David Hogg Gives the SDS Clenched Fist Salute – First Modern White Male Mass Shooting – Financing the Leftist Social Agitation

The first mass shooting in the United States happened on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin when Charles Whitman killed 17 people (including one unborn child) and injured 31 others when he opened fire with multiple guns from on top of the Texas Tower on August 1,1966. What is the relationship between David Hogg if any, to the Hogg Foundation that had offices on the 24th floor of the Texas Tower on the University of Texas when Charles Whitman went out on the tower observation deck and started shooting? The Hogg Foundation is dedicated to “mental health” since its inception.

“The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health was established in 1940 by the children of Texas Governor James Hogg. The original $2.5 million endowment came from the estate of Will C. Hogg, the eldest of the Hogg children. Upon his death in 1930, his sister Ima and her brother Mike established the Hogg Foundation for Mental Hygiene (the organization’s original name) in his memory at The University of Texas at Austin.”

The Hogg Foundation offices were on the 24th floor of the Tower. The very first person killed by Charles Whitney on his way up to the observation deck five floors above the 24th floor where the Hogg Foundation had its offices, was Edna Townsley, the receptionist for the Hogg Foundation. This shooting in Austin, Texas in 1966 ushered in the era of mass shootings in America. What are the connections? Who is behind these mass shooting events that in the intervening 52 years have become more sophisticated, almost scientific with more evidence appearing all the time they are being staged? 52 years of mass shootings and the institution of psychiatry in America is still unable to figure out what mechanism or condition in these “shooters” trigger these “mass shootings?” Isn’t part of psychiatry prevention?

Whether or not Charles Whitman was involved in any MKULTRA mind control program is very difficult to ascertain, however, from Jon Rappoport’s recent article “How the CIA hid its MKULTRA mind-control program“, and also at a time when psychiatry was firmly establishing itself at the University of Texas (Hogg Foundation), there might be connections if thoroughly investigated.

Charles Whitman Shooting Spree

The shooting in Parkland, Florida at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was planned well in advance. How is it these students at this high school could become such “amazing communicators” without previous training and practice? What, did they study gun control and social activism in high school for three years preparing for just such an event? The Parkland, Florida shooting is being referred to as the “tipping point for gun control legislation.” Some patterns are developing here. Like looking back on the 1960s and seeing social agitation happening all over again. Were these students through David Hogg trained as activists by a local Students for Democratic Society (SDS) chapter there in Miami, or maybe in California?

52 years of mass shootings and Americans have finally arrived at the “tipping point” only now? The first mass shooting of random victims in Austin, Texas at the University of Texas 52 years ago should have been the “tipping point.” The FBI, the pharmaceutical cartels, high tech security companies and the psychiatry profession are creating this chaos in American society to protect their commercial interests. But beyond this though, leftists-related organizations are moving rapidly with one goal: disarm Americans. If this isn’t blatantly clear, it will be shortly. No society or culture intentionally goes out of their way to cause such mayhem and destruction of their own accord if left (pun intended) alone. Is there a connection running from the first mass shooting in America in Austin, Texas in 1966 to the latest mass shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018?

We would like to thank Jason Goodman at Crowd Source the Truth for interviewing Ole Dammegard for this information that we have been able to take and expand on with the material here. Jason Goodman’s recent discussion with Ole Dammagard and Cody Snodgres has been taken down by YouTube.

Live From Austin Texas with Ole Dammegard 

Who is David Hogg there in Florida? Is his father, an alleged FBI agent, related to the ex-governor of Texas, James Stephen “Big Jim” Hogg (1891-1895)? Although no connections have been found yet, it leaves people wondering. James Hogg purchased land in Texas that was stipulated to be sold 15 years after his death. The land was later found to be located over a large oil deposit and the Hogg family went from being “prosperous” to “very wealthy.” James Hogg’s daughter, Ima Hogg, after becoming very wealthy from oil interests along with her brother Michael Hogg, established the Hogg Foundation. Hogg is a very unusual name in America apparently.

The FBI is the “commercial militia” for the American oligarchy (aristocracy) to protect their commercial interests and monopolies. The FBI isn’t there to “protect” Americans by any stretch of the imagination. The FBI operates under corporate charter. It is run by the Senior Executive Service (SES) that vets all executive leadership at the FBI. The FBI is a private quasi-governmental organization that was originally created during the 1920s by an aristocratic descendent of the Napoleons on American soil, Charles Joseph Bonaparte. Bonaparte was the great-nephew of the French Emperor Napoleon I. What are European aristocrats doing crawling into America and setting up their operations inside American institutions and government to protect their commercial interests from interlopers?

Charles Joseph Bonaparte (/tʃɑːrlz ˈdʒoʊsəf ˈboʊnəˌpɑːrt/; French pronunciation: ​[ʃaʁlə ʒozɛf bɔnapaʁt]; June 9, 1851 – June 28, 1921) was an American lawyer and political activist for progressive and liberal causes. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, he served in the cabinet of the 26th U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt. 

Bonaparte was the U.S. Secretary of the Navy and later the U.S. Attorney General. During his tenure as the attorney general, he created the Bureau of Investigation which later grew and expanded by the 1920s under the director J. Edgar Hoover, (1895–1972), as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It was so renamed in 1935. He was a great-nephew of French Emperor Napoleon I.

Social engineering: Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the legacy of the new left. Communism dropped for democracy and the right handed clenched fist to display solidarity.

Bernardine Dohrn (Weather Underground) and Barack Obama (he was only seven when SDS was active) are both involved with members of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in Chicago, more like a mass social engineering organization probably itself created by an intelligence agency or even the FBI. An “FBI informant” testified Dohrn, Ayers and Jeff Jones “created the Weather Underground to kill 25 million Americans”. How does a subversive group “kill 25 million Americans”? Easy, disarm them. Something America’s largest Christian University isn’t going to stand by and watch as they are preparing to open a state-of-the-art gun range for students.

BERNARDINE DOHRN: She outranked her husband Ayers in the early SDS hierarchy, serving as one of 10 National Committee members and the only woman. Dohrn, Ayers and Jeff Jones created the splinter Weather Underground where an FBI informant testified the trio was willing to kill the 25 million Americans they expected to resist their planned overthrow of U.S. capitalism. Then-FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover called Dohrn “the most dangerous woman in America.”

Dohrn and Michelle Obama both worked at Chicago’s Sidley Austin law firm in 1988. Barack Obama, Dohrn and Ayers appeared together at several community events, including one organized by Mrs. Obama in her post at the University of Chicago. Today, Dohrn, an associate professor of law at Northwestern University and founder of its Children and Family Justice Center, supports the 150 “New SDS” chapters in U.S. high schools, colleges and universities, writing, “This is the power and the inspiration of a vast, Left umbrella network with variety and vigor.”

Is there a chapter of the SDS in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School? That might be a good place to start looking, or a SDS chapter close by in Miami. Did David Hogg get training from an SDS chapter in California or in Florida in just enough time to get some acting and SDS social activist training in before Parkland? Even though the original SDS movement were disbanded in 1969, a newly constituted version of SDS began in 2006 organized into chapters.

Valerie Jarrett and David Hogg (“Great to meet David Hogg who helped organize #MarchForOurLives. The beginning of our marathon.”)

Valerie Jarrett is connected to the 1960s members of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) which later morphed into the Weather Underground, including Bernardine Dohrn, William Ayers, Michael Klonsky and Marilyn Kratz. Marilyn Katz provided “security” for the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) activists who participated in the infamous street riots during the Democratic Party’s 1968 national convention in Chicago.

When SDS came to an end in 1969, Bill Ayers – whom Katz had known since 1961 – helped create the terrorist Weather Underground from SDS’s ranks. Indications are some of these Weather Underground members are now inside John Podesta’s Center for American Progress (CAP). In 1971-72, Marilyn Katz led another SDS remnant to form the New American Movement (NAM), a combined Old Left-New Left organization that included some Communist Party USA members from the 1930s. Rabbi Michael Lerner was also among NAM’s early founders.

Valerie Jarrett was able to get the communist Van Jones (himself having bizarre theories about race) into the White House as an adviser to President Obama under the Green Jobs program. As we will see later, Van Jones works on climate change business project concepts with the Democratic billionaire activist Tom Steyer. Tom Steyer put $25 million into democrat voter mobilization before the 2016 election.

When meeting David Hogg (above image), Valerie Jarrett stated: “Great to meet David Hogg who helped organize #MarchForOurLives. The beginning of our marathon.” As readers go through this material they will discover David Hogg is just a proxy of some sort, and there is no possible way Hogg could logistically organize anything on the scale of “March For Our Lives”.

The Weather Underground, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), David Hogg (notice right-handed solute in image above), psychotropic drugs (pharmaceutical cartels) and modern psychiatry, “white male” mass shooters, the FBI, patsies (Charles Whitman; Stephen Paddock; Nikolas Cruz; Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, etc.) and the news media all working in a synergy to Script, Spot, Shoot, Spin, Snuff and Spoil these mass shooting events starting in 1966 on top of the Texas Tower.

We have been led to think 17 people were killed at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018, but rather than the nation grieving about these alleged deaths, images and video of their funerals or media attention on the lives that were lived by these murdered 17 people out of respect, we are instead saturated in a major national media PR campaign led by David Hogg and the media coverage of March For Our Lives. This media campaign and its goal to ultimately disarm Americans, completely shadows any alleged deaths or sympathy for the victim’s families. Where are the victims? They have completely disappeared from public consciousness. What we are seeing here in these well organized and financed social agitation movements is the manipulation of emotions on a national scale (deliberate) while David Hogg is being propelled to some sort of a national youth hero.

In the discussion with Ole Dammagard above, Ole makes reference to information that he has obtained, Charles Whitman may not have been the only shooter in Austin on August 1, 1966. It may be a simple question, but why do these mass shootings that are being scientifically staged always involve a “white male” shooter? Since 1982, and depending on the criteria used in what a mass shooting is, 56 shootings have involved “white males” while only 16 “mass shootings” involved black Americans.

After 52 years of “mass shootings” we now come to the point in American society where a previously obscure kid from Florida and extremely articulate, David Hogg, “leads a large well organized anti-gun rally” in Washington DC on March 24, 2018. Does anyone actually doubt these thousands of people would use violence to get their way if provoked (scientifically prodded through mass entrainment) the right way? This is a video from the “March for Our Lives” organized by students planned in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Everytown for Gun Safety (founded in 2014 with roughly a $41 million yearly budget). Michael Bloomberg is the co-chair for Everytown for Gun Safety and is largely bank rolled by him. The “March for Our Lives” event took place on March 24, 2018 after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. The “shooting” was touted by media outlets as “being the tipping point for gun control legislation”. The participants included David Hogg, but before all this was planned well in advance, David Hogg has a few things to tell us from the closet:


The organization Michael Bloomberg bankrolls Everytown for Gun Safety, originated from Mayors Against Illegal Guns which was organized in 2006. Incidentally, the newly constituted SDS was also established in 2006. As of 2014, there are 844 mayors across the US who have signed onto this coalition. If these mayors are so concerned about illegal guns finding their way into cities across America, what can possibly explain the ongoing shootings in Indianapolis and in Chicago, where in Chicago alone more than 1,000 black Americans are gunned down each year? Indianapolis and Chicago combined are Baghdad 2003 statistics. So much for a successful outcome of Michael Bloomberg’s summit on illegal guns in Indianapolis and Chicago.

Then the big donations pour in from the usual leftist-related sources to make the “March for Our Lives” possible. After all, who doesn’t like a well organized great “democratic” social cause that involves everyone in society reacting in a highly charged emotional environment? Nothing like a little publicity to demonstrate what caring philanthropists these leftists portray themselves to be. And all of them listed here are associated with the Democratic Party. All of this was organized in about one month after the shooting took place in Florida on February 14, 2018? The Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department had suggested the “March For Our Lives,” enthusiastically promoted as a “spontaneous event organized by Parkland student activists and held in the the nation’s capitol on March 24, 2018 to pressure political leaders on gun control, was in fact planned several months prior to the actual event.” These are the words of Officer Scott Earhardt of the Special Operations Division of the DC Police.

Application for ‘March For Our Lives’ permit was made months before Parkland school shooting
Dr. Eowyn
Mar 30, 2018
Click here

Public demonstrations, especially those that are large-scale like March For Our Lives, require a permit from the police department of the city in which the demonstration will take place.

European political researcher Ole Dammegard contacted the Metropolitan D. C. Police Department concerning the permit for the March For Our Lives demonstration in Washington, D.C.

Dammegard received this email from Officer Scott C. Earhardt of the Homeland Security Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department:

Good morning,

In reference to your inquiry concerning the March For Our Lives Demonstration, here in the District of Columbia on March 24, 2018. MPD received a permit application several months prior to the actual event, and there was several months of planning for this large event.

If your are requesting additional information reference this event, please follow the below steps to file your Freedom of Information Act request:


If your have any additional question sor concerns, please feel free in contacting me directly.

Officer Scott C. Earhardt, Badge No. 2372

Homeland Security Bureau
Special Operations Division
Planning and Logistics
Metropolitan Police Department
2850 New York Ave., N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002
202-671-6529 (Office)
202-671-6522 (Planning)
202-671-6511 (Station)

Scott.Earhardt AT dc.gov

According to the PDF document, Metropolitan Police Department, Washington.D.C., Scott Earhardt indeed is a detective there.

It’s a major well-lubricated capital fund raising campaign on a national scale involving millions and millions of dollars and thousands of people. Who possibly has the resources to make all the required phone calls, make the calls to request financial donations, train everyone, prepare speeches, send out letters and emails, make the required introductions and connections to make all this happen in a month? This only indicates this was all prepared well in advance of the alleged shooting in Parkland, Florida. Of course, we’ll find George Clooney right in the thick of leftist causes just like his now debunked documentary on the White Hats in Syria who it is are a creation of the British.

George and Amal Clooney: $500,000
Oprey Winfrey: $500,000
Jeffery and Marilyn Katzenberg: $500,000
Steven and Kate Capshaw Spielberg: $500,000
Gucci: $500,000
John Legend: $25,000
Justin Bieber: Undisclosed amount
Gabby Giffords: Undisclosed amount
Lauren Jauregui: Undisclosed amount
Alyssa Milano: Undisclosed amount
Moms Demand Action: Undisclosed amount
Amy Schumer: Undisclosed amount
St. Vincent: Undisclosed amount
Harry Styles: Undisclosed amount
Hayley Williams: Undisclosed amount
Taylor Swift: Undisclosed amount

There is one explanation as to how March For Our Lives could have been organizad the way it was on such a large national scale, and that is through the billionaire Tom Steyer’s network of around 13 organizations. Tom Steyer is friends with John Podesta even though exposed emails between them, revealed that Podesta and Steyer had argued over differences on their opinions concerning “global warming”, another leftist “Holy Grail” social movement:

“During his political and financial career, Steyer created a network of at least 13 entities of infrastructure, operatives, analysts, public and corporate supporters, and a constituency mobilization system (See list at bottom of profile). The capacity of these organizations as a political attack and defense mechanism, with a series of complex of alliances, are unparalleled among the Big Green Leaders.”

In response to the staged shooting in Parkland, Florida, two prominent gun safety groups are joining with the Democratic billionaire activist Tom Steyer, in a push ahead of the midterm elections to register high school students to vote around gun issues. This would mean millions of high school students who are eighteen would be voting on the issue of gun rights in the upcoming midterm elections. Steyer’s NextGen America group is working with Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly (Courage to Fight Gun Violence), after Giffords was shot in 2011, and Everytown for Gun Safety, founded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as discussed above. This campaign was kicked off with a $1 million donation from Steyer.

So, this places Steyer right in the middle of the anti-gun movement already prepared in advance to launch a national movement off the alleged Parkland, Florida staged shooting with David Hogg as the national spokesperson for March For Our Lives just a little over one month after the shooting. Astonishing how all these leftist anti-gun groups are coming together with many of these groups based on “mass shootings” that have come into serious question as to whether or not they actually happened at all including Sandy Hook and Gifffords’ alleged shooting in 2011.

What is Tom Steyer’s NextGen America group? It’s a group dedicated to “fighting for America”:

“NextGen America is an environmental advocacy nonprofit and political action committee created in 2013 by Tom Steyer supporting candidates and policies that take action against climate change. It has typically criticized Republican candidates, but has also targeted Democrats who have failed to take a stance on climate change. The organization has also been an opponent of the Keystone XL pipeline.”

Action against “climate change” when Tom Steyer made his money off promoting the coal industry? That Keystone XL pipeline wouldn’t be competing against his coal investment interests would it? Tom Steyer also sits on the board of Podesta’s powerful Washington-based think tank Center for American Progress (CAP). In a recent discussion with American Intelligence Media (AIM), it was mentioned that John Podesta is also with the Senior Executive Service (SES).

David Hogg not only admitted he wanted to be a CNN reporter, but maybe he wants to follow in his mother’s footsteps? Hogg is also connected to Podesta’s think tank CAP. One of David Hogg’s original tweets (twitter) after the alleged shooting in Florida, his twitter post was in reference to a Podesta-controlled group “It’s On Us” that comes under Podesta’s CAP. “It’s On Us” was heavily promoted by Barack Obama when he was sitting in the White House with Valerie Jarrett standing over his shoulder. One glaringly obvious aspect to all these Democratic Party-related organizations and think tanks including Tom Steyer’s organizations, is how they invariable all promote “children rights”, “equal rights”, “women’s rights”, “democracy”, “global warming” and now this “anti-gun” movement, when Podesta himself has been so closely linked to pedophile networks? To say nothing in the least of all these people and more who followed the work of Saul Alinsky.Although Podesta’s influential Center For American Progress think tank (leftist cartel) seems to be pretending it provides the US public with unbiased “objective” scholarship, there is something disturbing about what is going on here. Podesta’s think tank is apparently maintaining tight censorship on any issues related to Israel that CAP has imposed upon its writers, as US journalist and author Glenn Greenwald has pointed out:

“‘Leaked internal emails from the powerful Democratic think tank Center for American Progress (CAP) shed light on several public controversies involving the organization, particularly in regard to its positioning on Israel. They reveal the lengths to which the group has gone in order to placate AIPAC and long-time Clinton operative and Israel activist Ann Lewis — including censoring its own writers on the topic of Israel’, Greenwald wrote in his article for The Intercept.”

When Tom Steyer’s bio is looked at, his father was Roy Henry Steyer who worked at the Wall Street law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell. And the Cromwell in the law firm is presumably the Thomas and Oliver Cromwell dynasty of the English peerage (very Jewish-friendly, if not crypto-Jewish). Whereas Sullivan is basically Irish. If there ever was a firm that would be the epitome of a “deep state” entity, it would be Sullivan & Cromwell. Roy Henry Steyer was also a lawyer working as a US Naval Reserve JAG Officer at the Nuremberg scaffolding trials. Tom Steyer’s father, Roy Henry Steyer was Jewish.

Has anyone ever seriously sat down and thought through why these billionaires like Tom Steyer who is ostensibly Jewish, spend their fortunes on these social causes that in the final analysis cause more harm to society than good, especially related to gun control in America which outside of abortion, is probably the most controversial subject there is? Is it because Jewish people like Tom Steyer “feel guilty” about their wealth they have accumulated and have no recourse other than to start these social movements in an effort to justify their wealth obtained by some very unscrupulous unethical means? Or possibly to distract from their nefarious business practices discussed by the Center For the Defense of Free Enterprise? For more on Steyer’s billionaire status through his investment firm Farallon Capital, a read through The Epic Hypocrisy of Tom Steyer would be useful. Now Steyer is behind the anti-gun movement? What hypocrisy would we discover here?

 Anti-Gun Protesters Explain Why They’ll Take Your Guns

Propaganda March – Read at Abel Danger

Recent update on the Hogg:

BOMBSHELL: Anti-gun sociopath David Hogg caught on Reddit celebrating the mass killing of “billions of people” as being “great for the environment”

Dictionary Literally Redefines ‘Assault Rifle’ to Give Liberals Edge in Gun Debate

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