always end up with the Occupy participants (honest victims who take to the streets in frustration against Goldman Sachs) rubber-stamping these circulated policy statements: “grass roots straight from the top”. Hudson and Kucinich are bonded; and Kucinich and Zarlenga are bonded; and Zarlenga and “Government Sachs spending thin-air money” are bonded – and they are all behind Occupy, which is only in hibernation during a nasty winter, but will come back with a vengeance when popular revulsion sets in at the choice of Obama/Clinton or Gingrich/Palin that will, I expect, come out of the national party conventions.

Hudson and Kucinich are going to take visible leadership of the Occupied Movement, which was secretly engineered, sown and cultivated for that purpose. That’s my opinion, confidently held.

Zarlenga monetary reform is the financing motor for LaRouche government projects (sold separately). Both are way the heck different from American Household Credit Dividend brand of social credit.

Social Credit – or Zarlenga’s American Monetary Institute solution, the proposed American Monetary Act?

Zarlenga’s answer is that fractional reserve banking money creation be replaced with 100 percent reserve requirement banking – which I also advocate. Where we differ is in how and where money will then enter the economy. Zarlenga wants government to spend thin-air money into existence; whereas I want the household sector to spend thin-air money into existence. He wants, in his own words, thin-air government money “spent on public infrastructure, including human infrastructure, e.g. education and health care”. The difference is not trivial. He who controls the purse, controls everything. With social credit, you have consumer sovereignty: the “democracy” of citizen purchasing power. With Zarlenga, you have government spending sovereignty – which is not rule by Congress, but rule by those who own Congress.

Zarlenga simply fixes the fact that government can’t tax the people any more – because the people don’t have any wealth or income left to tax that can pay for the socialistic government the global elites want. That is what Zarlenga is all about. That is what I am against.

Michael Hudson is offering you nothing by saying banks should forgive the debt that is impossible to pay – but not the debt we might be able to pay. Eastman is for full repudiation to organized-crime banking!

Social Credit Sally says: “We don’t owe them stinkin’ banksters nuthin’!”
Social credit dividends are debt-free government-issued money. The question is, “Who gets them first?” Who is first spender? Is it Wall Street, who “sells” them to corporations in the loanable funds market? Is it government, as Zarlenga and others say (I am trying to win them around)? Or is it the household sector – the social credit dividend check to every citizen?

If it’s government at the discretion of (in the case of the U.S.) the Congress, then the politicians gain control of the token system – the power to reinforce behavior or to withhold reinforcement. Everyone’s life will depend on where the politicians choose to spend the money: you live or die based on how big your campaign contribution to the master of the tokens has been.

Money is power – and it should be distributed evenly – not by the favor of the banker or the vote-buying politician.

How can the people be free to choose their desired mix between public and private spending, if all money must come from government spending – if all spending is political?

Purchasing power is real democracy. The dollar is our real vote for directing society through consumer demand. What kind of democracy is it if the government does all the voting on new stuff and we are left with garage sales? The people must be the first spenders; and only after the money has reached the households should the people decide – by sending their representatives to Congress – whether the people buy consumer goods or whether they have tax-financed public goods. Under the Zarlenga-Hudson-Kucinich system, the government must decide to spend first; and from that comes the money which trickles down to the public’s hands. That is socialism – the norm for Europe since the end of WWII. But it need not be so.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man

Populist Nationalist Social Credit Brotherhood of American Citizen Peacemakers of All Races and Creeds — This Is Our Common Ground!!!


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  • ^^ Nice comment above. Obviously it took a lot of typing followed by heavy editing to come up with something so witty and pointed.

    As for Mr. Eastman's article, I'm afraid he is correct. The duality of the system dictates that those in charge run both the frontrunner(s) and the opposition. That should be obvious to anyone with a few working synapses. After all, they control the 2 parties in the 2 Party System so it stands to reason they'd also provide an escape valve for/when the population becomes overheated.

    The real kneeslapper from the article was this brief quote: Hudson states: "… nothing bad will happen except to the 99 percent if we default." Ahhh. Continue working, animals of the farm! Continue sending what you produce to the banksters! Continue and nothing bad will come your way! However, should you dare to defy us, your overlords, expect nothing but misery and pain!

  • Disk is absolutely correct in his analysis.

    At times tho, I also think the focus on The Presidency instead of throwing out the entire Congress, is likewise a red herring……

    Article 1 of the Constitution simply cannot be gotten around. CONGRESS is where the
    real power is and by far most of the rot.

    The good news part of that is 90% of Americans already hate the CONGRESS, so our job should be a lot easier. With this caveat: Unfortunately most people who understand
    the Congress is rotten and full of dead men, skunks and criminals….ALSO BELIEVE
    that their own guy is "one of the good guys", trying to fight against the others…..
    WRONG! And this little bit of dross is all that stands between us and voting out ALL INCUMBENTS in one fell swoop. Since each of us can only UNELECT our own CongressCritter.

    d. morrisseau pob 177 w. pawlet, vt 05755 802 645 9727

  • For the life of me, I cannot comprehend why this 'article', a total rant, is posted here.
    Michael Hudson makes a lot of sense, perhaps it's because I live in Europe and am used to supposed 'big' government, vis-à-vis the utopian 'less government' some american conservatives are hooked on, whilst the big, in american big government, is USA's gigantic war mongering department and america's complete waist by overpaid 'public servant' crooks that overfill the american apparatus.

    Regulatory function, and supplying utility is the normal function of government.
    A congress and a president of millionaires, by ways of a completely corrupted corporation lobby system is what is insane.

    You can hear Max Keiser with some respect in his voice talking to Michael Hudson (who poses some opposite ideas than MK has, interest for instance). And Max Keiser got that right.

  • Interesting discussion