China Includes Afghanistan in Belt & Road Initiative as John Bolton Prepares Daesh and MEK for Iran While America Fails at the Khyber Pass

Ed. note: The geopolitics going on here looks as though the US military was used to bring down Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Iraq beginning in 2003. The US military strategy in Iraq never had a strategy other than to create as much chaos in Iraq as possible to destabilize the country. If Iraq is called a success, Camp Bucca was a success which turned out to be a school for Daesh and ISIS Jihadists. Grafted on to the Muslim Brotherhood wing of NATO. America has appeared to have played its geopolitical role as it is kicked out of these countries which ultimately humiliates America. China and Russia will move into the region as these two countries are now seen as bringing stability for China’s Belt & Road Initiative.

If there is “disunity of command and lack of political foresight” on the part of the US concerning Afghanistan, it becomes even more confusing as “US Special Forces illegally stationed in Syria exfiltrated thousands of Daesh combatants overseas.” Mission complete: President Trump announces the US military is leaving Syria after Deash is pulled out. Who is privy to secret talks with who? In May 2018, General Yahya Rahim Safavi, military advisor to Ayatollah Khamenei, accused the USA of organising the transfer of Daesh combatants to Afghanistan. If true and there is every reason to think that it is, the US is moving Daesh terrorists into Afghanistan as proxies to take up where the US will be leaving off. The first “terrorists” in the history of the word to be airlifted; would make the US Army’s 1st Cavalry Air Assault Division proud.

Daesh once orgnized and provided logistics, will then be used to fight against the Taliban. In fact, as discussed below, the biggest attack on any military convoy in Afghanistan just happened last week. Afghanistan’s role has already been determined in China’s Belt & Road Initiative laid out in a talk given by President Qi Zhenhong of the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) in October, 2018 at the 7th Herat Security Dialogue in Afghanistan. All this taking place just before the guru himself, Henry Kissinger, shows up in China with a big smile on his face. So while the US military are in Afghanistan intentionally mucking things up, China is busily working conclusively on their long term Belt & Road Initiative for Afghanistan. How strange this has all turned out as the US military carries on its duties in Afghanistan for “upholding democracy”.

Just imagine during this CIIS conference hosted by China in Afghanistan on 26-27 October 2018, Daesh terrorists transported to Afghanistan by the US are in running gun battles with Taliban fighters just down the street where this CIIS conference was held? It’s a massive corporate business plan and everyone has their assigned responsibilities including Daesh “terrorists”. Daesh are like gunmen for Al Capone’s Chicago outfit on the south side only ten times as destructive, remorseless and heavily armed. They also have the luxury of being transported in US helicopters.

Wouldn’t it turn out to be a shock to establish credible information Israel and Iran are working together at very high levels of coordination to stage all this as China and Israel draw closer together? Maybe the Russians and the Israeli’s are working together to test out their new guidance and missile systems with much of the technology stolen out of America? The current Israeli bombing runs over Syria seemed to be staged attacks being coordinated between Russia and Israel, maybe even Iran, to maintain the appearance of Iran being Israel’s mortal enemy.

How else would they be able to test out new weapons systems without actually having direct military confrontation on a huge destructive scale without alerting the entire world about what is going on between Russia and Israel? Israel’s IDF gets on the phone to Russia and tips them off – well, they get it wrong a few times – about a coming attack on Syria. The Russians say alright, but don’t bomb the damn airport in Damascus, we need that to deliver more missile systems to test out in Syria. Israel responds by saying yes, we understand, so here’s what’s coming and remember, we’re going after Iranian targets.

Israel and Iran have already had such “secret” meetings in the past over nuclear talks. Remember, we’re not supposed to know about all the “secret” deals being cut behind diplomatic doors as China builds its Belt & Road Initiative incorporating Afghanistan and Syria. But China should probably consider building it as fast as they can before the American people catch on to the business deal that inks them out of the contract. Syria’s Bashar al Assad has just met with Bahaa Hariri of Lebanon to discuss the reconstruction of Syria. In their discussions, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated that “the personalities, firms and states that conspired against Syria could not participate in the reconstruction process”. This then opens up opportunities for Lebanese intermediaries and shuts out the US, France and Britain.

The last remaining country is Iran with ongoing plans to bring down this huge country and somehow absorb it into China’s Belt & Road Initiative. Hopefully, when Syria is rebuilt Israel won’t bomb the new infrastructure. China already has close ties to Lebanon and are becoming stronger trading partners allowing China deeper access into the region besides at the Israel port at Haifa. This means China is going to be a huge participant in rebuilding Syria as well as including Syria in their Belt & Road Initiative. China has already started bidding for the reconstruction of Syria.

Source: Tolo News

Afghanistan Upbeat About China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Afghan officials have said Afghanistan would play a key role due to its strategic location.

Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Liu Jinsong says his country hopes to include Afghanistan in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

This came after high-level delegates, including President Ashraf Ghani, took part in this weekend’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in China.

“Afghanistan expects to have more benefit from the Belt and Road project. This country has great expectations from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization,” the ambassador said.

He said there were positive signs coming from different social sectors in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Economy meanwhile said Afghanistan is part of the Belt and Road project due to its strategic location in the region. Ministry officials also said the project can help boost economic stability in the country.

“We should focus on issues inside the country. Our railway system should be established,” said Suhrab Bahman, a spokesman for the Ministry of Economy.

Analysts said the project is crucial for the region therefore Afghanistan should try to connect with the route.

“The project is based on trade connectivity. Such projects are win-win projects for Afghanistan and China,” said Mohammad Yusuf Rahnaward, advisor of the council on joint trade between Afghanistan and China.

Please go to Tolo News to read the entire article.


Source: Moon of Alabama

Disunity Of U.S. Command Lets Afghan Rebels Win The War

The U.S. war on Afghanistan continues to fail. Disunity of command and lack of political foresight guarantee that the U.S. will be losing it.

Throughout the last months the ‘moderate rebels’ in Afghanistan made great strides against the U.S. sponsored government forces.

  • Last week a convoy of some 40 trucks loaded with military equipment was ambushed and destroyed (pics, vid). It was the largest such incident since the Soviets left Afghanistan.
  • Also last week a large bomb hit a security compound within the fortified international quarter of Kabul. At least five people died and some hundred were injured.
  • On Sunday a car bomb hit the convoy of the governor of Logar province. Eight of his body guards died in the attack.

Earlier today a raid on a military training center for the National Security Directorate, the Afghan CIA offshoot, killed some 200 forces. The attacking rebels used a U.S. made armored Humvee to drive into the compound and exploded it. A infantry unit followed and shot up the survivors.

Many successful raids on outlying security posts and police checkpoints are no longer mentioned in western media. The Afghan government has stopped providing casualty numbers.

U.S. foreign policy thinking on Afghanistan is as inept as ever. Witness the head of the Council of Foreign Relation agonizing over what not to do:

Richard N. Haass @RichardHaass – 13:36 utc – 14 Jan 2019
Neither winning the war nor negotiating a lasting peace is a real option in Afghanistan. Just leaving, though, as we are about to do in Syria, would be a mistake. What we need is an open-ended, affordable strategy for not losing.

What please is a strategy of not losing? Especially when the situation on the ground has for years been getting worse despite several large U.S. surges.

The Soviet war in Afghanistan lasted nine years. But it was largely successful in building a stable government and the Soviets left a mostly competent Afghan military behind. Three years later Russia ended its financial support for the Afghan government. Only that gave the guerrilla the chance to destroy the state.

After 18 years in Afghanistan the U.S. military seems still unable to create and train competent local forces.

Please go to Moon of Alabama to read the entire article.


Source: Voltaire Network

The use of terrorism according to John Bolton

After having taken back from Daesh the State they had promised, straddling parts of Iraq and Syria, the United States now intend to recuperate some of their mercenaries in order to make use of them in a different manner. National Security Advisor John Bolton has designed new goals, new partners and new methods. Since this new system is secret, we know about it only insofar as parts of the plan have already been implemented. Thierry Meyssan explores this world of violence.

by Thierry Meyssan • 22 January 2019

John Bolton speaking in 2017 before the People’s Mujaheddin Organization of Iran.

In 1978, President Carter’s National Security Advisor, Zbignew Brzezinski, decided to use the Muslim Brotherhood against the Soviets, and sent Arab combatants to support the Afghan opposition against the Communist régime. Responding to a call for help from the Afghan government, the Red Army became bogged down in an unwinnable conflict.

In Afghanistan, the Muslim Brotherhood were not armed by the CIA, who were unable to obtain the authorisation from Congress for an operation of that magnitude, but by Israël. In view of their success, the Arab-Afghans were later mobilised in many other theatres of operation. It followed, among other things, that the Brotherhood, armed both by Israël and Iraq, took a shot at the Syrian Arab Republic, in 1978-82. One thing leading to another, a representative of the Brotherhood was incorporated into the staff of NATO during the attack in Kosovo against Yugoslavia.

The position of the Muslim Brotherhood as auxiliary troops for NATO was cancelled at the end of the Clinton presidency, but the collaboration of the Brotherhood with the CIA has never been terminated. It was clearly re-instated with the attack on Libya under the Obama presidency, where it furnished almost all of the ground troops for the Atlantic Alliance. One of their representatives was even incorporated into the US National Security Council. Then, during the attack on Syria, NATO’s LandCom, situated in Izmir, coordinated the jihadist troops.

Since the Trump administration opposes on principle the use of terrorist groups by the US Armies, the moment arrived for the White House to redefine the role of the Muslim Brotherhood.

We do not yet know the new strategy defined by National Security Advisor John Bolton. However, several elements enable us to guess its general form.


At the beginning of 2018, US Special Forces illegally stationed in Syria exfiltrated thousands of Daesh combatants overseas. In May 2018, General Yahya Rahim Safavi, military advisor to Ayatollah Khamenei, accused the USA of organising the transfer of Daesh combatants to Afghanistan.

Currently, approximately 7,000 of them are still on Afghani soil. Contrary to their past position, they do not support the Taliban, who are currently opposed to all foreign presence, but now oppose them.

Please go to Voltaire Network to read the entire article.

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