Democrats Ambushed – It’s Not a Shutdown – Yellowstone Park Demonstrates This

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January 15-16, 2018

Drudge report is full of woeful headlines about government workers “suffering due to the shutdown”

Want to know who I care about? The Forest service and maybe postal workers or the DOT. The rest of them can chomp on a BIG FAT SAUSAGE.

Who’s not getting paid? How about the FDA that sent everyone tainted vaccines and KNEW IT.

How about the EPA, that scams everyone over “fairy woodland snails” and other total BS? Think I care about that? ***L NO. They are letting Monsanto kill the Monarch and other treasures while they screw everyone over garbage that does not exist. They are a SUBVERSIVE HOAX. Let them starve.

What about the BATF? I bet they are still getting paid, they are at the forefront of destroying America. If they are still getting paid and I find out, I’ll be PISSED.

Ditto for the FBI, CIA, NSA –

The armed forces can go without pay, they have housing and the chow hall. And when it is all over, they’ll get back pay and party.

FACT: the VAST MAJORITY of people crying now deserve it. They are working jobs that make their subjects MISERABLE, if they work at all – most of them just sit there at efficiency levels so low they’d tank a business before that business could possibly react, all the while they receive awesome titles and pay and accolades for SELLING AMERICA OUT. That’s the fashion when a nation has been subverted, They suck, they get GREAT PAY because they suck and have the conscience and moral depravity or outright ignorance to feel good about it, and if they FINALLY take a little heat, even if it is not an intentional punishment, GOOD.

FACT: If the nation did not have a disease that is about to kill it, 90+ percent of the government would not have jobs anyway.



Source: American Thinker

Trump’s shutdown trap?

by Thoms Lifson • January 15, 2018

Has President Trump suckered Democrats and the Deep State into a trap that will enable a radical downsizing of the federal bureaucracy?  In only five more days of the already “longest government shutdown in history” (25 days and counting, as of today), a heretofore obscure threshold will be reached, enabling permanent layoffs of bureaucrats furloughed 30 days or more.

Don’t believe me that federal bureaucrats can be laid off?  Well, in bureaucratese, a layoff is called a RIF – a Reduction in Force – and of course, it comes with a slew of civil service protections.  But, if the guidelines are followed, bureaucrats can be laid off – as in no more job.  It is all explained by Michael Roberts here (updated after the beginning of the partial shutdown):

A reduction in force is a thoughtful and systematic elimination of positions.  For all practical purposes, a government RIF is the same thing as a layoff. …

Organizations must stick to predetermined criteria when sorting out what happens to each employee.  They must communicate with employees how and why decisions are made. …

In deciding who stays and who goes, federal agencies must take four factors into account:

1.    Tenure

2.    Veteran status

3.    Total federal civilian and military service

4.    Performance

Agencies cannot use RIF procedures to fire bad employees. 

A lot of procedures must be followed, and merit (“performance”) is the last consideration, but based on the criteria above, employees already furloughed can be laid off (“RIFed”) once they have been furloughed for 30 days or 22 work days

When agencies furlough employees for more than 30 calendar days or 22 discontinuous work days, they must use RIF procedures.

An employee can be terminated or moved into an available position[.]

This seems to be what was referenced in this remarkable essay written by an “unidentified senior Trump official” published in the Daily Caller, which vouches for the authenticity of the author and explains that it is protecting him from adverse career consequences should the name become known.  I strongly recommend reading the whole thing.

Please go to American Thinker to read the entire article.


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The Shutdown Is Providing Evidence Of Private Businesses Making Government Obsolete

by Mac Slavo • January 10th, 2019

The government shutdown is just providing more evidence that the government itself is unnecessary. Private companies in the Yellowstone area are voluntarily paying to keep the park clean without federal funding.

According to Reason, nearly three weeks into the government shutdown, some of America’s national parks are starting to get a bit rank. Access to the parks (which are supposedly “owned” by the people who think they are the government) is free since there are no employees to collect the typical $35-per-vehicle entrance fee. But that comes with the trade-off of there being no employees to empty trash bins or clean toilets either.

Meanwhile, without being forced by the government, private companies are voluntarily paying to keep Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming clean. National Public Radio reports, local businesses are chipping in to make sure the bathrooms get cleaned, the roads get plowed, and the tourists keep coming. Even in the middle of winter, the park gets an estimated 20,000 visitors per month—and those hardy folks want to rent snowmobiles, hire tour guides, and take sightseeing trips. The private-sector businesses that thrive on those tourist dollars have a pretty strong incentive to make sure Yellowstone remains accessible – much more incentive than the government has.

This is what voluntary interaction looks like.  Not one single person is forcing these companies to pay for snow plowing, however, because it is in their best interests, they have decided to foot the bill. Xanterra Parks and Resorts, which runs the only hotels inside Yellowstone that remain open during the winter, is leading the effort to cover the $7,500 daily tab for keeping the roads plowed and the snowmobile trails groomed during the shutdown, NPR further reports. Thirteen other private businesses that offer tours of the park are also chipping in $300 a day to help cover that expense.

Please go to to read the entire article.


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