Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) Radio for October 22, 2015

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by C2CSI – Abel Danger

C2CSI – Abel Danger Broadcast for October 22, 2015

Benghazi Betrayal and Disinfo Roth-shill…
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  • My daughter was driving from Littleport and she saw this flash of light and plume of smoke." US Marine Corps pilot killed in F-18 jet crash in Cambridgeshire Fens

  • I think it is fair to say that the MSM is a transparent, spook funded psychological warfare unit for the MI complex. I listened to a live stream of this hearing and watched some of the coverage. There were at least four Congressmen who I thought questioned the witness like seasoned and very effective prosecutors. What was clearly established, in my mind, is the following:
    ——- this was an off the books black op staging ground a cia op with State Dept cover
    —— gun and bomb running/maybe a safe or torture black site
    —— General Ham was fired for rendering aid against orders to stand down
    ——– the annex/consulate begged 600 times for added security in 2011/2012
    ——- Mr.Blume had unfettered access to the SOS but Amb. Stevens did not and she stated she never received his pleas, but she did receive plenty of "intel" from a man the Obama administration had refused to hire, a man with no security clearance. This info was used in pay to play business dealings and coordinated with donations.
    —— she was more concerned with how the mission could create a "clinton doctrine" rather than the safety of lifelong and career foreign service officers.
    ——-they met with Qaeda 48 hours before the attack
    —– she sent an email to her family members stating it was " an al qaeda/ ans al sharia type attack" then they stuck to the "caused by a hateful video" crock of bull.
    ——-on the day of the MURDER of these four men, they begged for help; repeatedly
    ——–the attack lasted nearly 8 hours; plenty of time to send defense reinforcements
    —— Mr. Stevens was tortured in the same manner that Mr Khadaffi was. He was tortured and killed to cover for psychopathic incompetence.
    ——— these folks are psychopathic war criminals
    —— any US citizen who would VOTE for any of these folks IS actually crazier than they are
    This is the level of cognitive dissonance, mind control and brainwashing the people are subjected to. The MSM is as compromised as these CIA cutout manchurians are.

    The all swim in the psychopath greed tank.

    God help the US, people. It is actually scary to contemplate any of these people in the Presidency.

    Pray the FBI investigation moves forward. If the GOP cannot defeat this profoundly compromised operative/self dealing cutout they should permanently self deport. Hell, if this lady is elected, the whole nation and entire population may self deport.