Chicago’s Candyman and Her Short for Snuff Swaps – Chapter 6

Rats In The Cellar, Bats In The Belfry
Crisis Actors, American Children, DMORT Squealer in Soetoro 2012

For Emily, Whereever I May Find Her

Bats in the belfry
Ace Pilot Shoots Down DMORT GANG OF FIVE ( V ) 
Spolater-in-chief, son of Big Chief Donut-eater

Bloke Poker Rat Slinger, World Pervert #3

Marcy fingers Soetoro, Roberts, Hillary, Panetta and defendant #5?

Abel Danger Set DEADline for Barry Soetoro, Punahou ‘79

While Emilie Parker is missing, Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 is Found Out by Sibley

Abel Danger’s Port-o-morgue monitoring coupe. Tillman’s “El Jefe”

Piers Morgan to demand the Major Leagues burn their bats?

Chapter 6

Agents Bean, 80w, Bean Spiller and Ginger Cookie have Agent Chips’ back as he appreciates their fronts – and so does Rooster

Please recall The Omni Globe came alive with Hamish’s face but Umbrellaman’s voice and the somber tone, thereof. “Agents deployed in Operation QUEEN’S PUSSY I regret to inform you all that as of our deadline of 1911/22 Dec 12 the PUSSY QUINTET has not met our demands. Therefore I have advised Vladimir, Iran and Syria that any strike on the continental US that does not target Chicago will be deemed a FALSE FLAG attack by the QUEEN’S PUSSY Quintet. Our courtesy to Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation was to honor Russia twice helping the United States fuck the British Bankers.

Alexander I in 1815 helped stuff England and Alexander II in 1864 told the panty waste perverts that if the Limeys and Frogs jumped into the Civil War with the South, Russia would jump in with BOTH FEET to support Lincoln, whom was dead no long after. Abel Danger sent out a THREAT WARNING at 1119 22Dec12 to Chris Hook, NSAWW, Miriam Clegg, Glamouroy’s beard, and Sam Cam’s beard at #10 Downing, which is rather dour, please watch a short video clip of light hearted days of past which is what caused us to name the contingent reponse Operation FISHBALLS. Be alert to his final comment ‘everything tastes better’ with Ketchup. This is a direct signal that John F. Kerry’s attraction to Jill Kelly’s nephew is the reason why Petraeus stepped down, and Abel Danger is stepping up.”

In his message to all AD operatives in Operations QUEEN’S PUSSY and FISHBALLS Umbrellaman had not mentioned the third operation fielded to support the PEACEFUL TRANSITIONS which began last year in Pennsylvania and now have been ‘penciled in’ at 43 states so the bloodless coup ousting Barry Soetoro ’79 should wrap up within the next 125 days. With a little help from our friends, it is possible to EFFECT CHANGE before the bogus inauguration of a paperless mulatto into the position of CEO of the Corporation of the United States, However well the domestic transition is going, our international situation is also upticking as Harry Reid, Prince Philip, Hillary Clinton, GHWB and (redacted) appear to go down HARD. It is enough to make a fat lady furious and faint, or a fraudulent flatulent to lift a cheek and blow a kiss to his consort the Goose Stepping Geriatric who would be wise to recall her two boobs, Barry and Piers.

Mission Unaccomplished

Abel Danger efforts with Air France and BEA, as well as the Sukhoi Superjet hit and Sukhoi, are gaining us lots of thrust in both France and Russia. As you saw previously the report from France and Brazil and then the message sent this morning at 1119, hark back to more pleasant days, and the world I used to know before the QUEEN’S PUSSY blew his assignment to implode America for benefit of HSBC, SERCO, GAPAN, NSAWW and the fifth (redacted) major player in the Failed False Flag called 9/11. We now bring GOOD TIDINGS from Region 5 of DMORT where the Man with Jack Elam Eyes once worked, perhaps around 1986.

Chips and Bean had repaired to their Room ostensibly to ‘freshen up’ before a private dinner at the Whiteman Air Force Base Club, a club that had seen two generations of record setting McConnell’s hoist a few on occasion. Chips had turned to check his Clipper Squirt Gun for and incoming from Hamish when he heard the deadbolt go thud followed shortly thereafter by a thong in Pastel Jade Green land on top of his Abel Danger 32 ounce martini glass like those sold at 401 Main Street, Plum City, Wisconsin.

He heard a funny sound and heavy breathing so he turned to see Agent Bean doing jumping jacks, fortunately with her industrial strength 44D fun bag support IOC still doing its job of supporting the melons. Chips pointed at his watch and the paper ticket with two numbers on it as if to suggest there was no time for an enduro before dinner.

“I am not a pushy woman, and we can put the enduro off, but I demand at least a quickie as my loans have been aching for you every since we determined that Obama would be terminated by the DMORT demons in Detroit. Do me Chips, pile driver, jack hammer, quickie authorized” as she struck one of her favored positions, the Wanton Wheelbarrow.

Chips was very interested in taking the call from the Man with the Jack Elam eyes but when he saw that she had prelubed with Babeland AstroGlide he could not deny the voluptuous Dangerette whose obstetrician had taken a couple of extra stiches in 1974 which was 9 years after they had first played hide the salami on Officer’s Beach at the bottom of the Cliff on Cliff Road not to be confused with Harry Reid who may break the top ten if both women ‘resigning’ do so before the 21 January, 2013 suspense date.

Chips wanted to have some music to set the pace for the piledriving and as he had a faceful of derriere, not to be confused with Piers Morgan whose is effectively the Queen’s second biggest derriere, he selected F4 on his Clipper Squirt Gun and let CCR set the pace for the pile driving in the interest of national security, removal of Obama, Harper and Cameron, as well as getting his rocks off.

In an apparent hack of Agent Chips’ Squirt Gun, where he had selected “Lookin Out My Back Door” by CCR but that wasn’t what he had asked for. It appeared that some prunes at CIA who had taken Chips’ email account and sent spam from him to his contacts realized if Chips tried to perform and enduro to “I Got a Line on You” by Alice Cooper he would probably die of a myocardial infarction instead of a mighty pleasing insertion, capeche. Fortunately Agent Bean had been very cooperative and settled for a 15 minute quickie which Chips hoped to finish off with a rimshot at the buzzer.

Chips was laying the lumber to his CEMAW co-agent and the ‘tight quarters’ installed by the good doctor in 1976 when he saw a FLASH FESTUS break through the boinking filter on his Clipper Squirt Gun recently upgraded to be compatible with the AXIS software that Virgin Atlantic, Delta and three other ultra safe airlines would be using during 2013. Seeing a name he didn’t recognize, Andrea Gentry SLS, so as he pictured a famous fainter, he read the message, finally getting it. Meanwhile, his turgidity index dropped to a more satisfying 113% so he stopped looking at the inflated lesbo who was recalling a movie “Get Shorty”.

Concussiongate, Benghazigate, F&F (*) gate

Operation OWL Agent Andrea Gentry FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, FYEO: Chips, game over, we have a singing sextet from Chicago’s DMORT Region 5 which confirm participation by the mulatto in committing Region 5 to Colgan 3407 KBUF the day before she died. Hope you get this, looks like CSIS has hacked my email. Please get over to Beech Mountain. Jim Demint sends. Don’t tell you know who. Andrea SLS

Chips grabbed Agent Bean’s bodacious tatas, as in knockers, not the horseshit car built in India where Vijay Mallya had once encouraged Agent Chips to bring his flying skills, safety services and legendary libido to help keep Kingfisher Airways afloated. Bean indicated she enjoyed have her knockers stroked by tightening her cervix three times in rapid succession. Chips liked that. He was keeping time to Alice Cooper when a second FLASH FESTUS burned through the boinking filter, this one also from and unknown sender.

Operation OWL Agent William J. Hurley FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, FYEO:

Chicago 5 suggests appropriately time for message 2 is after the client is away from his beard code name Sasquatch. December 27, 2012. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Barack Obama’s DMORT server key to the Entrust-authorized transmission of Sandy Hook Bushmaster head shot images, via the Joint Automated Booking System in the HSBC Canada Square HQ, to extort Congressional support for fiscal-cliff concessions to the British Bankers’ Association. Beat the bitch to Beech, Hurley, SLS

Chips now was certain that Agent Hamish had acquired some young tech savvy hackers as he was sending SLS messages from unknown email accounts just as CIA of FBI spooks had done to 4 of Agent Chips 14,357 email accounts. However, he still didn’t see any connections to the names Andrea Gentry and William J. Hurley so he texted ‘send me one more’ as he could sense from Agent Bean’s internal temperature that her Skene’s Glands were about ready to spew clover He reached for the NAPAwash container because if her Skene’s Gland produced as they normally did he knew that it would be as if the four dams on the Missouri burst in succession. Prior to 1989 it would have been by design of Russian Air Force Target selection team which knew if they could get either Fort Peck or Garrison, the other two would go down and flood New Orleans. After 1989 and ‘dam busting’ would be done with FEMA and Abel Danger in each case has been able to accurately predict those attacks by monitoring which DMORT teams were assigned to which areas. For instance, the day before the Newtown kid killing and kidnapping, Region One was sent into Region Two. Abel Danger has two friends in Region 5 and one very good friend who was in Region 5 before the Twin Lesbos from Wisconsin got her fired. Notice I didn’t mention Callista Gingrich or Tammy Baldwin. Just like I seldom mention Mary Elizabeth Harriman’s linkage to Queen Elizabeth revealed by Julian Fantino.

Agent Bean was nearing climax, as in exploculation, not the town in West Central Minnesota where a woman from Fertile died in a car wreck. For the unbelievers just google [ fertile woman dies climax + Minnesota ] and then realize that Abel Danger has been spewing the truth for 6 years and 21 days. Before the 7th year anniversary I believe we will be credited with removing the blight who ain’t too bright. Chips felt Bean starting to assume the launch position so he pulled out to stop the countdown. 

“Not quite yet Bean, I am expecting a 3rd FLASH FESTUS from and unknown SLS and if I get it, you will be getting your first enduro right here after dinner at Whiteman and your next enduro will be in a number of hours in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. Okay, get ready, her it comes” as he positioned a zucchini like object in an object like a quiver that was, in fact, quivering as Chips got back in time with Alice Cooper. As she stroked her bore, an incoming third clipper from an unknown SLS agent confirmed the new protocol.

Operation OWL Agent Megan Minniear FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips FYEO: The Evil Cabal including Soetoro, Thunderthighs, Panhead, Marcy and Holder has now been caused to blink 3 times in December. 12-8-12 planned for Philadelphia was aborted which set in motion the CRISIS ACTORS-PORT-O-MORGUE Pedophile Operation in Connecticut. The ‘floating assets’ at risk at the Navy PIERS in Norfolk were made more safe in Abel Danger’s well informed THREAT WINDOW of 1911/23Dec-0111/25Dec and, so far, the BLACK PHOENIX operation has not been loosed. Abel Danger has signaled Navy Intelligence and FBI that AD will not obstruct KWANZAA KILLZONE but will identify the perpetrators if they ruin the paganized holiday of some unbelievers. The medical examiner named Harold who looks like a guy that took third place in a contest to find a replacement actor for David Ogden Stiers seems to have BLOWN, I say again, BLOWN the cover of the Port-O-Morgue (DMORT) services that follow wherever Crisis Actors lead… think of Giffords-Aurora-Cudahy-Newtown-KWANZAA KILLZONE. This time they will not be alive to ask for whom the bells toll. Megan SLS V

Agent Bean was overwhelmed with desire and she barked out “Switch, stern shot, side oiler” to which the compliant Agent Chips disconnected, rolled her over and finished her off in right proper fashion sending the EXPLOCULATION HEARD ROUND DMORT immediately after the 3rd of her 7 multiples. Bean understood the timing, he was looking for the 37 Studebaker for the Abel Danger Motor Pool in Plum City. Chips was glad he had the NAPAWASHes handing as Arizona’s most productive Skene’s Glands did not disappoint and it was as if Fort Peck Dam had been breeched but not in the way that Thunder Thighs ( notice I didn’t say Hillary?) helped LaFarge and Wade Rathke blow the four breech wholes in the dykes after the U2S 80-1067 had failed to position Katrina directly over New Orleans where in 1957 Fats Domino found his thrill on Blueberry Hill.

Chips, ever the doting gentleman, hand the entire box of NAPAwashes to Agent Bean, took a Marine Corps shower and stuffed his junk in his Pastel Manly Mocha Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat Thong with the very rare EHP.

google [ pawlenty + treason + mcconnell + mccain ]

Chips was about ready to splash on some Jade East sure screw when his Clipper Squirt Gun went off with an Immediate from Hamish, this time disguised as a male at the Chicago office that sent the disaster team from Chicago to Buffalo the DAY BEFORE Beverly Eckert was silence ‘by fire’ as was Wendy Burlingame, only offspring of Field McConnell’s wingman, shipmate and Classmate, Captain Chic Burlingame, whose American Airlines Flight 77 was vaporized in W386A under Colonel Robert Marr’s watch and GIANTKILLER’s control of that airspace.

Operation OWL Agent Sylvia Stone Immediate JASPAR to Agent Chips, 80W, Bean Spiller and Bean, copy MacCheese and Barry M. Hall: Umbrellaman to brief imminent change, when the text from SYLVIA L STONE arrived in your device, immediate go to voice, FESTUS 4 for extremely short but vital briefing from MacCheese or Umbrellaman.

If Operation OWL even mentioned in passing, all Dangerettes configure as Agent Bean in her Operation FISHBALLS motif, except wear your own PPUCs. Syvlia SLS

Agent Vani in Teaberry, Agent Bean in Flag IOCs

Agent Bean apparently got the message because while she was still performing standard Abel Danger PBPs, post boinking protocols, she had laid out a pair of FCT IOCs in Pastel Jade Green. Chips hoped she would be adding a vapor barrier or the distinct hint of clover would cause him to become battle ready, over and over, just like in Crimson and Clover which we don’t have time to listen too because Umbrellaman has just asked MacCheese to commence END GAME as Diane Finebitch has joined the cackle for gun control thinking that would slow down the Christian Patriots in dispatching the TOP TEN and I refer not to David Letterman’s list. Seven of the top ten were born female. None of those seven act female, capeche?

MacCheese set his egg timer for thirty seconds and spoke into a voice splicer like the ones used for Todd Beamer and Susan Olson on Flights 93 and 77 on the morning of TREASON 9/11 that killed my wingman Chic Burlingame, made my air national guard unit look inept in missing the intercept at the Pentagon, and compromised my sister Kristine Marcy into continuing to sing along with a bad tune that was SOON TO END according to Operation OWL and the song SHOWDOWN by ELO which does not foretell Barry Soetoro’s hiring policy, EMPLOY LESBIANS ONLY. As Jesus love was reigning all over the world the TOP TEN had all received New Year’s Wishes from Abel Danger on the night of 21 December, THE LONGEST NIGHT, not to be confused with Agent Chips, The Longest Knight. Enoch 96 was the message.

Enoch 96

“This is very brief. Umbrellaman is continuing Operations QUEEN’S PUSSY and escalating FISHBALLS. However the local time in Missouri is 1659. At 1710 Agent Chips will be taken out of the Operation FISHBALLS area of operations. Agent Tillman will be at the ice machine near the stairway at 1715 by 1930 he will be in Beech Mountain, North Carolina. We now invoke Operation OWL as two of the top five have signaled surrender just before the Friday FISH deadline. Agent Chips, Godspeed, you are

going to BM alone. Those involved in Operation OWL will be notified and briefed once

Agent Chips gives the signal from the chairlift. MacCheese.”

Agent MacCheese sent out IMs to potential Operation OWL players and made himself available for 15 minutes for questions. There were none.

“Should I try to tag along Chips” asked Agent Bean as she slipped a .40 cal into her left knocker bay and placed an Arkansas tooth pick into a pair of garters, one red, one blue on her left thigh.

“Thanks for the offer Bean but in 11 minutes the car should be hear so please place a few main essentials into my B4 bag and something to remind me of you. As Chips grabbed his arsenal Bean place 8 tins of Chicken of the sea Smoked Oysters, 2 Pastel Manly Mocha IOCs with EHP, and six 3 cap gel tabs of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters in along with a moisture barrier she realized was not necessary, at least for the time being. Chips Clipper Squirt Gun went off with an IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Timothy White of Waterbury, Connecticut on remote assignment at Beech Mountain, North Carolina. Tim has help on many aviation missions with Abel Danger but Chips had never seen him identify himself as Sylvia before.

Immediate AXIS JASPAR from FISHBALLS Agent Tim White of Hartford Courant obituaries editor: The selection of Newtown was primarily because it is the home of the National Sports Shooters Foundation which is a good trade association contrary to the 108 evil trade associations in England such as the two that did 9/11 ( GAPAN and Worshipful Company of World Traders ). This organization was organized in 1961 when Abel Danger Agents Tim White of Waterbury and Field McConnell of South Hadley were new conscripts in the Veteran Patriots of America Chapter 213 of Agawam. Connecticut is known as the ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY and as such is a logical target of Piers Morgan, Barry Soetoro, Hillary Thunder Thighs, Diane Finebitch and other pedophile friendly public officials opposing America’s Peace and Security. Eli Whitney is correctly remembered for his Cotton Gin however prior to that he invented the turning lathe and used the lathes at his water powered machinery manufacturing plant on the Mill River which triggered the Industrial Revolution. While Henry Ford is believed to be the first user of INTERCHANGEABLE PARTS it was actually Eli Whitney’s INTERCHANGEABLE MUSKET PARTS that should be recalled as the first. If Connecticut is the #1 manufacturer of guns, it is logical that the BUNGLERS OF BENGHAZI would send their Crisis Actor (Denver) s and Port-o-morgue (Region 2) into Connecticut (Region 1) to kill a few kids while kidnapping others for their pedophile lusts. We are in communication with a former member of the Society of Police Futurists International who suggests we take a close look at J. Paul Vance and H. Wayne Carver as the cop is a member of the FUTURISTS and the CARVER is a member of (redacted) according to a Colorado Crisis Actor who favors him. A Jesuit and Knight of Columbus, (redacted) is not to be trusted and is a very clumsy script reader like the English wench of BBC that reported WT7 had collapsed 20 minutes prior to the demolition condoned by Larry Silverstein who, like Wells Fargo, profited handsomely. I will tell you more when we are in the chairlift at Beech Mountain. Tim White

Agent Bean finished packing his bag and gave him a quick TI check finding him a very robust 97% but not worthy of Abel Danger boinking profiles. To help recharge his batteries she rolled backwards onto the bed and impersonated a rabbit ear TV antenna, which in turn caused Chips’ antenna to surpass 105% as he thought of their favored END GAME song although the END GAME is this episode does not have a fox on the run, but rather 7 fat lesbos with small knockers and an expectation of the consuming fires of hell.

“Chips, I think I hear the sound of a 413 so this must be farewell, until we meet again. I have placed the two pictures of ICE MAN and PEGASUS and I agree with the squealer in Region 5 of DMORT, David Ogden Stiers probably could have remember his lines better and given a more convincing acting job than the goon sent from Colorado. Remember that Ginger Cookie from the BANGME office where the MaineIacs roam opined laconically, and I quote “Field, oops, I mean Chips, I am listening to you from yesterday while actually accomplishing something due to the men in my life are busy working the second HAARP storm of the season here on the east coast. What you were just talking about re: tainted blood etc reminded me of last night’s research project in progress….had a hard time giving up and going to bed because these things tend to disappear when looked at, so I copy/paste like a madwoman before I zero in. Looked up Harold Wayne Carver, found a property that he and a woman sold on Martha’s Vineyard, looked HER up, got Chicago connection, drug company (BMS) connection and also blood borne illness HEP-C connection! C U B M N C C L, Ginger, BANGME” I wonder what her cryptic code means?”

Chips was working on the code breaking when he heard the 413 ‘wind up’ so he gave Bean a BDE whereupon his hand felt like he was feeding oats to a horse. He gave her knockers one last cupping and grabbed his bag and walked out the door as Bean readied herself for dinner at the Whiteman AFB Club and the special U S Navy Reservists that had once served in Seal Team 4.

As Chips tossed his bag from the second floor hall to Agent Tillman, a song about Emilie was going through his head as he looked into her photogenic eyes and sensed that she was still alive, but where.

Musical Dedication: For Emilie, Whenever I May Find

What a dream I had
Pressed in organdy
Clothed in crinoline
Of smoky burgundy
Softer than the rain

I wandered empty streets down

Past the shop displays
I heard cathedral bells
Dripping down the alleyways
As I walked on

And when you ran to me, your

Cheeks flushed with the night
We walked on frosted FIELDs
Of juniper and lamplight
I held your hand

And when I awoke

And felt you warm and near
I kissed your honey hair
With my grateful tears
Oh, I love you girl
Oh, I love you

Abel Danger’s TILLMAN’S GHOST, 40 STUD with 413/500 scatpack

Chips was brought back into the here and now as he settled in the right seat of the 1940 Studebaker with the 413/500 powered ‘Tillman’s Ghost’. He noticed the gas gauge was showing just over full. He noticed the two speed rear end was selected 3.55 as opposed to 4.11. To cover their quiet conversation, Agent Tillman selected F4 on the CD player which did not stand for cheese dick, see also Piers Morgan.

“Chips, do you recall a jet you flew to Corpus Christi in 1975, BuNo 159000?”

“Yes, triple nuts, the TRAWING Commander’s aircraft, I missed an approach to Navy Corpus because they had not slew checked the ASR azimuth. Why do you ask?”

“It is in a hangar and it is painted as Blue Angel 7. You need to get to Beech Mountain ASAP and a NAV BAG and a briefing guide for Operation OWL are in the front seat. In the back seat is a corpse of a 6 foot, 205 pound male caucasion with a full combat thong in Pastel Manly Mocha. He has some of your old airline IDs, you Minnesota license and a couple of other items making him look as much like you as the 3rd Osama looked like the first two dead Osamas. The TOP TEN are terrified and in addition to your sister, another Georgetown Lesbo is sing our song.” As Tillman finished speaking the song faded as an Air Police truck and two Missouri State Troopers joined on Tillman’s Ghost to make sure the client got to Blue Angel Seven. As the bar lights came on and the hammer went down Tillman placed a salmon colored 3 by 5 car on Chips’ lap. Chips memorized the names, and placed it in his IOC in Pastel Manly Mocha.

Robert Deafano

Robert Zerby, Jr.

Todd W. Wolfe 

Pete Burke 

David Walters 

Tamara Stephensen

Megan Minniear

Sylvia Stone x

Barbara Anderson

Robert Smet

William J. Hurley x

Andrea Gentry x

“Did MacCheese, Umbrellaman or Barry M. Hall tell you where I was to land?”

“If you read the briefing guide you will find that you will land on a ski slope. However, the Sky Hawk will be remotely flown into W386A airspace and the body in the back seat

will convince the world that your ego and your big balls finally caused a Joe McNeil predicted event. We figure it will give us time to stop the inauguration, hang on tight.” Tillman selected 4.11 and floored it. The 40 Stud ‘launched’ and blew by the three copper cars after they were on Whiteman AFB. Tillman raced time until he saw the old B47 and then turned left slowing to 40 mph until a leggy blonde hiked her skirt and pointed to a green door. Agent Tillman parked the 413 powered rod and helped Agent Chips through the Green Door. A black man in a dark blue maintainence coverall directed his assistant to pull the chocks and deliver air from the huffer. The tall black man then took Chips’ suitcase and whispered in Chips’ good ear.

“The bag will arrive in the T39 that is leaving in 22 minutes. Safe journey, Marine.”

Chips climbed the ladder, dropped the canopy, hit the ignitors and came around the horn. The tall black crew chief saluted and pointed to the hangar doors which were coming open just like on 9/11 at the KCLE NASA hangar the doors had closed behind the other United 93. Chips went through a brief takeoff check as he taxied at 40 knots to a parallel taxiway taking off with his J-52-P8 powered TA4J which would be the last takeoff for the jet painted to look like Blue Angel 7. As the gear and flaps came up he saw and Immediate JASPAR on his FMGC.

Operation OWL Hammer MacCheese Immediate JASPAR-AXIS to Agent Chips: After we linked Barack Obama’s DMORT server key to the Entrust-authorized transmission of Sandy Hook Bushmaster head shot images, via the Joint Automated Booking System in the HSBC Canada Square HQ, to extort Congressional support for fiscal-cliff concessions to the British Bankers’ Association, Sasquatch decided to stay put on Oahu. Diane Finebitch is agitated because she moved up from number 12 to number 10 after your sister and the other ghoul gal got wise. Expect the DMORT post when level. Full briefing in 10 minutes after you level at Flight Level 330. MacCheese. 

Agent Chips took his mask off and raised his dark visor. Adjusting his mirrors to admire himself he thought he looked good in the ‘scooter’ for his first time since April of 1977 where he, as CARGO, Bob Maddocks as MAD DOG and Bill Magnan as MAGS were the subject of a front page story when Beeville was still home to Chase FIELD and before the MCCONNELL UNIT of the Texas Prison System was built. Chips saw an FLASH FESTUS try to display itself just as the jet when quiet and cold. Looking at the performance instruments he determined he had a good engine but a bad generator, as he reached for the RAT handle, the FLASH FESTUS went to queue.

Operation OWL Agent Hamish FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips for your approval: Chips, in your absence I have mimicked your writing style, we have them on defense and they are running like rats. If you have a chance to look this over in next 15 minutes great.
If I do not hear back, it goes to the big group AND the small group. Hamish. Message follows:

Plum City – ( – December 27, 2012. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Obama’s pre-incident key for DMORT Region V portable morgues to the 9/11 transmission of al-Qaeda images of actors, hired through the Joint Automated Booking System, making the “first live-broadcast masssnuff film in human history”.

“Pattern Of The Crime Part 1”

Disaster Portable Morgue Unit [Images]

Note Obama’s Fast and Furious friends in HSBC Illinois had custody of key to the DMORT Region V Fresh Kills morgue

“9-11 ABC 8:51 vs Naudet 911 Movie vs 9/11 Naudet snuff; which 911 image tell”

“Information Resources – Servers [of DMORT Portable Morgue used at Fresh Kills to process encrypted images of 9/11 victims’ body bits which would otherwise reveal Obama’s role with JABS in the “first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history”] The Server runs Windows Server 2003, is physically secured, requires AD [Abel Danger] authentication from encrypted authorized clients, is on its own network that is not connected to the internet, any other network or outside world. ALL logs will be reviewed each day. This means: • Only DPMU computers can be used, and with locked down USB ports • There will be no email, messaging, or access from outside the network • No thumb drives can be used, no files can be copied • The network will be managed by tough IR people with tough policies 

“Frank P. Saul Employment History Region 5 Team Leader
Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team

Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team

Commander Region V In October 1997, Frank was surprised to be appointed the Commander of Region V, after “butting heads” with several authority figures during the August 1997 KAL Flight 801 crash mission on Guam. They subsequently served together at the Amtrak train-truck crash in Bourbonnais, Illinois (March 1999), where Frank was the Mission Commander; then, the Egypt Air crash mission in Providence, Rhode Island (January 2000); and most recently, the World Trade Center terrorist attack, where Frank was the DMORT Night Watch Commander at the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office during the first month after 9/11, and Julie worked with the NYPD Crime Scene Unit at the Freshkill Landfill and Ground Zero. … Frank and Julie have two children who have accompanied them during their professional travels, starting at just under three years of age (Joseph Mather Saul) and a mere six months (Jennifer Mather Saul).”

Happy New Year to DMORT Region V and Obama’s agents behind the Fresh Kills portable morgue with a reminder that you can run but you cannot hide.

More to follow.

PresidentialField Mandate

Abel Danger Blog

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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