City-State Conversion Planning

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By Vicky Davis • November 25, 2018

Between 1990 and September 11, 2001, the Berlin Wall came down, East and West Germany were reunited, the Soviet Union collapsed and the former states reorganized into the Commonwealth of Independent States. In the United States, a media campaign of terror concerning the Year 2000 was waged against the American people concerning all of the potential disasters that could befall us at the second of the year 2000 date rollover. We had the 1993 terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center. The bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. The terrorist bomb at the Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. There was the media circus of Wall Street while they engaged in stock trading fraud during the boom followed by the bust when the show ended. The “irrational exuberance” was probably due to the U.S. Senate agreeing to create the World Trade Organization in 1995 opening up our country to be looted while they were dreaming of selling technology and software into a global market. It was a decade of chaos, terror, terror, terror and grand theft country.

Different Visions of the World

It’s safe to say that the international finance and banking community (IFBC) have a very different view of the world than people who live and work on the ground. The IFBC’s vision was that nation-state borders were a hindrance to business so when the Berlin Wall came down leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the establishment of the independent states, from their point of view, it was time to reorganize the political structures of the world – ending the nation-state system. The replacement for the nation-state is the “market-state”.

The market-state is simply a euphemism for a territory with commercial regions managed by regional soviets comprised of corporations and universities with nominal participation by legacy government representatives that serve more as a facade to give the illusion of legitimacy and to be front-men for the agenda.

The commercial regions are city-states – population centers that become the political centers of power for administration of the region. They call it market-based governance but it really is just plain old fascism – corporatism for the wealthy and communism for the poor. There have been many books written about the ideas of market-based governance but to this writer’s knowledge, none of them have been written in the context that they should have been written. The book below in particular fits with the discussion here because the authors were both from Harvard University. The JFK School of Government was central to the strategic planning for the demise of our nation-state. They used the prestige of the university and their privileged position in the society to sell the ideas of sedition and treason in highfalutin academic language.

With the understanding that the strategic objective of globalization was the end of nation-states with the new centers of power being the major cities of the world, it’s then possible to begin to understand the conversion maneuvers to usurp the power of elected, representative government.



Colleges & Universities as Community Builders and Managers; In-filling for population (tax base) shortages in rural communities to build “the market” for the regional economy, exporting inner city dwellers to the suburbs to be able to more fully exploit valuable inner city property to increase the city tax base. [ Because of the connection to George Soros via the Metropolis Project connected with refugee resettlement, the possibility must be considered that the inner city populations being re-located to rural areas along with massive numbers of so-called refugees that aren’t really refugees, may actually be covert occupation forces because the conversion of our system of government is by definition – treason. ]

City-State Conversion

In 1998, the Brookings Institute sponsored an event titled The State of Cities. One of the participants, Camille Barnett spoke very frankly about the conversion to the new system of political organization around the concept of sustainable city-states:

Camille Barnett City-States

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