Comey: Elite Fixer – Comey and Mueller: Russiagate’s Mythical Heroes

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FBI Director Comey: Member, HSBC Board – Clinton Foundation and Drug Cartel Money Launderer

March 21, 2017 • Covert Geopolitics • 19 Comments

Now, it can be made clear as to why the FBI Director James Comey had been flip-flopping with his statements regarding the Clintons’ slew of high crimes, i.e. he has multiple conflicts of interest when it comes to investigating the affairs of the latter and the Deep State, at large.

He is deeply involved in their shady enterprise.

FBI Director Comey was board member of HSBC – Clinton Foundation & Drug Cartel ‘bank of choice’

July 23, 2016

21st Century Wire says…

Much has been made recently about the FBI and the Department of Justice letting off favored presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for admittedly mishandling classified information and using her own private email servers to do state business during her time as US Secretary of State. FBI Director James Comey was manning the key choke-point in the decision to not hold Clinton accountable for what so many before her have received convictions for. What many are not aware of is the political and organizational links between Hillary Clinton and James Comey behind the curtain of international high finance.

An argument can be made that FBI Director James Comey has multiple conflicts of interest when it comes to interfacing with the great and the good, and the Clintons in particular. Based on the evidence available to hand – one could easily flag-up Comey’s relationships and past and present involvement with questionable banks, and the Clintons – as a type of conflict of interest (albeit indirect), if not an accessory to institutional corruption, where Comey’s role as a top-level ‘fixer’ is self-evident – fixing outcomes for those members of an elite international club of high finance and organized crime. Could this be the case?

Let’s investigate…

Many are unaware that Comey’s served on the board of banking giant HSBC (‘international drug money clearing house’) before parachuting softly into the head of the FBI in 2013. That’s only the beginning…

Please go to Covert Politics to read the entire article.


Source: Whispers

Via a Reddit post and well worth your time to read:

(photos added as part of this report)

June 10, 2017


There are very few crime/mystery novels that approach this true story for compelling drama, intrigue and brinkmanship (with the nation in the balance).

Don’t believe the fake-media story that Trump made a mistake or huge gaffe by firing Comey.

Don’t believe the media narrative from the left that it was an attempt to silence Comey from some investigation into Trump.

Don’t believe the RINO narrative that Comey is a good guy just trying to do his job in terrible circumstances and the timing was bad.

Don’t believe the lie that Comey was admired and respected by career FBI investigators and agents.

Don’t believe the lie that Trump’s “tweets” are not professional and have no strategic purpose. His tweets are ‘weaponized’ and deadly.

James Comey is a poisonous snake of the highest order… a deep-water Swamp Denizen who has been highly paid to deliberately provide cover for high-level corruption by the Clintons and Obama. He is has been central to trying to destroy the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration from the start. He is as dirty as they come in DC. He had highest-level cover (the FBI no less) and was deep into an effort to eliminate Trump. Trump had to move hard, fast, and at exactly the right time to cut the head off the snake without getting bitten by the snake or being finished by the other swamp denizens.

Begin by noticing how the President fired Comey when Comey was 3,000 miles away from his office, that Comey had no inkling he was being cut, that all his files, computers, and everything in his office were seized by his boss Sessions and the justice department.

Please go to Whispers to read the entire unsavory background on Comey’s involvement in the lawlessness running American institutions.

NSA Whistleblower Sues Comey, 1663

Listen to this testimony being given by James Comey in the clip below then compare it to the final testimony given by Oliver North before congress in the Iran Contra hearings. These types of testimony of deep state criminality can always be seen in the light of making certain the testimony being given is by a “patriotic American” working to protect “America’s patriotic organizations.” These types of public testimony are always boiler plate testimony given by bureaucrats like Comey as “selflessly working for the American people.” One just cannot help but snicker and laugh at the utter contempt these deep state bureaucrats have for the American people when they provide such testimony as this.

Body Language: Comey Hearing

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  • Mueller was sworn in at FBI on Sept 04, 2001 and for twelve years provided criminal cover-up for

    Baby Bush, Cheney, Obombie, Reptillary and Holder….Mueller needs to resign from RussiaGate….

  • “Comey Crimes Confirmed by US Codes” at

  • Dear Friends, Field,

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