Defending Eastern Europe – Rex Tillerson Continues Dismissal of US Diplomats – Hungary Takes on George Soros – US State Department $700,000 to Disrupt Elections in Hungary

Source: Russian Insider

Hungary in the Crosshairs as Soros Strikes Back

Viktor Orban’s campaign against George Soros openly embroils the U.S.

by Tom LuongoTue • November 28, 2017

In an interview on public radio Kossuth, Orban has labeled McCain’s statements “extremist” and said that they “reflect the person who made them.”

Despite once being close friends there is no love-loss between Hungarian President Viktor Orban and billionaire regime-change champion George Soros. Orban, like Russian President Vladimir Putin, has taken up the mantle of defending eastern European interests against Soros as Putin has for Russia’s interests.

And this is precisely why they are both vilified in western media as neo-Hitlerian dictators. Of course, this characterization is pretty much nonsense but that’s the playing field we are dealing with today.

In recent months Orban has been on the re-election trail openly calling for Soros’ influence in Hungarian politics, education and government to be eradicated. And Soros has struck back with a snidely-written rebuttal which does a credible job of making Orban’s case.

None of this, however, is news.

Neither is the announcement last week that the U.S. State Department is preparing to spend $700,000 to work against the Orban’s re-election campaign news.

Unmasking Soros

What is news is what this implies. The very public announcement by Charge d’Affaires David Kostelancik [AD note: It should be pointed out David Kostelancik is a Fulbright Scholar.] made about this. He did this in open opposition to Trump’s good relationship with Orban and put Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in a bind.

It’s no secret that the U.S. Embassy in Budapest is still staffed with Obama Administration holdovers who continue in their posts because Congress refuses to confirm any of Trump’s or Tillerson’s appointments in this area.

So, it’s obvious that this is a desperate move by Soros to activate his minions in the State Department. This is a blatant contravention of Trump’s stated policy to no longer engage in regime change. It’s also the height of hypocrisy given the anti-Russia hysteria in the U.S. media over the 2016 election.

Soros’ influence in Europe is being outed across the board. Two weeks ago someone published the ‘Soros List’ of MEP and other European Union officials he’s contributed to and, presumably, has under his direct control. I’ve not heard of any rebuttal from him to that little number.

The lack of one can and should be taken as admission of truth.

And because of that the costs to continue influencing things behind the scenes just rose dramatically.

Remember also back in July, Israel, of all places, went out of its way to criticize Soros’ influence in Hungary. I reported on this then saying:

That changed when an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson, unbidden, denounced Soros in connection to Hungary’s policy. Then I see this report that Israel may be moving to declare Soros an “Enemy of the State” by introducing a similar law to Hungary’s and Russia’s severely hampering groups like OSF and Human Rights Watch (HRW) to operate behind the scenes.

This bill’s introduction would be in conjunction with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Budapest this week.

This was an important turning point in the narrative about this man. The publishing of the Soros List is another. We can thank Orban for openly calling him out. And it will take a lot more than $700,000 of U.S. money to materially influence Orban’s re-election campaign.

But, Orban isn’t taking any chances, which is why he is openly courting the Transylvanian diaspora in Romania to register to vote. The response to which from Romanian officials, obviously covering for Soros and his minions in the EU, was nigh on to comical in their outrage.

Please go to Russian Insider to read the entire article.


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In this article, former US diplomats who were under the Obama Administration have criticised Hungary. In a letter sent to Rex Tillerson, these former diplomats heavily criticised the Hungarian government’s policies, particularly regarding NGOs and migration. Many of these NGOs and migration policies have been financed by George Soros’ Open Society-related organisations including foundations and groups.

Former US Diplomats Criticise Hungary


Will Rex Tillerson fire US Charge d’Affaires to Hungary David Kostelancik who is discussed in the Russian Insider article above? Where is the sense in this? In the article above by Sputnik, George Soros is alleged to have “dodged US taxes on $18 billion” while the US Charge d’Affaires to Hungary David Kostelancik, seemingly supports George Soros in his attempt to interfere in Hungry’s national self-interest and to protect its borders?

Tillerson continues mass dismissal of US diplomats


This is a significant discussion on preserving the nation-state. Is the nation-state preferable to globalism? Can there be reconciliation between globalists and those who want to maintain national self-interest like Hungary is attempting to do as well as Russia?  Can freedom exist in nation-states, or will globalism allow us more freedom? Are we preferring to “lock our doors” as Steven Molyneux discusses? As this discussion is presented, think carefully about Hungary’s circumstances in the Russian Insider article above as the US State Department dumps $700,000 to disrupt the Hungary government of Viktor Orban.

Why I Was Wrong About Nationalism

After listening to the above discussion with Steven Molyneux, read these linked articles below because they precisely point out what whites are facing in the US as Steven Molyneux accurately describes happening, not only in the US, but in Germany as well where white Germans are beginning to organise.

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  • Sometimes you have to join the enemy to defeat the enemy with their own hypocrisy . Soros should be labelled what he really is , a holocast Jew killer and the demand he be arrested for his crimes . Orban should be looping the Soros video where he is admitting this crime . Play this on all his TV stations in his country until everybody understants who this monster is . Israel /USA should be forced to do something about him given their propaganda about the Holocast .. The way i see it , everybody would have no choice but to vacate support for him .

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