City of London Creation White Helmets Exposed in Syria

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In the past couple of weeks there have been a series of provocations by the City of London bankers in response to the defeat of their ISIS and Jabat Al-Nusra mercenaries in both Iraq & Syria.

First, a Russian Sukhoi-25 was shot down near Idlib, where US and Israeli- backed YPG Kurds are being routed by the Turks. Three days ago a Turksh helicopter was shot down by the YPG near Afrin. Later that same day an Israeli F-16 fighter was shot down by a Syrian anti-aircraft battery.

On Sunday a Russian passenger plane with 71 people on board crashed near Moscow. Though the corporate media swiftly blamed the crash on pilot error, Russian President Vladimir Putin was concerned enough about the crash that he changed a scheduled meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday from Gaza to a Moscow venue.

Today RT reports that Russia’s Center for Reconciliation in Syria was warned that Jabat Al-Nusra terrorists have brought chlorine containers into the village of Serakab, [AD note: One tactic being used by terrorists is they will haul in large containers of chemicals including chlorine and place these containers inside buildings being targeted by the Syrian Air force and possibly the Russians. When the buildings are hit unknown to the Syrians and the Russians, these chemicals are hit. The terrorists can then declare the Syrian Air Force are dropping chemical munitions.] where they will coordinate with the White Helmets to stage a “provocation”, presumably a chemical attack that they can blame on Syria.

In October the US State Department finally admitted that Al-Nusra Front militants have been using chemical weapons in their terrorist attacks in Syria. Russia’s Defense Ministry noted this acknowledgment, which was linked to a similar provocation in April 2017 in Khan Shaykhun.

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Source: RT News

Tip-off received on Al-Nusra, White Helmets plotting chemical weapons provocation in Syria – Moscow

FILE PHOTO: Fighters from Islamist Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra. © Hosam Katan / Reuters

February 13, 2018

Russia’s Center for Reconciliation in Syria says it’s been warned that Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists brought in chlorine containers to a local village, where they aimed to work with the White Helmets to stage “a provocation.”

Late on Monday, the center received a phone call from a resident of the village of Serakab in Idlib province about the planned incident.

According to the source, on the afternoon of February 12, rebels from the Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) terrorist organization brought three cars packed with more than 20 cylinders of chlorine along with personal protective equipment to Serakab.

Additionally, according to the caller, representatives of the local branch of the White Helmets, wearing individual means of protection, conducted rehearsals of “giving first aid” to “local residents” who were supposedly suffering from poisoning.

The information received from the Idlib resident raised a red flag for members of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria.

According to the center, this indicates that Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists along with the White Helmets are plotting another “provocation” with the use of poisonous substances in Idlib province, aimed at accusing the Syrian authorities of using chemical weapons against local residents.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in October that the notorious Idlib chemical incident in April, which was used by the US as a pretext to strike Syria’s Shayrat Airbase, might have been staged.

Presenting photographic evidence of a crater from the scene of the chemical incident, the head of the Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mikhail Ulyanov, told a UN briefing that the bomb which dispersed the deadly chemical agent was most likely detonated on the ground and not on impact from a Syrian airstrike. “Most likely, an improvised explosive device was located on the surface,” Ulyanov said.

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Source: Sputnik

Warehouses With Israeli-Produced Weapons Discovered in Deir ez-Zor – Reports

February 13 , 2018

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Syrian government army units have discovered warehouses with weapons and ammunition, including those produced in Israel while patrolling areas in Deir Ez-Zor liberated from Daesh terrorist group (outlawed in Russia), the SANA news agency reported.

The warehouses with a huge amount of rockets, mortars, tank shells and other ammunition were discovered in Al Boukamal and Al Mayadin areas, according to the Syrian state-run news agency. The weapons reportedly were produced in Israel.

A source told the media outlet that in one of the tunnels in the al-Sbikhan village to the east of al-Mayadin, the army units found a factory for manufacturing shells and explosives as well as barrels with a strange essence that could be used for manufacturing toxic substances.

Israel and Syria, which have a very embittered relations recently, and have a long history of troublesome controversies over the Golan Heights, have repeatedly exchanged fire, with the latest incident taking place in February.

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The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct

Syria White Helmets: Humanitarians or “Executioners”?

Western reports are obscure and mostly fake or false on this big bold brave American artillery and air assault on Syria which claimed to have “killed over 100 Russian mercenaries.” 22 (probably many more killed mostly civilians) Popular Defense Forces (PDC) were killed including civilians. Most of these alternative news sites simple parrot what is being circulated on the internet and do not verify news reports. In this sense, they aren’t worth much as far as actual news is concerned. The American attack hit essentially a convoy and surrounding area. The brave Americans killed scores of Syrian civilians in this attack who were being escorted by the PDF back home. There were an unknown number of Russian mercenaries contracted out to the Syrian government who are working with the PDC who were also killed. A more accurate report can be read here:




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