Decarbonizing the Economy: Building the Technology Beast System

Source: The Technocratic Tyranny

by Vicky Davis |May 28, 2019

The other day, a friend sent a list of utility company subsidiaries for me to look at.  She said the name of the company that owns all of those subsidiaries is National Grid.  It’s a British company with American subsidiaries.  What do you make of that?

National Grid Subsidiaries

My Goodness, thought I.  You’re telling me that we have foreign ownership of segments of our electric utility grid, natural gas pipelines, electric generation?   I thought we had a Department of Homescam Security that was supposed to be protecting our critical infrastructure.   Surely, Homescam wouldn’t let our utilities fall into foreign ownership would they?  Foreign ownership and/or foreign contractors of any part of our critical infrastructure is a compromise of that infrastructure.

Do you remember 9/11?

Oh yes, then I remembered.  Homescam Security is busy down at our southern border helping the illegals to get a ride to their new forever home in the United States.   We have such a wonderful and giving government – giving our country to third world illegals while treating Americans like trailer trash.

What in the world could the American people have done to make our government turn against us like that?   As I think about it, all around the world, governments are turning against their own people.  Remember how they said that Assad was gassing his own people?  Imagine that.   The leaders of the industrialized, successful countries working together to destroy their own highly productive populations while transferring wealth to the “shit hole countries” of the world to build them up while they tear us down.  Since that makes no sense in a normal world, it must be war against the people of the industrialized countries with our governments joining into the psychopathic strategic take down of our country.  It’s a take down because an America filled with foreign workers is not America.

The last three articles I’ve written were retrospectives on the 1992 Earth Summit.  Simply stated, the message out of the United Nations conference was that the world was over populated.  The people in the third world countries were breeding like rabbits and they were destroying their own environment like swarms of locusts devour all vegetation.  Somehow that was the fault of the hard working people of the industrialized countries – especially Americans. But the freak show in Rio had a solution for it:  A propaganda campaign with a treaty for the fake science of climate change (fake news – fake science) and technology and systems are the solution to it.  DUH… can we figure this one out?  As if technology could keep Brazil from bulldozing the rain forests.  The only way that could happen is if Brazil was using their bulldozers as blackmail leverage.  The U.S. should have said, go ahead, mess in your own nest but we had a cocaine-snorting sex addict as president and the Vice President was a wholly owned tool of the technology sector.  (Gore was an Atari Democrat – look it up).

On the National Grid website, when you click on the US side of the business, there is a picture of the U.S. President of National’s business.  Isn’t that special?  The UK wants to decarbonize the U.S. economy and provide rebuild opportunity for America’s working class (a McJob for everyone because the illegals get the construction jobs and H-1b’s are getting the tech jobs!)  What a concept.  Third world breeders are being imported to destroy our environment and the U.K. is going to save us by decarbonizing our economy.  Call me crazy but that sounds like a security breach to me but more than that, it sounds like a war on the American people.

The cherry on top of this steaming pile is that Donald Trump is aiding and abetting in the foreign occupation of our country – as if his hands are tied.  Yeah. Right.  I believe that.  Don’t you?

Great plan Donald.  That’ll teach ’em.

Actually, The Donald is continuing with the same policies that were in effect during the GW Bush administration – flood our country with foreign workers.  H-1b’s for the white collar tech jobs and illegals for the blue collar jobs.   Some of my earliest work was on the issue of importing foreign workers to take American jobs.   The traitors shout Shortages! Shortages! Shortages!  The choice given to Americans as exemplified by Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company’s essay contest is  Export Jobs or Import People.  Donald Trump is repeating the cycle.  He’s just a better con man than GW.

So what’s the point of all this besides the obvious exploitation of working people as commodities for trade in the global labor market (see GATS Trade in Services)?   For the answer to that question, we have to go back to the National Grid story and what appears to be the United Kingdom’s attempt to re-establish the British Empire through strategic control of energy – worldwide by control of the electric transmission grids via IT systems (in other words, the Smart Grid).  Of course to do that means they need a telecommunications system (fiber optic cable) and the electric transmission lines.

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