Contrast Between Alternative News Sources and Mainstream Media (CNN) on Syria

 BREAKING: US Destroyer Off Syrian Coast

Nikki Haley Beats War Drum At U.N. Trumps Lawyer Raided FBI



And finally, in contrast to the above alternative news sources which for the most part are actually quite good, the most preposterous and duplicitous media reporting beyond tolerable limits on the circumstances in Syria from CNN. And to demonstrate this is an undeniable fact, read the linked article posted just below this CNN YouTube clip. Our suggestion would be for any decent honest people remaining at CNN to try and submit your resumes to RT News.

U.S. warship off coast of Syria with 300 Marines

This is an enjoyable read:

Trust in “mainstream media” continues to tank, led by CNN’s abysmal numbers: Nobody trusts CNN except the stupid

This is a good analysis of what is currently happening in Syria:

SYRIA – the Terrifying Truth of What is Really Happening


Source: Sputnik

US Scholar: Bolton a ‘Terrorist-Minded’ Person Trying ‘to Get US Into Wars’

April 8, 2018

Radio Sputnik discussed the current situation in Syria and US military operations abroad with Wayne Madsen, a US journalist specializing in international affairs, following reports that two F-15 jets belonging to Israeli Air Force carried out a strike on Syria’s T-4 air base.

Sputnik: What can you say about what has happened in Syria now?

Wayne Madsen: Well, I would point to the fact that John Bolton, the only unconfirmed US ambassador to the UN who ever served at the United Nations, is now moving into the national security advisor’s office in the White House, and I think we can see more of this. We know that Bolton works very closely, as he did when he was at the UN, with the Israelis. Certainly, it seems like Israel may have been responsible for the attack on the airbase. We also know that Bolton specializes in putting out disinformation. He was one of the people who said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Even faced with facts today that Saddam didn’t, he still maintains that he did. Against, you know, all other facts, Bolton, who is now going to be the national security advisor, believes in this nonsense of Saddam Hussein having WMDs.

READ MORE: Syrian Party: Claims of Chemical Attack Aim to Cover Up West’s Ties to Militants

So, we are going to see him do the same thing to the Assad government in Syria, it’s already begun. We are going to see the same footage and over again of these children, who were supposedly gassed with chlorine barrel bombs, get ready for the barrel bombs thing again, the kids. This is Bolton’s modus operandi, he wants to get the US into wars in many places, and, unfortunately, Donald Trump is using this war maniac, Bolton is now his top advisor on national security policy.

Please go to Sputnik to read the entire article.


Remember these tweets from the tweeting President Trump on Syria back in 2013? We do.


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US Is Preparing to Strike Syria


Read with discernment please. The level of uncertainty and chaos have reached critical mass:

Russian MoD: Two Israeli Warplanes Attacked Syrian Airbase

Terror-Bombing Syrian Airbase Follows False Flag CW Incident

Forget about Gaza, bomb Assad! Israeli hawks urge US to strike Syria over Douma ‘chem attack’


It is more than likely Nikki Haley in the UN was decided to be placed where she is as US Ambassador to the UN by Israeli interests which have taken control of American foreign policy. What an astonishing blemish on what it means to be an “ambassador.” No person could possibly be this incredibly ill-informed and dishonest as Nikki Haley:

US will act against ‘monster’ Assad with or without UN ‒ Haley


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