Christian-Zionism Is Dying In America – John Nelson Darby: Rothschild Agent

Ed. note: It looks as though US hegemony in the Middle East is ending just as US Christian-Zionist evangelist John Hagee is aging. It might be Jentezen Franklin is being groomed to take over this Christian-Zionist operation of Hagee’s known as Christians United for Israel (CUI). Jentezen Franklin says, “there are thousands of holocaust survivors who are homeless in Israel.” We sure would like to get positive confirmation of this considering millions and millions of dollars have been paid out in reparations to holocaust survivors. All the while there are thousands of homeless Americans surviving on the streets of America. Will Franklin continue on with John Darby’s (the brotherhood) corruption of Christianity with unquestioned servitude to Israel? As readers will see this corruption has led to disaster in America with Vice President Mike Pence being the epitome of this Christian-Zionist toxic concoction traced back to John Darby.

It is incomprehensible Christians in America holding these Christian-Zionist views and erroneous beliefs told to them through the likes of evangelicals like John Hagee and Jentezen Franklin, while Israel is banning Arab parties from voting on April 19th in Israel. Not only is Israel banning Arab parties (pro-Palestinian) from voting, but also liberal Jewish, pro-Palestinian rights candidates. How do John Hagee and Jentezen Franklin view Israel’s Benjamin Netenyahu claiming Israel is only for Jews? Maybe America should claim “America is only for Christians”, only detached from this Zionist criminal conspiracy? America is now breaking out into full public discourse of Israel controlling American foreign policy and Washington not liking in the least its Muslim Arabs taking pride in their heritage or opposing Israel’s occupation.

Franklin is fully behind Israel and adheres to old testament books in the bible, something we’ve reported on as being a book of war. As American influence in the Middle East comes to an end, Franklin is going to find it increasingly difficult to promote this abomination which is borderline criminal of Christian-Zionism in churches across America. The Old Testament (also known as the Jewish Tanakh) is the first 39 books in most Christian Bibles. Written Torah is often referred to as the “Tanakh“, which is an acrostic (a poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words) of Torah, Nevi’im (“spokespersons” or “prophets”) and Ketuvim (“writings”).

If you claim to be a “Christian” you would probably be doing yourself an immense service by reading the following essay then reestablishing your connection to Christianity after jettisoning this historical conveyor belt of religious social engineering going back to John Darby who was an agent of the Rothschild clan.

Source: James Perloff

The War on Christianity, Part II: The Abomination and Blasphemy of Christian Zionism

Foreword: This post is long. It is long because Christian Zionism is based on a multitude of lies. The bigger the onion, the more the layers we are forced to peel off. I should also note that my paternal ancestors were Russian Jews (see photo below, taken about 1900). My great-grandfather’s name was Abraham Perlovsky. People who criticize Zionism are frequently accused of being motivated by anti-Semitism. As I’m half-Jewish myself, let me be clear that nosuch feelings impel me. I am unequivocally opposed to racism in any form.

Part 1 of this series explored how the Rockefellers were instrumental in orchestrating the Modernist movement, assaulting every fundamental doctrine of Christianity, for the long-range ecumenical purpose of absorbing it into a one-world religion. The Fundamentalist movement rejected Modernism, intending to stand by the faith’s original tenets.

Unfortunately, as we will now see, Fundamentalism was itself infiltrated and hijacked, consistent with the Rothschild strategy of funding both sides of wars. Fundamentalist churches were targeted to enlist their support for the Zionist agenda. The two principal agents in this scheme were John Nelson Darby (1800-1882) and Cyrus Scofield (1843-1921). What Darby planted, Scofield watered and disseminated. The theology they developed served the agenda by making several claims:

• God wanted the Jews to return to, and take over, Palestine.
• God has two plans of salvation—one through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the other a guarantee reserved for Jews, his “Chosen People.”
• Christians should not involve themselves in politics, education, business or the arts, as these are “worldly” matters that should be left in the hands of “worldly” people. (The consequences of this doctrine are very visible in American culture today.)
• God deals with mankind differently during different historical time frames or “dispensations,” of which there are seven. The current one, “Grace” under Jesus Christ, is merely the sixth of the seven dispensations.
• The Christian Church is doomed to inevitable failure, which will bring the Dispensation of Grace to a close.
• The end of this dispensational age will be marked by the Tribulation—worldwide persecution under the Antichrist for a period of seven years; however, Christians need not concern themselves with this, since Jesus will “Rapture” believers off the Earth and they won’t be around to experience it.
• Earth will then experience a Jewish era; Jewish ritualistic animal sacrifices will be reinstituted; Jesus will reign for a thousand years from Solomon’s rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

These doctrines, whose main outcome was “Christian Zionism,” might seem boring to atheists and agnostics, but they are nonetheless exceedingly relevant to the state of the world. They are espoused by celebrity-status theologians like Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson and John Hagee, in the best-selling Left Behind book series, and are prevailing views in many conservative evangelical churches. Without these ideas being sweepingly disseminated, there might have been no Israeli state created in 1948, no 9/11, and no Middle East wars.

The Context

Before proceeding, I’m aware that some readers may be visiting this website for the first time, so I’ll take a moment to “begin at the beginning.” The United States, and much of the world itself, is run by an incalculably wealthy oligarchy known as, among other names, the Illuminati. The trappings of “democracy” are an illusion; the oligarchy operates behind the scenes, choosing presidents and prime ministers long before the public goes to the polls. It owns and controls the central banks, most of the “Fortune 500” corporations, and the mainstream media (CNN, Fox, BBC, etc.), the latter being crucial to keeping the agenda, and the oligarchy itself, concealed from public awareness. It coordinates its global policies through international organizations such as the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and an upper, exclusive level of Freemasonry. The cabal’s highest identifiable human center is the Rothschild banking dynasty. But the oligarchy is not only about materialistic matters such as money and power; like the universe itself, it possesses a spiritual dimension: its outlook is satanic, which largely accounts for Western culture’s rapid moral descent.

I cannot document and prove these claims in one paragraph, but I can in a book, which is why I wrote Truth Is a Lonely Warrior. The ultimate goal of the Illuminati is a world government. Regional blocs like the European Union and NAFTA (intended to become a North American Union) are stepping stones toward this end. The world government will be ruled by a dark figure whom the Bible calls the “beast” or “Antichrist.” The book of Revelation says he will have “authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.” The capital of this evil world government will be Jerusalem, a city revered by Christians, Muslims and Jews alike, to be centered in Greater Israel. It was for this purpose that:

• the Rothschilds committed their fortune to the Zionist movement, beginning no later than 1829;
• Theodor Herzl began hosting the World Zionist congresses in Basle, Switzerland in 1897;
• the British government was persuaded to issue the Balfour Declaration to Lord Walter Rothschild in 1917, promising the Zionists “establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people” in exchange for the Zionists bringing America into World War I on Britain’s side.

However, Zionist seizure of Palestine could not have occurred without the consent and cooperation of the world’s Christian community. Given the centuries-old conflict between Jews and Christians, it was necessary to remold Christian theology to accommodate the Rothschild plan. Cyrus Scofield and his reference Bible came on the scene for this express purpose.

Darby Plants the Seeds

Before examining Scofield’s life, we should note a little about John Nelson Darby, the principle figure from whom Scofield borrowed his Biblical analysis. Darby was a Satanist, Freemason and agent of the Rothschild-owned British East India Company,1 the latter being the most powerful multinational corporation of its day and the supplier that turned millions of Chinese into opium addicts. Darby’s family owned Leap Castle, renowned as the most sinister and occult castle in Ireland’s history.

Darby became a leader of a Christian sect called the Plymouth Brethren (named for Plymouth, England, where its most popular gatherings were held). He is generally credited with originating the “Secret Rapture” doctrine and made several trips to America to spread his ideas.

Darby used many terms in common with occult Theosophists—he referred to Jesus as “the coming one” (same term New Agers use for the Antichrist); referred to God as the “architect” (same phrase employed by Freemasons, meaning “God” for the uninitiated, “Lucifer” to true adepts); and many other occult phrases, as summarized in this article.

Darby even penned his own satanic version of the Bible. The Illuminati have always known they could not perform a wholesale transformation of the Bible, because it would be recognized as such and rejected. Therefore the approach through the centuries has been to whittle it away: a word here, a phrase there—the universal strategy of boiling the frog.

Darby slyly introduced satanic wording into the Biblical text. For example, in the King James rendering of John 6:69, Peter told Jesus: “And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.” Darby rendered this: “And we have believed and known that thou art the holy one of God.” “Holy one of God” is a title used for Jesus only by demons in the King James. For a comprehensive review of Darby’s satanic mistranslations, see the article John Nelson Darby Version: Doctrinal Changes to the Holy Bible.

Please go to James Perloff to read the entire article.



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