Competition of Ideas and Systems

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By Vicky Davison • August 15, 2018

After President Ronald Reagan’s speech to the British Parliament on June 8, 1982, Reagan traveled to Berlin to give a speech in front of the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, June 11, 1982. The purpose of the speech was to accept Leonid Brezhnev’s challenge and to issue a challenge of his own – a competition of ideas and systems (systems of governing) using the provisions of the Helsinki Final Act as the guide for the competition. The Helsinki agreement was signed by President Gerald Ford in 1975.

President Reagan’s Speech at Charlottenburg Palace in West Berlin on June 11, 1982

The “competition” was a declaration of war on regular people – both east and west. The ordinary people were to be the warriors in the competition for our way of life. As Brezhnev said in his speech at the signing of the Helsinki Final Act, the competition was to be carried out as grand policy at a high level.

The following is a video of selected parts of Reagan’s speech at the palace in Berlin with comments added.

Reagan Fooled Us

By 1985, Reagan’s negotiators along with Soviet negotiators completed an agreement on education. It should be noted, that one of Ronald Reagan’s platform issues was the elimination of the Federal Department of Education that had been established during the Carter Administration. It wasn’t obvious at the time, but the agreement with the Soviets would set us on the path we are on today which does in fact eliminate the Department of Education by merging it under the management of the U.S. Department of Labor where the Soviet system of poly-technical education is being implemented.

The General Agreement

Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Contacts, Exchanges and Cooperation in Scientific, Technical, Educational and Cultural and Other Fields

In 1985, the New York Times wrote an article about the plans for exchanges with the Soviets in the field of education and technology.

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