City & Guilds Game – amazing parallels – understanding the rules of the game – devious options and decisions

Note: Abel Danger, Hawks Cafe and Captain Sherlock are cordially inviting all members of the association of forensic economists to play a ‘game’ with us called City & Guilds. While ‘playing this game’ you will discover sextortion networks, fraudulent bordereaux insurance scams, snuff film networks and a highly motivated group of woman who appear to be bent on destroying the hetero-patriarchal world that has served the world fairly well for 6000 years. We would suggest that this is a real slap in the face to the fathers of these women who seem to have little in common other than blind ambition, greed, non-natural lifestyles and submissive husbands and/or “partners.”

If the crest below is observed carefully it can be seen that the crown slipped over the sword, which implies the continuity of an organization – allegedly a RICO of Crown Agents Sisters – which uses illegally-delegated authority to hire international Arbitrators and hit teams to whack rivals, whistleblowers and enemies and undress (?) crime scenes.

Source: City & Guilds

City & Guilds board game

“As the streets and blocks of a medieval city are built up with the various guilds’ buildings, players will want to speculate in supporting the more successful guilds, but also to invest in their buildings themselves. A clever tile-laying game, City and Guilds present players with devious options and decisions.”

Description from the publisher, JKLM Games.

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