Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) – Update From Plum City – September 5, 2012

Source: presidential field

Update from 221B Baker Street, Plum City
​Plum City – ( – September 5, 2012

1. Our gripping Chapter 4 was published in the last 24 hours (since then 2 more chapters have been published. Chapter 4 reveals the ‘handlers’ behind both Mitt Romney and Barry Soetoro as well as announcing that our Underwater Vehicle Spartacus captured some images on the night of 6 August, 2012, from the bottom of West Okojobi Lake, Iowa, where the registered nurse Jennifer Gallagher was silenced after the British Banker street theaters of Aurora, Colorado and Cudahy, Wisconsin.

2. David Hawkins will be on KTKK radio on 28 August, 2012, to update host Jack Stockwell on issues including the release of Marine Brandon Raub, the upcoming EMP attack on Iran planned by the British Bankers through their proxy-nation Israel. Field and David will be on the usual time 1400-1700 EDT on Wednesdays. We will go live immediately in event of any nuclear, HAARP or EMP event in US, UK or Iran in the period between now and January 20, 2013, the END OF AN ERROR. Also you can access the broadcast at

3. Abel Danger cocktail glasses on sale soon at To view the 16 ounce LPR glass and understand that the Dangerette pictured is not included in the sales price but a private treaty between the purchasers and the lady in the glass can easily be created in Chapter 5, Book 9. A set of 4 Abel Danger glasses will be $24 + S&H

4. In Chapter 4 we showed our hand in the Man-in-the-Middle involving the Muslim-Marine_Mormon In Chapter 5 Abel Danger Ass sets modify NSA Bluffdale, turn Hurricane Isaac away from the 1966 Imperial Crown at MacDill AFB, reveal what Jennifer Gallagher heard in the ER after the Aurora G4S-Florence street theater, and Agent Vani drags Chips into the back seat to remain BVR ( beyond visual range ) from snoops near Eagle Sky Christian entrapment center. Chapter 6 went up today and can be found here

Abel Danger: Leaderless Global Network Uncovering Crimes Against Humanity
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