Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) Radio for December 9, 2015

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by C2CSI – Abel Danger

C2CSI – Abel Danger Broadcast for December 9, 2015

Hammond Case: Abuse of Power by BLM

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The Nightmare Unfolding in Oregon – Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Torching Land – Fires Alleged to Have Killed 80 Head of Cattle – Those Who Oppose the BLM and Courts Are Considered “Terrorists”, “Enemy Combatants” and “Billigerents” – Federal Bureaucracies Building Tyrannical Fiefdoms (BLM Budget: $1.2 Billion w/11,600 Employees)? – BLM Brings You “Good Tidings” and Season’s Greetings

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  • the Paris treaty replaces a treaty, amends a treaty, meets very specific instructions from the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations as to what constitutes a climate treaty (Exec. Rept. 102-55, p. 14), contains an international court plainly intended to put us in the dock, automatically renews and tightens with new cuts every five years that are “progressive beyond previous commitments.” It shares every other bodily function of a treaty there it is .