Col Russell Williams: Camp Mirage


Hawks CAFE believes that Camp Mirage in the UAE is a base for military and paramilitary acts of sabotage, assassination and deception (EW/ELINT), which allegedly include a contract killing service for investors in the $55 trillion Carbon Disclosure Project set up at 10 Downing Street by Gordon Brown and Ed Balls in December 2000.

Our KSM agents have evidence that recently-arrested Canadian pilot Colonel Russell Williams was the commanding officer for Brown-Balls contract hits who allegedly procured a Bombardier-hosted airborne internet (’Charlotte’s Web’) to co-ordinate the cat-bond bombing of the London Underground 7/7.

Following promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel in June 2004 Williams was appointed Commanding Officer 437 (Transport) Squadron, a post he held for two years, during which time he served for six months as the Commanding Officer Theatre Support Element – Camp Mirage (December 2005 – June 2006).

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Hawks CAFE believes that the Canadian privy councillor Maurice Strong laundered proceeds of crime through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and SNC Lavalin to finance the construction of Camp Mirage—a virtual (online) command center allegedly used by Colonel Williams to coordinate the 9/11 attack on America with illegally-modified Challenger CC144 aircraft.

Our KSM agents have evidence Strong recruited Colonel Williams for a ‘Challenger 9/11’ role through his step-father, Dr Jerry Sovka, one of Canada’s leading nuclear engineers who allegedly helped Strong transfer CANDU technology through SNC Lavalin and Atomic Energy Canada Ltd. in support of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

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