Chicago’s Candyman and Her Short for Snuff Swaps – Chapter 13

Protégé Underground Lesbian Group (PLUG) Unmasked
GULP Abel Swordsman
The Empty Chair, We Need to See

Chapter 13 

“For those with eyes, let them see”

Redhead NSAWW Leaker May Get PLUGged

Clint Eastwood Was Right, This Is The Empty Chair We Need To See

Queen to KO Cameron, Cheesedick and Harper in 2013?

Spineless Fish With No Balls Sends Strong Message to Piers FISH BALLS Morgan 

Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer Smuggling Ribbon Fish in Operation PANTYLINER
Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer go through security probe at Osaka, Japan

Valerie Jarrett Plans To Bury Another Osama At Sea To Bolster Beard’s BS Rating?

Scripture of Day:

14 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God[a];believe also in me.
2 My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going thereto prepare a place for you?
3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.
4 You know the way to the place where I am going.
5 Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?”
6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
7 If you really know me, you will know[b] my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” 

John 14:2-7 dedicated to our Abel Danger lady whose mother went home yesterday.  

Gospel Song of Day:

Secular Song of Day:

Google search of day: camerlot + arsonists + saggy seventy + cleggerons

Piers Morgan to change name to Patricia Llodra? Or get PLUGed?


In the previous chapter published 22 hours ago, Agent Chips was reading the Pastel code that he’d be debriefing in Waikiki in the rear cockpit of TA4J Bureau number 159100, formerly the Wing Commander’s jet at VT-25 at NAS Chase FIELD in Beeville, Texas where today the MCCONNELL UNIT of the Texas Prison System is packed full, filled with smoke or fog. Agent Chips, the World’s Most Potent Fighter Pilot, took off his oxygen mask and determined it was fog which suggested the 40 year old Sky Hawk had suffered an explosive decompression. His ears had detected vastly less cabin pressure and due to hypemic hypoxia, he started to drift off to sleep dreaming of the souls who winged their ways to Heaven from Beslan School in Russia and in his sweet dreams he reviewed the pastel parade wondering which shade of green he be getting a GREEN FLASH from. In his vision of pastel delight, his mind went back to Red Square where he and Agent Surelock later reprised their roles on the hood of a super trick, piss wicked Chevelle sleeper hiding a Yenko 427 under the plain blue wrapper. As his body warmed up and the fog cleared, Agent Chips awoke to find the A4 Sky Hawk was plugged into a refueling hose of a Marine Corps KC130F. He found his Clipper Squirt Gun and determined that during his lack of oxygen induced ‘combat nap’ he had missed 3 Priority JASPAR messages and one Immediate FESTUS from Agent Crusher, of Australia’s FIELD Office at Alice Springs/Orange Grove. He scratched his balls and rubbed his chin thinking that if women had balls they would probably scratch them also. Hillary, Michelle and Foghorn Leghorn were three examples of nutless wonders who confuse hate inspired hostilities generally against children or innocent targets, for courage. Dipshits, he thought to himself in his typical laconic and affable manner.

Chips started to smell a strong odor of fish. He realized he had no idea who the person in the front of the TA4J was but that fish smell started him guessing. Being from Fargo and having gone to church with a lot of Norwegians, he recalled where he had smelled that exact scent before. The Church Ladies had put on a Lutefisk supper the night of 6 December, 2006 and the fare was Lutefisk and Lefse. Mentally googling Abel Danger Global Assets he knew of only 6 who might fly and A4: Agent Hoss, Agent Sky Master
Agent Stone, himself, Agent Crusher of Australia or Agent Otto Pilot, Abel Danger Norway with who he last visited at the Grand Hotel in Oslo which was kiddy corner from and excellent British Pub where an intoxicated Norwegian lady once tried to pick him up in Norwegian. In a cab driven by an African whose English was excellent and also his Norwegian Chips determined the woman’s plans to seduce him and paid the cabby $20 for the interpretation before going back into the British Pub to quaff a pint instead of point a quim.

Chips keyed the microphone and asked the pilot up front if he or she were with Abel Danger Global.

“Ja, jeg Agent auto pilot av Stavanger kontoret AD Norge. Du husker kanskje jeg kjøpte 30 AD skjorter for deg i går. Jeg er sponsor av Norske Kvinners Volleyball Team. Umbrellaman og MacCheese hadde meg på standby før det ble klart dronningens Pussy var å snu Fowl. Jeg ble fortalt av MacCheese min klient ville være Chips. Er du Chips?

“Yes I am Chips……”

Before Chips could finish his response in English to the Norwegian Agent Otto Pilot they both heard “Cowboy 71 is declaring an emergency, engine #3 has failed and the prop is slow to feather, we are turning back for Miramar, Ghost 23 flight, state your mission”.

“Tied, RTB Miramar, dash 2 is calling Carswell Command post and Miramar Operations, EVERYBODY KNOWS, Angel 7, your mission?”

Agent Chips wiggled the stick indicating to Otto that he’d handle the communication as his English was easier to understand. “Angel 7 on course for Hickam, fuel state 5.5 and according to brief the FLATOP 59 is steaming west on our nose 005/413, refuel on board. Safe journey Cowboy and Ghosts.”

“This is something I’ve never done, Chips”.

“Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, I haven’t trapped since April of 1977 however the technology can do it for us. When we start down via a high penetration give me the jet and I will fly the overhead pattern and roll out in the wake and configure for landing. Once I am ‘on the ball’ you push APPR on the MCDU and ensure both AP1 and AP2 are on and green. Oh, and most important lock your harness and have either clear or green visor down. It technology takes a dump I will go around manually and then practice touch and goes until I feel comfortable or fuel state forces a trap. More later, I see and incoming Immediate JASPAR from Rooster Cogburn, Hammer.”

Operation NUTCRACKER Hammer Rooster Cogburn Immediate JASPAR to Agents Chips, Tugboat Twins, Telstar, MacCheese and Airboss FLAT TOP 59: Umbrellaman sees the Herky Jerk and the two Marine Hornets are enroute Miramar. He has instructed me to Hammer NUTCRACKER option B. The contingent AD assets aboard FLAT TOP are aware, our software shows you in the pattern with 3.7. Paddles is planning to trap you at 1.8. On arrival you will have a GREEN DECK. We have Telstar standing by for pilot duty and the Tugboat Twins from Portsmouth where you docked aboard GUADALCANAL in July, 1970, are helping the ‘chain gang’ rig the barrier, if needed.
Unknown Dangerette advised dinner time still on schedule, Operation GREEN FLASH

“Copy, that’s a Charlie” responded the laconic and affable Agent Chips who had 3 times the experience in Sky Hawks compared to Forestfire McCain and none of the crashes. Chips enjoyed being laconic, and beer, and pastel colors, and old songs. He thought back to 1974 when he first rolled into Chase FIELD in Beeville, Texas where the MCCONNELL Unit now houses Texas prisoners but not the ‘furlough’ prisoners handled by USSES elements of USBP and JPATS. He recalled being regaled by Gail, age 18 who lived on Star Route 2 not far from Box 604. She also knew her way to the BOQ and she proved in mid 1975 inspiring Chips to meet her in the middle. However, being trained by 72nd C4ISR Wing of Ramey AFB, Puerto he found it odd that her long flowing tresses were blonde but her……

Before Chips could finish his recall of the Golden Hair Surprise, they got a call on 2828 mHz that an Immediate Clipper was in queue. As Otto Pilot was eating Lutefisk and ordering more Abel Danger items like Marini glasses and T-shirts, Chips checked his Clipper Squirt Gun thinking he’d read it to Otto a second time after reading it for comprehension which is not a fancy way of saying the Queen’s Pussy has a Fowl friend nor does it allude to Dianne Finedickcheese, a whale named Michelle or Judge Jennifer McKinnon who was told by David Johnston to take Project HATFIELD sideways or invoke the ire of the Goose Stepping Geriatric who might over react and replace Q1 Harper with Q2 Justin Trudeau, have Miriam Clegg fix Cameron non-grata’s brakes, see also Boston Brakes + Miriam + Spain + Abel Danger or tell Valerie to cancel the second show with he Blue Mountain Bowmans and I allude not to archers such as Willy Tell or Agent Chips or the Canadian ARCHER whose arrow would take out Stephen Harper as formented in the GLAMOURBOY lyrics that we have been shooting across his bow for 3 years now. The lyrics are posted and see also a reference to Archer, Cocks and Ricky and the Balloons, Listen, follow the lyrics, and anticipate Q1 being replaced and Cameron craps out and Soetoro ‘no shows’ even thought the show must go on.

Glamour Boy” 

Glamour boy 
Get your costume on 
You got ’em lined up waiting for you Glamour boy 
You got ’em standing in the aisles 
So don’t hang ’em up 
For $25,000 you can look like a woman tonight 

For $25,000 I think it’ll work out right 
I think it’ll work out, uh-huh 
I think it’ll work out 
Oh, you never know how to ride it 
Think it’ll work out

xxGlamour boy 

You’ve been tops for a while 
With a million dollar smile 
Glamour boy 
You got rave reviews 
And you’re front page news 
For $37,000 you can look like your sister tonight 
For $37,000 I think it’ll work out right 

I think it’ll work out, uh-huh 
I think it’ll work out  
Ah, you never know how you’ll ride it 
Think it’ll work out 

So spin with the archer, now, and 
Laugh in his face as he cocks his bow 
Steal from his mistress 
As she’s makin’ love to your family 
And be aware
xxThat there’s not many there 
Who want to take time to sing and play an honest song for the people no more 
Come on, take time to sing and play an honest song for the people tonight 
Don’t you wanna take time to sing and play an honest song for the people tonight 

Ladies and gentlemen, a warm, space age welcome if you will for the most phenomenal group of the century, Ricky and the Balloons 

Chips was listening to the lyrics in his mind as he was preparing to explain the JASPAR to Otto Pilot. However, before he could communicate with Otto, Otto spoke to him on the ICS, intercom communication system.

“Chips, I think I am getting food poisoning from the fish I ate. I have to take my mask off in case I toss my cookies, I had to do this to you but you’ve got the jet. My harness is locked and I just dropped the hook for you…….”

Chips saw Otto’s helmet slump forward but assumed he was unconscious instead of regurgitating as he did not hear a splooge sound, only rapid breathing, knowing his mask was off Chips immediately commence a high penetration to get the cabin pressure down to ten thousand feet.

“Angel 7 May Day, pilot incapacitation in front cockpit Douglas Sky Hawk Angel 7. Offsetting 45 degrees to parallel track, squawking 7700, please advising FLAT TOP 59 medical emergency, trapping on arrival, approach flown from rear cockpit, set the barrier and de rig wire four. Have Tugboat Twins contact CHIPS on Clipper 3.”

Chips had the speedbrakes deployed and power at idle, to gain greatest VSI down he had slowed to 15 units AOA before dropping the nose and accelerating to .88IMN to get down as soon as possible for Otto’s oxygen issue. Chips noticed TACAN channel 59 was 3 degrees right at 62 miles so when the cabin pressure was below 10,000 feet Chips stored the boards and accelerated to .92 IMN knowing that beyond transonic aileron reversal was possible with certain A4 Sky Hawks. Seeing he had 8 minutes to trapping, he cracked a Grolsch wide body which is a Dutch beer not a Gross Wide Body like Sasquatch who, if wise, would head for Indonesia who may not take her as her girthliness might sink the Island Nation as this moron from Congress opined to my Flight Student Rat Willard who choreographed the flight scenes in moving TOP GUN before having to listen to HARDWARE HANK expose the mental agility of Cro Magnan Congress.

Chips heard a ‘guard call’ on 243.0 that he was to contact paddles on 238.0.

“Paddles, Angel Seven, Sky Hawk ten miles, dead six Charlie 7, state 3.3”.

“Roger angel, clear deck, wire 1, 2, 3 and barrier cleared overhead, dump to 1.8, call the ball, engage GEORGE use are cleared for anything, GREEN DECK, Tug Boats Twins worked the chain gang. Telstar with Paddles.”

Chips pulled the power to 1.2 EPR and deployed the speed brakes while descending to 1000 feet AGL and flying up the wake. He saw three greens from Paddles to indicate we were good to continue in event of electrical or comm. failure. At 1000 feet he stowed the boards and pushed it up to maintain 350 knots as he flew over the fan tail and broke to the left at a meager 3 Gs as Otto was still slumped over. Chips had been hoping Otto would awaken, he had not so a change was called for. Chips had slowed to 15 units and configured the jet, he needed to raise the hook but wish to let Paddles and Telstar know it was intentional.

“Paddles, Angel 7, gear down, 1.8, hook up, unconscious nose gunner, confirm barrier”.

“Barrier rigged, call the ball.”

“Angel 7, ball”

“Continue, give me ORNC Chips”

“I’ll try”.

“Chips, over correcting power, engage GEORGE”

“Angel 7, ball, george.”

As the technology compensated for Chips’ over control of power after a 36 year layoff from carrier landings, the Tugboat Twins saw the SAR chopper move forward and left as two HM1 on a John Deere gator mini-ambulance readied themselves for the barrier landing. As the Sky Hawk flew over the round down Telstar could heard the engine power go to idle. Paddles noticed also and whispered to Telstar “Classic fucking Chips”.

For security purposes the landing was not videotaped, however back when the F3 Demon fighter and Sky Warrior bombers were first line, here is a barrier landing of an A-3 Sky Warrior like the two that we super modified at Loveland, Colorado for use in Canada’s attack on America in the False Flag 9/11 that would cause GHWB and Hillary to check back into the hospital if they were aware of what John Roberts newly rescheduled conference indicates. Seems a DC-8-63F has been super modified recently for ‘standby duty’ on 21 January, 2013 if the FALSE INAUGURATION is performed outdoors.

As the A4 took the barrier, an incoming Immediate JASPAR came into Chips’ Clipper Squirt from a Dangerette with the standard C13 Burkha like the ones two of Atomic Betty’s friends had worn at Toronto’s International Airport as a gag and it did not create a brewhaha as the Queer Canadian Security people were performing deep penetration of each other’s behinds. Her message was a cryptic as her appearance.

“Chips, to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did” I believe that means for us, when God takes something from your grasp. He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence. “The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you. We have it on good authority that Piers Morgan is set to change his name to Patricia Llodra who is a person of interest in the Newtown KID KILL ZONE that links HSEEP to DMORT V to Queen’s Queers in Chicago to NSAWW, Femme Comp Inc to Hillary’s Fast and Furious” .

As the Tugboat Twins put orange wing panels on BA7 and covered the rest of the blue paint with water soluble white paint, he pondered what Piers Morgan and Patricia Llordra had in common. He watched as Otto Pilot was removed. A familiar face peered into the rear cockpit from the right intake, Chips was surprised to see Agent Telstar who had done the intel work for how to stop the Federal Assault vehicles that are showing up in every county in the lower 48.

“Chips, Tugboats worked it out so we can hotfuel, do you want the front or the back seat, I defer to you.”

“I’m pretty comfy back here but I’m down to three Grolsch’s, you can have a front row seat in exchange for Otto’s beer.” Chips and Telstar exchanged name tags where Telstar’s tag said Cargo and Chips’ said Field McConnell, Freighter pilot. Karl and Jane appeared on the left side of the rear cockpit and handed Chips and updated briefing package and a salmon index card with a brief message written in French. Karl, whispered “We shorted you 4 thousand pounds but a buddy tank operation is set, you buddy goes 5 minutes ahead of you and he will pick you up off the catshot. Godspeed Chips.”

The deck crew applied external air and Chips did the engine start from the back seat and dropped the canopy after telling Telstar to keep his elbows by his side. It became quieter as the canopy seal inflated. Chips saw a pair of Raytheon owned A 3 Sky Warriors take off to be the buddy tankers. Chips couldn’t get the numbers but they looked like N874RS and N878RS so one of them had been a special A 3 according Chips’ recall. The plane captain gave him the brakes and chocks signal, followed by a wave of so Chips could be reading by the Tugboat Twins for his first cat shot in 36 years.

The Deck gang was working quickly and Chips thought back to his 14th birthday, Oct 2nd, 1963 when her heard that a Navy admiral had bragged his son could land a C130 on an aircraft carrier. Later, in 1973, Agent Chips would fly that very same aircraft, 149798 when he was assigned to VMGR-352 where he posed as a pilot and participate in an interesting operation at Midway Island in September-October, 1974. I could tell you the name of the Operation but the lady I danced with named Paula, a school teacher, might blush. Oh, who cares, read about Operation PONY EXPRESS ’74 here:

Hillary’s Special Anal Service Exposes Soetoro’s Complicit 

If anyone wishes to see my old KC130F, 149798, it is displayed at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. If you see this image of the Forrestal the ‘runway’ by the left wing tip is where everything lands, the two converging ‘slots’ that lead to the forward end of the deck are the catapaults where things take off, and the centerline that KC 130F BuNo 149798 is straddling was painted just for the trials. OK, gotta run, it is our turn to get a cat shot which is not a technique to look up skirts, but equally enjoyable.

The Deck Apes where signaling 3 minutes but Chips knew he was held by the cat gear so he took a quick peek at his Clipper Squirt Gun and saw an Immediate FESTUS from a restricted number, generally a hammer or regional Chief Dangerette.

Operation NUTCRACKER Agent Bean, Biltmore Immediate FESTUS to Agent Chips, Telstar, Tugboat Twins and all agents aBroad or aField in Nutcracker: Their nuts ARE being cracked. David Camerson’s tenure appear shorter, Q2 in Canada is showing signs of not wanting to take the reigns from Glamour Boy and Judge John Roberts had announced a conference. A FIJIAN soldier serving in the British Army in the Parachute Regiment has created history after being employed as the orderly for Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. The new recruit who cannot be named for security reasons is the couple’s first orderly, but if he knows Tuvalu and Abel Danger, we are good to go. Patricia Llodra perhaps should shut her whale vagina or get plugged. Speaking of olive oil and penis enlargement, Abel Danger has ‘dropped a dime’ on Piers Morgan who yesterday dropped a dime on Alex Jones. Chips, I need my olives oiled, capeche? Send me a photo with MARKER twig n’berries.

Sandy Hook community leader rips Florida professor who doubted massacre

Chips could feel the tension press down of the hydraulic struts and saw the catapault crew assume their positions.

“Telstar, my jet, check harness locked, prepare to be amazed. You’ll get the jet back when it’s clean and climbing. Here it comes”.

Chips checked the cat gang and confirmed 4.0 on the fuel gave a thumbs up and the deck gang saluted, and placed his left fingers on the deck. The steam pressure broke the ‘hold back’ device and Telstar and Chips were off and running. As Chips flew the TA4J towards the buddy-tanker, Agent Hamish had the Clipper that would plug the Queen’s Fowl Pussy go to queue.

Chips retracted the gear and flaps, accelerated to 300 knots and joined in route formation. He asked Telstar to ‘mind the store’ and Telstar responded by willing the stick to signal “I’ve got it”

Chips checked his Clipper Squirt Gun and saw a FLASH FESTUS from Agent Hamish.

Nutcracker Agent Hamish FLASH FESTUS to Agents Chips, Rooster Cogburn, Bean and Atomic Betty, copy MacCheese and Umbrellaman: Chips, unless Umbrellaman, Rooster, Bean or Chips object IMMEDIATELY I plan to shoot this shot across the bow at 1659, today, Wednseday, 9 January, 2013: Plum City – ( – January 9, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s Protégée Lesbian Underground Group (‘PLUG’) at the SBA’s mentor company, Stanley Inc. (now CGI), to the surveillance and murder of Lieutenant Quarles Harris Jr. and Christopher Stevens, both of whom, he believes, were suspected by his sister of leaking details of her 1981 ‘Clansman Barry’ Obama passport frauds. It goes at 1659 and then we let the Chips fall where they may. Hamish, The Chalet. 

Chips looked at his $10 Wal-Mart and noticed central time zone time was 1701. Seeing he missed it by a whisker, he thought back to some whiskers he hadn’t missed. As was dreaming of Pastel Whiskers, he remembered the salmon 3 by 5 index card given him by the Tugboat Twins.

“Chips, please email us the entire list of limp dicks in Connecticut who are trying to suppress the Truth of Newtown. Even H. Wayne Carver had tried to ‘opt out’. Too bad Pumpkin and your sister don’t know their only way out is Jesus. But of course Hollywood had that Kevin Costner impersonation of Agent Chips in his limos outfitted as rolling gynecology labs so they had to create more False Fiction like Roots and Flight 93. Any way get us the email addresses you’d ‘served’ and we will ensure they get a greeting from Gaye Olde Englande”. Tugboats.

From: Field Mcconnell <>
To: David Hawkins <>; Tim White <>; John Simmons/Founder-Director CRISISACTORS.ORG ; Jennifer McCray Rincon/Founder-Director VISIONBOX.ORG <>; Dannel P Malloy/Governor State of Connecticut <>; Senator Richard Blumenthal/Senior Senator of The State of Connecticut <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “(redacted>; “” <> ‘Col Lawrence B Wilkerson/USA-ret/fmr Chief of Staff SecState Colin Powell’ <>; Michelle Tuccitto Sullo/Investigations Editor <>; (redacted) “” <>; Montgomery Blair Sibley <>; Patricia Calhoun <>; “” <>; Tom Coyne <>; “” <>; William J Pape/Publisher-Editor of Waterbury Republican American <>; Jonathan F Kellogg/Executive Editor <>; Greg Hanisek/News Editor <>; Chris Gardner/Southbury Bureau Chief <>; Eric Lach <>; Thomas Dishaw <>; “” <>; Jim Kirwan <>; Jeff Rense <>; Claire Wolfe <>; Mark Mann <>; Kraig Peterson <>
Cc: Lt J Paul Vance/Spokesman Connecticut State Police <>; Dr Henry Lee/retired Chief Criminalist for Connecticut and Director of the Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory <>; M.D. Chief Medical Examiner State of ConnecticutH. Wayne Carver II <>; Chief of Police Michael Kehoe <>; Executive Officer Captain Joe Rios <>; Patrol Operations Commander Lieutenant George Sinko <>; Detective Joseph Joudy <>; Detective Jason Fran ; Detective Daniel McAnaspie <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; Mike Robinson <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; Kraig Peterson <>; bucky badger <>; “” <>; “” <>; “” <>; CCW <>; Kent Hope <>; “” <>; Jim Rothstein/NYCPD ret <>; RJ Barnett <>; Col Larre Draper/USA-SF ret <>; Craig RobertsUSA-ret <>; George Karavelis <>; H Michael Sweeney/ <>; Michael Boldin/Founder-Executive Director Tenth Amendment Center <>; “” <>; Smokey BelvealUSN-ret <>; Curtis Clark/Editor of The Newtown Bee <>; James F Tracy/PhD-Florida Atlantic University <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 12:42 PM  

Chips had sent the message to the ‘usual suspects’ as well as good AD Agents like the Tugboat Twins and Kimchee Canama. He knew he’d heard Izzy’s SEA OF LOVE before. They it ‘clicked’, it was on a beach where he’d looked in those eyes being the Burkha while a Dangerette was demonstrating her love of licorice. He couldn’t get it out of his head, but not like the ELO Song that triggered Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC).

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