Democrats Pushing For “Civil War” In America

Ed.’s note: Wars are not civil so you might want to start taking precautions if even half of what is provided below is true. Thank you President Trump, it is now up to us – this means YOU.

Trump goes after feds in latest executive orders

What’s it going to take?

Only Through Heroism and Sacrifice Can We Take Our Nations Back

Need some light reading before you “go into action” with this material below?

Direct Action



November 7-8, 2019 

Trump did indeed say “I caught them, I caught them all”, meaning he totally busted the deep state, and I believe he did. However, when Obama poisoned the well with corrupt judges and prosecutors that Trump can’t remove, LET’S SEE ANYTHING GET DONE ABOUT IT. What’s he going to do? Cry? He’s in the position of “catching” 900 thugs with Uzi’s” and he’s all alone, on a hilltop with not even a pea shooter. In this subverted system, he can “catch them all” and nothing at all will happen. WATCH THIS. IF THERE ARE NO SIGNIFICANT ARRESTS BY ELECTION DAY, PUT A FORK IN IT, IT IS OVER AND THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY FORWARD. One way forward to keep yourself out of the gulag. ONE. WAY. 

Every damn last one of these thugs that “got caught” will blame YOU for it, and they will get revenge, ON YOU. You had damn well better stop them if that happens and for GOD’S SAKE BULLETS FIRST. Don’t waste time wondering what to do when the door gets kicked in, don’t ask why, BE READY AND DO NOT HESITATE. They might get you but if every door kick results in a fatality, they’ll give up REAL QUICK. 

Don’t use an AR and don’t use a shot gun, have the 30.06, .270 or 7mm Remington magnum RIFLE at the ready. Those are the ones that’l fix’em GOOD, right through the helmets and body armor.


Trump’s foundation was fined $2 million and liquidated by a judge because some of the staff at the foundation made arrangements for a political event and it was ruled that it was an abuse of foundation resources to have it’s staff do that. 

Meanwhile, the Clinton foundation received $13 billion in Haiti earthquake relief, stole every last dime of it, and is still rated as a top tier ethical charity. 

If that’s the world we live in three years into Trump, where the law is used as a weapon where “needed”, and totally ignored among the “privileged” we’re SCREWED in 2020. This just proves the subversion is complete, no election is going to be accurate or fix anything, and that the only way to restore order is war. It has become obvious that after the latest round of election fraud, it’s FULL STEAM AHEAD.

The Jewish community (I am not going to even bother with the words communist, leftist, or Democrat) has just received confirmation that they are still so deeply rooted in subversive positions that they can roll over any election they want, and never be held accountable. Thrown away ballots. Shredded ballots. Fractional skimming. Dead voting. They are using multiple methods of stealing that all add up to we are done, put a fork in it. 

There’s little doubt the Dems Jews would lose virtually every election and only win by stealing. People don’t want this crap they are pushing. That would be reflected in the polls of an accurate election, no, fairies don’t come out of the wood work and it is not the fault of women voters either. When you add dead voting to illegal voting, to “voting early and voting often” to percentage based vote skimming to shredding ballots, it adds up to a situation where the rigging is simply so much it cannot be overcome even if 80 to 90 percent vote for the “losing” candidate. 

We are doomed 

I am calling it now. I am calling it because the Jewish community got it’s answer after the latest elections – they can steal it ENORMOUSLY and never be held accountable because when the judge is a Jew and the prosecutor is a Jew and the clerk is a Jew and the lawyer is a Jew and any investigation will be run by a Jew, only those on the other side who are guilty of errors will ever go to jail, even without intent, while the elections get stolen right out from under everyone And it shows in the arrogance being flaunted everywhere by these bastards now, over their recent “victories”. They fear nothing because they know damn well they have the steal TOTALLY in the bag. 

Again I say, WE ARE DOOMED 

It won’t be fixed by the next election. Everything is going to go completely against the will of the people, and then the Jews, who were PISSED OFF by the fact they failed to steal an election for the first time in decades – proven by how the Jewish MSM acted, Jewish Hollywood acted, Jewish owned tech giants acted over Trump – they defunded everyone, banned practically everyone and censored everyone who ever said a positive word about Trump – their behavior proves that when they steal it in 2020 WE ARE ABSOLUTELY F***ED, they absolutely WILL get revenge, it is going to be bad, and there is simply no other way to say it. The shit will absolutely HIT. THE. FAN. 

I don’t know what else to say. We cannot win. Anyone who says we can with the current state of corruption and subversion is delusional, and Trump has not done JACK SQUAT to fix this. Probably because he can’t, there is simply too much in his way, he just cannot get around the subversion and having Ivanka be married to one of these bastards is the final nail. We’re done. 


Ed’s note: In regards to the material published above. If readers think the US army will be used to quell domestic violence think again. They are too preoccupied with sexually assaulting and raping each other.

How Does US Army Evade #MeToo Scrutiny?


Source: LeoLyonZagamiChannel

The Bolshevik Revolution of the Divided States of America 

November 10, 2019 

Leo Zagami and John Barnwell are back on The Leo Zagami Show to discuss the imminent danger of a Bolshevik Revolution in the United States of America. 

It’s a damn shame we have to wait another year to vote for President Trump – while the danger of impeachment grows every day – while the Demoncrats are working to instigate a Civil War. 

The evidence for a civil war continues to pile up:


Why Trump, Facing Impeachment, Warns of Civil War

‘Second civil war’ is coming, say 31% of Americans, prompting wartime letters on social media

Here they are. Contact and tell them YOU do not consent to their private corporate merchant laws. Note: Prior to the communist Abraham Lincoln, America never had Executive Orders (Lieber Code: Martial Rule: the “enemy” is YOU). Today Illinois is the most communist state in America followed by California:

Trevor Loudon’s 2019 list of socialists and communists in Congress

A contrary opinion on the likelihood of a civil war. Remember though, this is the opinion of a person sitting in an ivory tower with no street experience. Read the comments. Sometimes comments are more insightful then the articles or essays on the subject: 

BU Historian Answers: Are We Headed for Another Civil War?

If Americans at least the remaining sentient few who can clearly perceive what is going on are concerned, we have precious little time to turn this around. From the article above on corrupt judges, this information will help you see straight through the subversion and theft. It is highly recommended viewers or readers of this website begin NOW (it is imperative) to educate yourselves on the three most important concepts in law that will prevent this coming tragedy and potential violence from happening in America: statusjurisdictionstanding.

It is imperative the remaining sentient few get Americans out of the NFL football stadiums (they are victims of theft of life equity; their children are also being stolen from them through statute corporate law) into local community centers, churches and places of public gathering and train them. This is the only way to prevent this coming “Bolshevik revolution” or “civil war” from taking place. Circumstances are now this serious. YOU must become the government. There are no other options. And we better move fast because it is becoming apparent by the day the average IQ is dropping year-after-year. It will then become impossible to train anyone.

Status; Jurisdiction; Standing

See how serious this is? In the UK children are being stolen right out from under their parents at birth.

‘UK forced adoption punishes parents for no reason’

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