Christian-Zionists Led by a Rabbi – Just What We Need

Ed. note: No, this is not what Christians should be doing. We really need to stop these millions of Judaics, Christians and Mohammedans all projecting their “end times” eschatology on this temple manifestation. Christian-Zionists in America need to be dismantled starting with John Hagee’s outfit. Rabbi Marc Schneier who has gone through five wives is trying to build a pro-Israel alliance with Christian-Zionists. Christian-Zionists in America are the largest financial contributors to Israel with Hagee’s outfit having direct ties to the Israeli Knesset (see links below). Come on American Christians, say again, American-Christians, we can do better than this. And be sure to read through the second linked article. And remember, you’re not a “white American”, you’re an American.

Rabbi with 5 ex-wives, and a new fling, finally gets Hamptons boot

Roche’s Revenge: How Jews See Muslims as “Natural Allies” in Their War on Whites

Source: The Times of Israel

Rabbi leads US evangelicals in Azerbaijan visit to nurture Israel ties

Interfaith mission meets president, who announces first-ever Jewish cultural center to be built in capital Baku, complete with kosher food and hotel

By Aya Batrawy • March 7, 2019

The Bibi Heybat Mosque in Baku, Azerbaijan, March 3, 2006. (Mikhail Metzel/AP)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A group of evangelical pastors from the US visited the predominantly Muslim Shiite nation of Azerbaijan to promote interfaith dialogue and highlight cooperation with Israel, with pastors saying Thursday the visit has already challenged their views about the potential for coexistence in America’s polarized landscape.

New York-based Rabbi Marc Schneier, who led the evangelical delegation, told The Associated Press from the capital of Baku that this was the first ever Christian evangelical delegation to visit Azerbaijan.

Most of Azerbaijan’s population of 10 million are Shiite but it’s also home to Sunnis, Christians and around 30,000 Jews, said the rabbi. The country shares borders with both Iran and Russia.

The group, which included 12 US pastors, met President Ilham Aliyev, the foreign minister, Muslim sheikhs, local church leaders, and Israel’s ambassador.

Schneier said Aliyev announced during the delegation’s visit that the country’s first-ever Jewish cultural center would be built in Baku with Kosher dining options and a hotel to accommodate Jewish guests.

Please go to The Times of Israel to read the entire article.



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John Nelson Darby weaponizes Dispensationalism creating Christian-Zionism. If you care and are concerned then work to get Americans out of this dispensationalist quagmire.

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