Conduit of Violence in America Comes From Jewish Hollywood Straight Into American Homes

Source: The Times of Israel

Parents of Jewish Sandy Hook victim forced to move 7 times due to harassment

Noah Pozner’s mother says they can’t visit son’s grave; conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who claims mass shooting never happened, sues couple, seeks $100,000 in costs

By TOI staff • 1 August 2018

Six-year-old Noah Pozner was one of the victims in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012. (AP Photo/Family Photo)

The parents of a 6-year-old victim of the Sandy Hook shooting have been forced to move homes seven times and now live hundreds of miles from their son’s grave due to near constant harassment from conspiracy theorists who claim the deadly massacre was a hoax.

Twenty small children and six adults were killed in less than five minutes on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, by 20-year-old killer Adam Lanza, who then turned the gun on himself.

“I would love to go see my son’s grave and I don’t get to do that, but we made the right decision,” Veronique De La Rosa, mother of 6-year-old Jewish student Noah Pozner, told the New York Times.

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She added that each time she and her husband, Leonard Pozner, have moved, their whereabouts were published online “with the speed of light,” according to the report published Tuesday.

“They have their own community, and they have the ear of some very powerful people,” De La Rosa said.

The Pozners are among six families of victims of the mass shooting who in May filed a lawsuit against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has claimed the massacre never happened.

Jones, a Texas-based radio host and Donald Trump supporter, has claimed the massacre was staged and that the 26 bereaved families are paid actors, exposing the families to harassment, death threats, and personal attacks on social media.

Lawyers for the couple will attend a court hearing in Texas on Wednesday in the defamation suit against Jones.

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Hollywood is a conveyor belt of violence run straight into every home in America.

Exposing Sodomite Rituals In Hollywood: So you wanna be famous? Watch this first…


The following is Wolfgang Halbig’s discussion on his current involvement in lawsuits regarding Sandy Hook. Readers and investigators should look carefully at the chat window in this YouTube clip because Tucker Carlson of Fox News makes several comments. Readers and investigators are encouraged to contact Tucker Carlson at Fox News to demand that Wolfgang Halbig be interviewed on Fox News concerning his investigation as a security expert into the falsified events that took place at Sandy Hook.

Wolfgang Halbig on Sandy Hook Lawsuit w/ Nathan Stolpman


It was Iranian news sources that first put out the news that Israel was responsible for the mass shooting at Sandy Hook. It is undeniable that Sandy Hook had Jewish involvement on many different levels, including the father of one of the alleged victims, Leonard Pozner, being Jewish. Wolfgang Halbig out of respect never intentionally or deliberately wanted to dismiss that children may have possibly died at Sandy Hook. This isn’t what Wolfgang Halbig concentrated on in his investigation as a security expert. To prove that there were no deaths at Sandy Hook, Wolfgang Halbig requested the records for the police helicopter radio transmissions that day be made publicly available. The police refuse to release these police helicopter radio transmissions for that day. The police helicopter was tasked to search for the alleged shooter/s at Sandy Hook.

Mike Harris in this PressTV interview, blames Israel for the events at Sandy Hook, however, he doesn’t realize the events seemed to have been Hollywood-like stage managed. To understand this better, readers are going to have to listen to Wolfgang Halbig’s discussion and the background to his investigation. Why would the Jewish Leonard Pozner, father of the alleged child killed at Sandy Hook, bring a lawsuit against Wolfgang Halbig for Halbig’s research into the alleged killings at Sandy Hook?

Is it because Pozner is angry with Wolfgang Halbig for suggesting no children were killed including Pozner’s son, or was the lawsuit intended to shut down any investigation into Israel, the Department of Homeland Security with its connections to Hollywood and the media to have staged the event at Sandy Hook? There is already a $1 trillion lawsuit against the media for staging the event at Sandy Hook that has been dismissed by United States District Judge Jeffrey Alker Meyer, an Obama appointee. Is it any coincidence here that Judge Meyer may perhaps also be Jewish and that is why he dismissed William Brandon Shanley’s (see last video in this post) lawsuit as “frivolous” and “having no possible grounds for relief?”

Israel Involved in Sandy Hook Shooting??


What needs to be asked is what are if any connections that may exist between the Department of Homeland Security, Hollywood and Israel concerning participation in the events of Sandy Hook? Another question would be, why did The Times of Israel in the article published above, come to the defense of Leonard Pozner who is Jewish when all this started gaining more attention when Alex Jones’ started saying that Sandy Hook was faked? What exactly is going on here? Is Alex Jones part of the ruse going on here, or is Jones backwashing for well-founded fear of reprisal because of his support for Israel?

Sandy Hook Officials Confronted! -Homeland Security Involvement Admitted! -FULL REPORT


Why is the United States Department of Homeland Security working so closely with Israel-based “technology, science and business” organizations? If Sandy Hook was some kind of an elaborate violent virtual staged event, what did the Department of Homeland Security in coordination with Israel and possibly Hollywood learn from this event in the context of Israel-based technology, science and business organizations as we “swim in a sea of violence”? Is there a connection here to these high tech Israeli firms linked to the IDF’s Unit 8200 (Israel’s “NSA”) transferring high technology out of the US from Silicon Valley back to Israel related to the event at Sandy Hook?

What were the technological advantages learned off Sandy Hook if it was staged and used as a platform to “learn” from connected to the “Jewish revolutionary spirit” that intentionally cultivates this never ending violence?

Furthermore, how does the Chertoff Group benefit with its close ties to the Department of Homeland Security other than lucrative contracts considering the fact that Michael Chertoff is Jewish? Chertoff’s father was Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff who was a Talmud scholar and the former leader of the Congregation B’nai Israel in Elizabeth.

Snapshot: Israel & U.S.: A Unique Partnership in Science, Technology and Business


This document was put out by AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee):

Israel’s Partner America: Homeland Security Cooperation


And what is the status of this lawsuit? Perhaps it should be equally brought against the Department of Homeland Security and Hollywood?

1 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against Media For Staging ‘Sandy Hook’


We are “swimming in a sea of violence” and it is being intentionally cultivated to exploit.

The Scope Magazine’s Conversation with William B. Shanley about the Newtown Massacre


How many Israel-based high tech firms are involved with the Department of Homeland Security in the development of this technology which will scan every passenger coming through American airports? Although the article includes “government” in the title, that’s not entirely correct since most of government has been privatized.

The Government Wants Airlines to Delay Your Flight So They Can Scan Your Face



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