Chapter 1 – In the Field of Honor

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One comment

  • Field, you never cease to amaze me. I listen to all your shows, may not catch them live, but always come back.
    Thank you for all you’ve done for our great Country. May God bless you and Denise and I wait for the day you are united and live on that beautiful ranch.

    You have taught me so much, most about life in general and I have a new found respect and interest in God. I’ve always believed in him, just so much more now. You are a wonderful, caring person and a SAVIOUR for the citizens in the US. I know I have awoken. Trump is the first time I ever voted and I’m 58! I hope all works out. I live to see the day these horrid Pedophiles and Satanists are gone for good! And, all the traitors also.

    Love to all of you on the show. Again, may God Bless you ALL and keep you safe and happy in all you do.

    Thank you again for sharing this wonderful book. Can’t wait to read more..