Controlling the “Liberal”- “Conservative” Discourse at All Costs

Ed.’s note: Another day in the digital media empire. You know all about Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg’s (frontman) plans to introduce its cryptocurrency Libra and its domination over social media. Facebook has now placed Breitbart News on Facebook’s News tab. This has apparently “enraged” liberals (Pavlovian-trained). Breitbart News prides itself on being politically on the right and “conservative.” We have already looked at Facebook providing the Antsy Defecation League (ADL) with $2.5 million to prevent any criticism of Israel and Jews. The people who run Facebook are playing both sides of the political divide. While placing Breitbart News on its new News Tab, Mark Zuckerberg has been reported to have been suggesting campaign hires for the democrat Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 presidential campaign. Call this a “Zuckpunch.” Big tech including Facebook are working towards if they haven’t already accomplished it, complete and total censorship over the internet and that includes all political discourse. That’s the media’s job: to contain you; keep you in a box so they can store you on a shelf. Then pull you off the shelf when they need to push your buttons.

(((Facebook))) Donates $2.5 Million To (((ADL))) 

Big Tech Oligarchs’ Best Tool for Censoring the Internet: The Jewish ADL

The political discourse always has to be defined as either being “liberal” or “conservative.” Any other opinion or alternative political view is forbidden. There are no other options for you in this world so take your pick: “conservative” or “liberal.” You are born into the world to either become a “conservative” or a “liberal.” The epitome of what it means to be an American. That’s why the media including Breitbart News must maintain control over what “political conservatism” is by defining it. It’s the same thing with Facebook claiming they are fighting “fake news” to give users the impression that whatever news is being read off Facebook’s news feed is not fake news. We’ve already seen Reuters faking or exaggerating news all the time but Reuters appears on Facebook‘s news feed. Nothing has changed in all these years when it comes to the media:

The Forgotten Media Purges of the Great Depression

News update for October 27, 2019: Breitbart News rolls out the Osama Bin Laden revised 2.2 raid. Taking out “ISIS leader” Baghdadi is like a militarized version of a good PR campaign. The US is now liquidating their assets when they become too much of a liability. The utilitarian purpose of the “Salafist principality” has run its course and now the US must collapse it. As the US is being evicted from the Middle East, it needed a good public relations ploy to achieve some level of “success” before booted out completely.

‘He Died Like A Coward’ — Donald Trump Confirms Death of ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The constant liberal-conservative confrontation must not be allowed to take place outside the parameters of the news media. That also equates to a third political party prevented from being formed on the grassroots level. This is probably why Steve Bannon always talks about his “successes” (see video clip below) with the Tea Party. If a third political party were to form in the US that had one of its tenets having anything to do with censoring Israel, it would send these people in the media and big tech-censoring social media into rage. This must not be allowed to happen. This isn’t all Americans pay Israel to do:

Americans Pay Israel Billions of Dollars to Destroy Americans’ Free Speech

What You Think Is Controlled By What You Watch, And What You Watch Is Controlled By The Elite

How NeoCon Billionaire Paul Singer Is Driving the Outsourcing of US Tech Jobs to Israel

We have seen where the Episcopalian Church has come out barring investments in companies benefitting in Israel’s occupation. Consider for a moment a third party developing in America with millions of “conservative” Christians who come to their senses concerning Israel? Talk about tossing a wrench into the Zionist zeitgeist’s gears? What would Breitbart News report on then? Thousands of Christian conservatives all across America who have not voted because up until now have deemed their votes as not changing anything, suddenly start going to the voting booths? As they walk into their local voting location, they see a questionnaire on top of the voting booth: “Do you think your representative should vote in favor of BDS” in ranked-voting?

Episcopal Church officially bars investments in companies benefitting from the Israeli occupation

Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is also getting attention from US Representative (Democratic Farm-Labor Party) Betty McCollum who is pushing the US Congress to stop subsidizing “the torture of Palestinian children.” This push back on Israel is not only intensifying in America, it is also intensifying in Europe including in Italy where Zionists attempt disrupting lectures.

Betty McCollum Is Pushing Congress to Stop Subsidizing the Torture of Palestinian Children

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook syndicate depends on Israel tech firms for its research and development, so it comes as no surprise the US and Israeli governments have directed Facebook to delete accounts demonstrating censorship is in full swing. Note also that Microsoft depends on Israel’s tech sector for its R&D and Microsoft just beat out Amazon on the Pentagon’s $10 billion contract for cloud computing. Own any Microsoft shares? What we are also starting to wonder about is how much will the US depend on Israeli tech firms (cybersecurity) considering Jeff Barr just recently announced a “Orwellian Pre-Crime Program.” Would that pre-crime program also include any dissenters for those speaking out against Israel?

Facebook Says It Is Deleting Accounts at the Direction of the U.S. and Israeli Governments

With Little Fanfare, William Barr Formally Announces Orwellian Pre-Crime Program

Israel’s end game is to make Gaza just as miserable as they possibly can to either push the Palestinians into the Mediterranean, or force them out to someplace like Jordan. It doesn’t matter to Israel. They want the Palestinians out of the region and they don’t care how it is done – period.

Israel’s Endgame: Make Gaza Uninhabitable

UAE firm hiring Israeli spies who ruined Palestinian lives

What is Pelosi heading to Jordan for? Find a new home for the Palestinians?

What these political operatives are fearful of is a third party establishing itself in America that would remove political power from the current wealthy and monied elite behind the Democratic Party. Breitbart’s media reporting is to protect Israel and explains why it is now on Facebook’s News tab.

Breitbart News Network: Born In The USA, Conceived In Israel


Source: RT News

Rage over Breitbart’s inclusion in Facebook News overlooks the outrage of letting Facebook curate journalism

26 October 2019

© Global Look Press / / Jaap Arriens

Liberals are foaming with rage over the inclusion of conservative outlet Breitbart in Facebook’s News tab. More alarming is the idea of letting journalists chosen by Facebook determine what is considered “news” to begin with.

Facebook has unveiled its long-awaited News feature, but the social media behemoth is keeping mum on the identities of the approximately 200 publishers who will be getting either “free money” or hefty referral traffic from the new tab. Early reports indicate the participants include the usual mainstream media suspects – the New York Times, Bloomberg, the Washington Post – but also Breitbart.

More: Forget privacy abuses, liberals call to DeleteFacebook after learning Zuckerberg met with conservatives

The conservative outlet’s inclusion has inflamed liberals already miffed by the revelation that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was meeting for off-the-record dinner dates with prominent conservatives, including Tucker Carlson of Fox News. For Zuckerberg to elevate Breitbart, once helmed by former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, to the level of a trusted news source? Unthinkable!

Perhaps sensing the growing rage against the platform’s decision, a Facebook spokesperson tried to calm users down, telling Slate that “the number of publishers in the tab will grow over time – and it will be dynamic. If a publisher falls out of eligibility for posting misinformation, or clickbait or scraping content – for example, they will no longer appear in Facebook News.

That opens a whole other can of worms, however. ABC, also reported to be a Facebook News partner, was recently slammed for claiming footage of a weapons demonstration in Kentucky was actually video of Turkey decimating the US’ Kurdish allies with airstrikes.

Please go to RT News to read the entire article.




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