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Recently, a story about a special chip “the size of a grain of rice” that China allegedly put in countless electronic items to spy on everyone made the MSM rounds. Perhaps a few dolts in alt media also ran this. I have been thinking of a perfect way to debunk this crap. I have it.

If this spy chip is in your iPhone, then whoever produced the story will have it identified and be able to tell you the part designation and where it is on the circuit board. A part “the size of a grain of rice” is an ENORMOUS part for an iPhone; all parts except for the main processor are smaller than a grain of rice, and a grain of rice is much thicker than any circuit board in an iPhone, so it ought to be pretty easy to find. But you won’t find it because the story is a hoax.

The story was fabricated by an electronics ignoramus who thought, “gee, a grain of rice is small, so I’ll just say that’s how big it is”. But the reality is that many parts in modern electronics are so small you can fit 50 in a grain of rice – surface mount resistors, diodes, and fuses are all a LOT smaller than a grain of rice – but since the story is bullshit, written by a bullshitter, “a grain of rice” will do. Whoever wrote it said that because it gave the impression of being small enough to be hidden. In an iPhone, a grain of rice could never be hidden: a grain of rice is bigger than a 1/4 watt resistor; you would not keep that hidden in even a 1970s vintage 8-track player.

So why would a B.S. spew be fronted about a “Chinese spy chip” at this point in time? ANSWER OBVIOUS:

Because the Jews, mainly via engineering departments based in Israel, made the main processors in everything – “Chinese spy chips” being a misdirection away from Israel. They are not Chinese in origin; they exist at the heart of every CPU made now, in the form of a second processor running a second root operating system that forms the basic nervous system in any device that has a screen. The backdoors are all held by Israel and perhaps a couple of American intelligence agencies. Now that Trump is making headway, they are afraid of being held accountable for bugging the living shit out of everything from a root hardware level and are trying to push the blame off on China before it all explodes.

China cannot design a processor of their own well enough to get the bugs out of copies they try to make of ours. China cannot design a spy chip; they are not there in technology yet, and if they did design such a chip, we are back to the “grain of rice” scenario: they’d NEVER keep it hidden in even production run 1, version 1.0.

The original “Chinese spy chip” report talked all about how they got them into American military hardware. Why is it only iPhones and Amazon now? Obvious answer: Because attempting to pass off a hardware bug in military hardware that anyone could just look at and discover was patent bullshit, and someone called it.

You cannot put a second processor on any circuit board without its being noticed.

It’s not about just the chip, it’s about additional circuit board runs, power supply paths, the whole 9 yards: the Chinese chip story is BULLSHIT. They would never get even the first unit fired up in a secret area of the U.S. government.

Fact: Anything China makes that America uses in military and government applications is done via specific designs that have to be followed. An additional part, especially one that would require many additional circuit board runs as all chips do, would get noticed before any such hardware arrived in an American port. The Chinese spy chip story is BOGUS.

This morning’s press conference about China Russia Iran attack hacking garbage, in conjunction with a huge “exposé” about a “secret chip” China put in everything to spy on us, is laying the groundwork for war against China and Russia. Do not fall for it.

What they are doing with this is using totally compromised Google, Faceplant, and others to gauge public opinion and see if people forgot that Israel is the real culprit in all of this; and if people sufficiently forget and blame China for the hacks that are now in everything, it will be a green light they will use to front the war against China and Russia they always wanted, but never had public support for.

This would be the war America loses, and they would lose it on purpose, obviously after they made good and sure it was long and drawn-out and trashed everything. Trump had better wake up about this and realize they are attempting to use him to destroy himself and the nation after their efforts to destroy America through the political system hit a “Trump” iceberg.

Plan A is failing, so they are off to plan B: to destroy America by blowing everything up.

BIG HACK??!!?? Yes, the news is full of how “China used a tiny chip to infiltrate America”. How about the real news? Israel used the BIG CHIP to infiltrate America.

So while they use China as a distraction, Israel rapes, then cuts the hands and head off the victim, then offers the remains to SATAN and will one day have a holiday over it. Yes, they are doing a GREAT job of using their media to push it all off on China right now. The spying problem is ISRAEL, not China!!!



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