Climate Sceptic Vladimir Putin to Attend Paris Summit – Did Spectre of Serco Persuade Vladimir Putin to Attend the Paris Summit on Climate Change? – If Vladimir Putin Exposes the Fraud of Climate Change in Paris Will There be an Assassination Attempt?

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Activists/world leaders, Cop 20 in Lima, 2014. 
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08 Nov 2015

Long-time climate change sceptic Vladimir Putin will attend the UN climate summit in Paris starting November 30th. But the president’s pledge for emission cuts is “inadequate”, according to scientific analysis.

France to restore border checks for climate meet (06 Nov 15)

Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the November 30th opening of a UN summit in Paris tasked with producing a climate rescue pact, France’s top diplomat said Sunday.

More than 100 heads of state and government have confirmed they will attend, including “the president of the United States, the premier of China, the president of Russia…,” Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told journalists.

Russia, a major oil producer, is seen as a deal-maker or breaker in the years-long attempt to negotiate the world’s first truly universal pact to rein in global warming by curbing climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions. Russia is the fifth biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world, after China, the United States, the European Union and India, according to the US think tank the World Resources Institute.

Under Putin’s rule, Russia has been sceptical towards attempts to tackle climate change.

In March, Moscow pledged a possible cut of 25-30 percent in emissions by 2030 from 1990 levels – but made it conditional on the outcome of the negotiations and on the pledges of other “major emitters”. The country’s pledge has been rated “inadequate” by the Climate Action Tracker, an analysis tool developed by four research bodies.

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  • I have 2 Agree with SIR V Putin..I like this Gentleman in spite of what other may think..He has been SMEARED by the jews and jealous, evil, american crook politicians..The media has tried 2 ruin this fine Man..He comes from very humble beginnings..He CARES about the People of Russia not the power and money..YES its true..

  • NOAA has failed to provide climate study DATA that has been subpoenaed by Congress – WHY? Does the data conflict with the "Global Warming/Climate Change hoax? "The problem with climate science is that the robust data that should backup the alarming conclusions of the establishment are not there. In fact the robust data show no link between man-made CO2 and global temperature. To be sure, propagandists are forever promoting natural climate variations as “proof.” But these are merely proof that our climate continues to cycle in response to natural forces, as it always has".

  • This is an interesting note about the NOAA and their failure to reveal any climate study data. Thank you for sharing.