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Ed. note: There may be differences of opinion concerning Jonathan Roth’s talk on how the US might possibly be headed towards civil war. As Roth points out, whenever the topic of “civil war” comes up, social media comes alive, so it is a very real topic on most people’s minds. It can no longer be denied America is run by oligarchs. The left-right political solidification is intentional and can at some point lead to violence like we’ve already seen. This type of social tension cannot continue in its present agitated form without addressing. It’s built into the political system. The media only amplifies the division whenever the opportunity presents itself.

When violence does break out, those oligarchs and powerful corporate interests standing behind both democrat and republican political parties will lose very little. And then we are faced with the Israeli lobby controlling much of the political process in Washington as the following Intercept article discusses.

Pro-Israel Lobby Caught on Tape Boasting That Its Money Influences Washington

Russian Oligarchs are a Problem, But Let’s Not Forget American Ones

Know Your Oligarch: A Guide to the Jewish Billionaires in the Trump-Russia Probe

Watch these “liberals” and “conservatives” (pro-Trump) react towards each other in the clip below. Don’t make any decision based on emotions of what you observe in this clip. Using a strictly clinical observation about these students in physical confrontation with each other and consider how easily they have been manipulated out of their university classrooms onto the streets in confrontation. If they can be so easily set off like this, imagine for a moment if real violence broke out and they were armed, how indiscriminately they would shoot people without hesitation. They are weaponized ideologues acting on intense emotion. The students in this clip below are solidified in their political views. For them there is no other option but violence – a final act of desperation.

The following is the VICE (VICE shilling for a “civil war”?) documentary done in 2016 called “A House Divided” Jonathan Roth mentioned in his presentation posted above. The quote that Roth mentions in his presentation appears at the end of this film referring to the politic system in America as being “toxic” and if it can be changed. The quote is: “That’s why I’m telling people I’m going to go to New Zealand and buy 15 acres somewhere then sell off 14, so if you want to buy an acre let me know.”

The point is, why do Americans think the US empire won’t fail when the quote suggests the political system can’t be changed? That quote was by Frank Luntz, and he’s no lightweight when it comes to his views on the subjects presented in this VICE film. With crippling corruption and a political system that cannot be changed our collective prospects for a Trump-inspired American future looks bleak.


Source: The National Sentinel

Surprise! The ‘most corrupt’ cities in the U.S. are run by Democrats (and have been for a LONG time)

February 12, 2019 in corruption, Democrats, U.S. National // 1 Comment

Four of the top five cities in the country rated as the “most corrupt” are run by Democrats, according to a new study, and what’s more, they’ve been in Democratic hands for years.

Chicago is the No. 1 most corrupt city in America followed by Los Angeles, according to a new report from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

The study was based “on the number of federal corruption convictions between 1976 and 2017,” CBS Chicago reported.

The Windy City had 1,731 convictions during that time period, while the Central District of California had 1,534. Meanwhile, the Manhattan area had 1,327 and while Miami had 1,165, according to the report. Washington, D.C. had 1,159 (Note: Miami’s mayor is Francis Suarez who is a registered Republican, but the Office of Mayor is officially non-partisan; he was preceded by another registered Republican, Tomás P. Regalado).

CBS Chicago noted further:

Drawing information from the Department of Justice, the report shows 25 public figures were convicted of charges tied to corruption in 2017 in the City of Chicago and the northern third of Illinois. 2017 was the most recent year for which the DOJ data was available, the report says.

Please go to The National Sentinel to read the entire article.



Russian buyers shelled out $109M in cash for Trump properties in Sunny Isles, New York

How is it we have come to the point in our history where one human being, so we’re led to think, has control over like in Bill Gates’ case, $93.3 billion in wealth?

The 10 Richest People in America

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