Conspiracy Theories – FBI COINTELPRO – “Fake Media” Meme – $34 Billion Worth of Crowdsourced Stupidity – If You Think People Don’t Conspire You Are an Idiot

Ed.’s note: The following showed up related to Abel Danger and although the description is partly true, the description “Abel Danger is a conspiracy theorist brand/franchise that was born out of the anti-government extremist movement of the 2005-7 era,” is a Bolshevik-communist tactic meant to delegitimize and denigrate all dissent. The same sloganeering tactic used in the Soviet Union under the Bolsheviks to target all dissent. We have continually called for “domestic tranquility” in many of our posts which is hardly “anti-government.” We have also called for people to not join or participate in any organization claiming racial identity politics which only intensifies tribalism. Again, hardly “anti-government”. This is what FBI COINTELPRO does and have been doing probably since its inception as a corporate commercial militia. Here, read this article and then try to tell us with a straight face conspiracies don’t go on for example, between Don the real estate guy’s administration and the intelligence agencies:

Trump’s intel shake-up reveals lingering tensions

We have also tacked onto this post an article on Jeffrey Epstein related to “conspiracy theory” to demonstrate the contrast. The fact is no one trusts least of all depends on mainstream media anymore for their news. Those who unfortunately depend on the media, have disengaged themselves from reality. Do you want a Don the real estate guy version of reality? Then continue relying on Fox News and Breitbart News. Does this mistrust lead to “conspiracy theories?” Damn right it does. A recent poll, if you accept polls, have indicated 40 percent of Americans believe Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. That’s even if you think half of this “cult of Epstein” even exists at all constantly being blasted out by the mainstream media (and social media) in an unmitigated barrage of coverage.

In the “age of fake news” introduced by Don the real estate guy, following the “age of stupid” (first to use the crowdsource funding model, or crowdsource fund your model then become stupid), how do you know anything at all? Ask yourselves the question: “Who is attempting to capture internet discourse related to alternative news and covering what are called “conspiracy theories?” Then consider the quest for loot off the internet including YouTube (Google) and how this distorts everything. It’s nothing to laugh at. In 2015, over US$34 billion was raised worldwide by crowdfunding. How much stupidity can $34 billion buy? Furthermore, ask yourself if your perception of reality and your “mooring to the real world” has been severed by this vile Epstein cabalistic mind f*ck? Speaking of stupid…

The Supremacy of Stupid

So, according to this material, “USSOCOM was tracking some of the hi-jackers of 9/11 and did nothing with the information,” and this wasn’t a conspiracy to coverup intelligence when Able Danger was shut down? What’s the checkmate2 agenda here? Who knows? Who cares? Another distraction. Do they want to get “Abel Danger” classified as a “domestic terrorist organization?” Organization? Where’s the “organization?” These days the FBI can get anyone or any organization they want classified as being “terrorists” or a “terrorist organization.” How about that? Abel Danger can rank right up there as a “terrorist organization” along with Hezbollah? Since 2006, Abel Danger material was being directed to various FBI field offices, so the FBI would know precisely what Abel Danger was doing. When you oppose the private law merchants who have set up the corporate structure of the United States, we are all in fact “terrorists”, “belligerents” and “enemy combatants” according to their corporate statute laws. Join the ranks, but just make sure you look at individuals and not “organizations”.



Jason Goodman, Field McConnell, David Charles Hawkins and the Crowdsourced ABEL DANGER shuffle

August 13, 2019



ABEL DANGER (see also ABLE DANGER) is a conspiracy theorist brand/franchise that was born out of the anti-government extremist movement of the 2005-7 era after a scandal of the same name. The A.D. (as it is called) franchise was spawned by an English citizen living in White Rock, British Columbia and posing as a “forensic economist” by the name of David Charles Hawkins (co-founder) and a former commercial airline pilot known as Field McConnell.

Field McConnell, (Plum City, Wisconsin) is a “911 truther” who (amongst other things) (1) posits Boeing Aerospace engineered planes to strike the World Trade Center via remote control, and (2) that his half-sister, Kristine Marci, is the founder of the U.S. Senior Executive Service (SES) which covertly acts as a witches’ coven to form a gynocracy capturing their power from the sacrifice of children in an operation code-named “PEDOCATE”. Openly publishes YouTube content that claims McConnell’s sister works for the “one world order” who is a creator of snuff films used to extort political favors.

( )

David ‘Sherlock’ Hawkins, (White Rock, British Columbia) promotes many conspiracy theories, such as “dead-pool operations on the federal bridge certification authority (FBCA)”. Dead poll is apparently a betting game in which the super rich and elite place bets on the number of human causalities that are the outcome of pre-design horrific events – such as the attack on the World Trade Center on 09/11/2001.


“ABLE DANGER”, the name of classified military database, was used at the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), MacDill AFB, Florida prior to September 11, 2001. The A.D. database was principally used to monitor, surveil and track many of the so-called “original 19 hijackers” of 9/11.

In sum, A.D. was a counter-terrorism program designed to detect and disrupt terrorists. However, it was revealed that USSOCOM was tracking some of the hi-jackers of 9/11 and did nothing with the information.

There was a scandal. It was alleged by an Army Lt. Colonel that the U.S. Department of Defense was attempting to cover up details of the 9/11 hi-jacker data in the A.D. database. The so-called whistleblower was Anthony Shaffer.


Source: medium

Everyone’s A Conspiracy Theorist, Whether They Know It Or Not

By Caitlin Johnston | August 12, 2019

Plutocratic propaganda outlet MSNBC has just run a spin segment on the breaking news that the medical examiner’s determination of the cause of Jeffrey Epstein’s death is “pending further information”.

“Our sources are still saying that it looks like suicide, and this is going to set conspiracy theorists abuzz I fear,” said NBC correspondent Ken Dilanian. “NBC News has been hearing all day long that there are no indications of foul play, and that this looks like a suicide and that he hung himself in his cell.”

Dilanian, who stumbled over the phrase “conspiracy theorists” in his haste to get it in the first soundbyte, is a known asset of the Central Intelligence Agency. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a well-documented fact. A 2014 article in The Intercept titled “The CIA’s Mop-Up Man” reveals email exchanges obtained via Freedom of Information Act request between Dilanian and CIA public affairs officers which “show that Dilanian enjoyed a closely collaborative relationship with the agency, explicitly promising positive news coverage and sometimes sending the press office entire story drafts for review prior to publication.” There is no reason to give Dilanian the benefit of the doubt that this cozy relationship has ended, so anything he puts forward can safely be dismissed as CIA public relations.

When I mentioned Dilanian’s CIA ties on MSNBC’s Twitter video, MSNBC deleted their tweet and then re-shared it without mentioning Dilanian’s name. Here is a screenshot of the first tweet followed by an embedded link to their current one (which I’ve archived just in case):

Up until the news broke that Epstein’s autopsy has been unable to readily confirm suicide, mass media headlines everywhere have been unquestioningly blaring that that was known to have been the cause of the accused sex trafficker’s death. This despite the fact that the FBI’s investigation has been explicitly labeling it an “apparent suicide“, and despite the fact that Epstein is credibly believed to have been involved in an intelligence-tied sexual blackmail operation involving many powerful people, any number of whom stood plenty to gain from his death.

So things are moving in a very weird way, and people are understandably weirded out. The response to this from mass media narrative managers has, of course, been to berate everyone as “conspiracy theorists”.

“Jeffrey Epstein: How conspiracy theories spread after financier’s death” reads a BBC headline. “Epstein Suicide Conspiracies Show How Our Information System Is Poisoned” reads one from the New York Times. “Conspiracy Theories Fly Online in Wake of Epstein Death” warns The Wall Street Journal. “Financier Epstein’s Death Disappoints Victims, Launches Conspiracy Theories” reads the headline from US government-funded Voice of America.

Please go to medium to read the entire article.



Imprisoned Epstein Was Allowed to Spend Hours Locked in Private Room With Young Female

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