Cleaning the Convoluted Mess Up In Syria

Ed.’s note: These are the images (also shown in article published below) of the US PMC (Private Military Contractor) Castle International being shown from Eastern Syria. The US private military contractors are training YPG/PKK (changed the name to “people’s protection units”) members fighting against ISIS (see patches: YPG patches on Castle International mercenary gear). American mercenaries are training Kurdish left-wing terrorist guerrillas. Definitely a very strange set of circumstances what is turning into complete disarray in Syria. The US is not only supplying weapons, munitions and logistics to terrorists operating in the region who are being trained by US PMCs, there are now reports drones being operated by proxy terrorists in Syria are using “western technology.” Everybody wants first dibs on killing terrorists in Syria including the Russians.

US sent 30,000 trucks of arms to Kurds in northern Syria: Erdogan

MAJOR: Syrian People Hold Massive Rallies Against US-Backed Militias, Call For Expulsion Of SDF From Deir Ezzor

MAJOR: Russia Says Terrorist Drones In Syria Are Made With Western Technologies

3 Russian Soldiers Killed in Syria – Military Source

Germany’s Leopard 2 Tank in Syria Was Beaten Badly in Battle. Why? 

Despite Turkey’s warnings, the US continues training and providing logistics to the YPG/PKK. American-based think tanks like the Brookings Institute have been putting out policy papers for years on the creation of Kurdistan. Something Turkey will not tolerate on its border. Circumstances become even more convoluted when Fort Russ has reported that Turkey’s Erdogan was responsible for creating the conditions that made YPG possible. Turkey has had a very long relation with terrorist groups operating in Syria probably on behalf of the US.

ANTONOPOULOS Tells Ex-AKP Politician That Erdogan Created YPG In Syria (VIDEO)

US CENTCOM general, envoy meet with top YPG terrorist in Syria

There are far more serious connections to what is happening in Northern Syria to Israel that have been analyzed better from different sources.

‘NYT’ says Netanyahu influences White House because he can ‘sway US public opinion’ (and never mentions Adelsons)

How Syria Defeated the 2012-2019 Invasion by US and Al-Qaeda

Recent Israeli Attacks “Significantly Weakened” Syria’s Air-Defense Systems

As to be expected UK intelligence working through the UK’s The Guardian puts out fake news on Syra:

Russia and Syria step up airstrikes against civilians in Idlib

The terrorist proxies operating in Syria for over ten years have constructed entire elaborate underground cities documented by ANNA News:

Edited report from a source in Syria:

According to AleppoMC (Aleppo Media Center), on September 4 at around 2 a.m. during a night raid, pro-Turkish militants from the National Liberation Front (NLF) came within to the security perimeters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) operating in the northeastern Idlib governorate. US PMC Castle International mercenaries were operating alongside the SDF. In the resulting fight it is being reported several Castle International mercenaries were killed. The purpose of their mission was not entirely clear.

Several activists report that Turkish proxies are suffering heavy losses resulting from land mines. This information was also confirmed by (Kurdish television channel focusing on Kurds) and the Suqour al-Sham (anti-Syrian government militant organization) press office. The latter equally recognized that two militants, including Jahya Hamid and Abdullah Hasan Zinedin, were killed and seven others were severely wounded.

The representatives from three various Turkish-backed proxy militant groups numbered at least 27 fighters who attempted to attack SDF and the PMC fortifications. Castle International has been training and supporting the Kurds. The offensive failed due to land mines planted by the defenders supposedly by PMC-placed land mines around the area, reports al-Wataniya al-Tahrir.

Also involved in the clashes, several SDF-fighters were killed as well as six Castle International mercenaries either wounded or killed. The exact number of casualties is unknown. Local social media activists reported at least one tactical group numbering nine fighters were killed. This tactical group were covering the withdrawal of others.

Castle International has refused to comment on the circumstances. The PMC has been supporting and training Kurdish militants since at least 2018. Anadolu news agency published information on the close ties between Castle International and these Kurdish militants. Ankara considers the YPG as a branch of the prohibited PKK and counteracts their militancy any way possible including using proxies in Idlib, Syria.

As al-Wataniya al-Tahrir has suffered heavy losses, most likely its media wing spread fake news to motivate further attacks on the SDF. Al-Wataniya al-Tahrir (called the “National Liberation Front”) has previously been exposed for putting out fake news.


Source: Yeni Safak

US sends Castle International mercenaries to fight alongside YPG/PKK in Syria

The US works with Castle International, a giant in the international military services marketplace

September 17, 2018 | By Yeni Şafak

Washington has continued to support the YPG/PKK despite Turkey’s warnings.

Mercenaries hired by the United States to fight as part of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), a Syrian offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror group, have been exposed.

It has been found that the U.S. works with Castle International, an American giant in the international military services marketplace, in Syria. Washington has continued to support the YPG/PKK despite Turkey’s warnings.

Specialized in aviation and medical support, Castle International mercenaries are employed by the U.S. in order to fight alongside YPG/PKK terrorists in Syria. Castle International’s social media accounts posted photographs of heavily armed commandos fighting and training beside YPG/PKK terrorists, Turkish newspaper Vatan reported.

Uniforms emblazoned with YPG symbol

The article says that heavily armed commandos from the Castle International Special Projects Group (CISPG) with YPG symbols on their uniforms posed for a photograph shared on Castle International’s social media accounts.

The post dated May 23 was captioned: “Why does the CISPG trust these defense personnel [YPG]? It’s simple. Because we know you work and we promise to stand by you.”

Photographs of soldiers wearing YPG symbols were evaluated by experts on military forums, who say that the troops could be hired by the Pentagon to serve the terror group.

Please go to Yeni Safak to read the entire article.


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were on loud speakers telling the criminal “rebels” from south to west Aleppo to either surrender immediately or they would all eventually be killed. The SAA wasn’t kidding. Look at the clip below.

This is alleged to be a senior ISIS member Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad (aka Abu Ref’a) who was arrested in a special operation by CT units (basically Syrian police) in Deir al-Zour. The jihadist has been hiding among civilians in the region for a while. Wonder if the US recognizes him? We thank to the people living in the region who helped the CT unit facilitate the operation and this criminal’s arrest.

This video from a trench near Tamanah in Idlib, Syria. This was a great hit. Probably a mortar round. Amazing the smart phone video camera was retrieved and this clip posted to YouTube.

I’m just another soldier boy…looking for work…looking for war…my rifle is my friend…ready for warthat’s where the money flows.…”

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