Confused about Trump and Israel? Iran probably is too.

Ed. note: After all this outlined below, it will be open season on Syria and Iran as Israel increases its territorial expansion. Interesting is it not that Jared Kushner has on his team the best bankruptcy lawyer and the best real estate agent in the business for the “peace plan” between Israel and Palestine. The place is bankrupt and it involves real estate – and a lot of dead Palestinians. What will the peace plan entail? A chunk of land somewhere with a new desalinization plant installed where the Palestinians will end up working for Saudi Arabia as slaves? There really is a lot of truth in the fact that during the medieval times, Jews were prevented from owning land. This must be pay back after all these years, not only the 1948 agreed upon borders for Israel, but now the entire region – and New York real estate minus three buildings.

Israel Has Full ‘Freedom of Action’ in Countering Iran in Syria – Netanyahu

US peace plan said to include $25 billion in West Bank and Gaza investments

How much will it take to buy off Washington’s whores as one Palestinian after another takes a bullet?

Facts and Figures: How Much Israel Is Spending to Buy Washington Politicians


Source: VOX News

Trump just made a highly controversial decision about Israel — again

Trump’s Golan Heights decision, briefly explained.

By Alex Ward@AlexWardVox • March 21, 2019

President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet in the Oval Office of the White House on March 5, 2018.
Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

The United States will now recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel — a massive change in American foreign policy that will likely benefit Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The surprise announcement by President Donald Trump about the disputed territory is in keeping with his full-throated support for Netanyahu and embrace of right-leaning Israeli positions. The questions now are if the decision will complicate the administration’s efforts to bring peace to the region and if the move will help Netanyahu’s reelection chances next month.

The answers to both, according to experts, are “yes.”

The Golan Heights, as Neri Zilber wrote for Vox, is a “strategic area of elevated land situated along Israel’s northern border with Syria. For decades it was part of Syria … [but] Israel conquered the region during the 1967 war and later annexed it in a move not recognized by the international community.”

That’s why Trump’s decision is so controversial: Most other countries see Israel as illegally occupying the plateau. But on Thursday, Trump tweeted, “After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights.”

Please go to VOX News to read the entire article.


The Christian-Zionist as the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits Netenyahu. Pompeo tells Netenyahu: “it’s possible Trump was sent to save the Jewish people.” What is this? America is the “new Rome.?” And Mike, did you ask Benjamin about those three Israeli banks fined over $1 billion in tax evasion schemes involving dual Israeli citizens?


Source: The Saker

The great fraud of National Zionism

March 21, 2019

[This article was written for the Unz Review]

The Defining Event for the USA

There is no doubt that the 9/11 false flag (now even admitted (by direct implication) by NIST!) was a watershed, a seminal event in our history. While millions (or even billions) watched in horror as the twin towers burned, a small group of Mossad agents stood nearby and danced in overwhelming joy. Why exactly were these Israelis dancing? Surely there was more than just Schadenfreude in this spontaneous expression of euphoria?  Considering that these three dancing Israelis were just the tip of a much bigger iceberg, we can rest assured that there were many more folks dancing in joy that day, especially in Israel.

Why were these Mossad agents so blissful?  The answer is obvious: 9/11 put the following notions front and center of the concerns of most people in the USA:

  • We are under attack and in grave, imminent, danger
  • Islam wants to destroy our way of life
  • Those who did 9/11 also want to destroy Israel
  • We need to ask the Israelis to share their “expertise” in dealing with Islamic terrorism
  • Draconian laws and new police powers need to be passed to protect us from mass murder
  • If you are not with us, then you are with the terrorists

Almost a decade before 9/11, in 1992, Francis Fukuyama had explained to us that history itself was coming to an end while Samuel P. Huntington explained to us in 1996 that we were witnessing a “clash of civilizations.” This kind of “scholarly” research created the perfect political background to an already rather disquieting perception of the upcoming Year 2000. In 2001, when all hell broke loose, the general public was already well prepared for it (just like the Anglo-Zionist elites who had already prepared the huge “Patriot Act” long before the Twin Towers came down).

9/11 was as much the culmination of a significant preparatory effort as it was the trigger for a decade or more of wars.

Still, all this immense effort into shaping the West’s perceptions was not good enough to hammer the sufficiently hysterical mindset into most people, in spite of the best efforts of the legacy Ziomedia to explain to us that Bin Laden decided that “we” were next in line for some kind of horrible (possibly nuclear) terrorist attack. Inside the USA the constant fear-mongering of the legacy Ziomedia did induce the suitable hysterical panic, while in the rest of the world things were not going quite as well. Especially not in Europe (which was vitally needed as a fig-leaf to pretend like the GWOT was not a US-Israeli thingie, but that there was a large “coalition of the willing” formed of the best and brightest countries out there). Something else, bigger and better, was needed and, sure enough, it was found: a mass exodus of poorly educated immigrants, the vast majority of them from Muslim countries.

While the (totally fictional and therefore totally unsuccessful) GWOT was petering out, the Anglo-Zionists directed their stare at Libya and its leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi had warned that unless Europe was willing to pay Libya to contain the many millions of African refugees, a major catastrophe would happen. He explained that “Tomorrow Europe might no longer be European, and even black, as there are millions who want to come in”, “we don’t know what will happen, what will be the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans faced with this influx of starving and ignorant Africans” and “we don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and united continent or if it will be destroyed, as happened with the barbarian invasions.”

The Anglo-Zionists heard his message loud and clear and proceeded to immediately (and illegally!) overthrow and brutally murder Gaddafi (it is still unclear how many Israelis were dancing the day Col. Gaddafi was murdered).  Almost exactly a decade after 9/11 the Zionists finally had their “catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor,” but this time the victim was the entire European continent.

The defining event for Europe

The effect of what can only be called an “invasion” of immigrants was huge, to say the least.  Even before this latest invasion began, Europe had already suffered many negative consequences from previous waves of emigres (Romanians, Gypsies, Albanians, Tunisians, Moroccans, Algerians, sub-Saharan Africans, Turks, Tamils, Kurds, Latin-Americans (during the US-sponsored terror years in Latin America), etc.  and even before them there were the Spanish, Portuguese and Italians (who, at least, all superbly adapted to their new place of residence).  But that new wave was much bigger and much more dangerous than any previous one.  A huge, massive, immigration crisis resulted in most European countries.

Can you guess what the Europeans felt?  They felt that:

  • We are under attack and in grave, imminent, danger
  • Islam wants to destroy our way of life
  • Those who did Charlie Hebdo and all the other terrorist attacks in Europe also want to destroy Israel
  • We need to ask the Israelis to share their “expertise” in dealing with Islamic terrorism
  • Draconian laws and new police powers need to be passed to protect us from mass murder
  • If you are not with us, then you are with the terrorists

Sounds familiar?

If it does, it is because it is.

In terms of methods and means, 9/11 and the invasion of Europe by hordes of immigrants could not be more different. But in terms of results, they achieved very similar outcomes.

Please go to The Saker to read the entire article.


Before we continue on with this rather “burdensome” post, we would like to draw readers attention to Donald Trump “stealing the show” claiming the US defeated ISIS in Syria. In reality, the largest share of credit for helping to defeat ISIS in Syria as 21st Century Wire points out, should be going to the Syrian Army, Russia, Popular Mobilization Units (PMU)/Hashed al-Shaabi in Iraq, the Iraqi Army, Hezbollah and Iran. In one sense, it was NATO-US-Israel that created the ISIS terrorist conglomerate in the first place, so maybe Trump can claim credit for defeating ISIS. The US just retracts their terrorist ISIS army and ships them out of the region where they might at some future point be used against Iran. Israel can’t be too pleased by Iran contributing to the destruction of ISIS in the region. Just a couple of weeks ago, Russia and Turkey put the finishing touches on ISIS in Iblib.

Trump Steals Credit from Syrian Army, Russia, Iraq, Iran for ‘Defeating ISIS’ in Syria


Source: The Ugly Truth

Trump’s Golan Heights Diplomatic Bombshell Was Bound to Drop. But Why Now?

March 21, 2019

Trump couldn’t wait until Netanyahu joined him in Washington on Monday, and his calculated move right before the election could cause Israel serious damage

ed note–as we like to say here often, BY ALL MEANS, all the experts out there now ‘losing themselves in the moment’ over Trump’s tweet this afternoon, PAY NO MIND WHATSOEVER to glaringly important pieces such as this.

Now, for those who do maintain an open mind and flexible perspective on the more often than not complicated and even convoluted nature of politics where Judea, Inc plays a very heavy hand, please note the following on the part of our unesteemed Hebraic author–

1. That NO ONE who pays an ounce of attention to the maneuvers which Trump has made with regards to Israel even before taking office should have been in the least bit surprised that he made this decision, which, at this moment, was nothing more than a tweet. No Executive Order, not him sending an official request to Congress to write up the necessary legislation that would change official US policy on the issue of the Golan for the last 50 years, just a tweet that had the desired effect–Jews all over the world and especially in the Levantine Lunatic asylum singing Trump’s praises as the ‘greatest friend’ that Israel has ever had.

…And all of this taking place right before–

1. A VERY beleaguered Netanyahu comes to DC for the AIPAC conference, at which time he is also supposed to meet with Trump, 


2. Just a few weeks prior to Trump unveiling his ‘Ultimate Peace Deal’ which the right-wingers in Israel (who not so coincidentally are the ones now reacting with orgasmic fervor over Trump’s tweet) are going to be the toughest to bring on board.

Now, from our unesteemed Hebraic author–

‘There is near-complete consensus among Israelis on both the left and right today that under no circumstances should Israel relinquish its control over the strategic Golan Heights, and certainly not following eight years of war within Syria, during which Iran and Hezbollah have entrenched their presence on Israel’s northern border.’

Which means that Trump has just won for himself the favor of both the lefties and righties in Israel just prior to his upcoming peace deal and all it took was a simple tweet.


“Trump’s gesture is empty — just as his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was. It won’t change the status of the Golan Heights with regards to international law, and with the exception of a few client-states in Latin America, no other country is going to follow suit.”

Again, a simple tweet that has sent millions of Jews (and who knows how many ‘experts’ out there) into fits of hot and heavy emotionalism and all it took was a Twitter account to do it.

Please go to The Ugly Truth to read the entire article.



Israeli Right Wing warning that Trump’s Golan announcement will come with heavy price for Israel in upcoming Peace Deal

People think Ivanka is complicit in Trump’s presidency — but from what I’ve heard, she’s the mastermind

Jared Kushner’s parents refused to meet his brother Josh’s wife Karlie Kloss for six years because she wasn’t Jewish and they thought she was beneath them – as Trump’s son-in-law labeled the lingerie model a ‘shiksa’

US Declares West Bank and Golan No Longer “Occupied Territories”

Yes, it was God who sent Trump to save Israel. Do these people even know what in the hell they’re talking about anymore? Let’s get this straight then, Pompeo here who is a Christian-Zio and who professes a belief in God, is willing to use economic sanctions against Iran like the US is using against Venezuela, where only the average person on the street in Venezuela and next Iran will feel the pain? What the hell kind of God does Pompeo worship? That’s biblical warfare. What kind of f*cked up religious eschatology is that? Those economic sanctions also include cutting off oil exports from Iran as the US begins to take control of the word oil market. The US will attempt to cut oil exports from Iran to cripple Iran’s economy.

Pompeo suggests God sent Trump to save Israel

Pompeo vows to pile economic, political pressure on Iran

U.S. On The Hunt For Iranian “Ghost Tankers”

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