On Chosen-mess

Monday, June 24th, 2019

Ed.’s note: Here is some good reading on the “chosen” with a good example given of the “mess.” ________ June 24, 2019  | by Gilad Atzmon A few days ago the BBC reported on an extraordinary French identity theft scam.  For two years starting in late 2015, an individual or individuals impersonating France’s defence minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, scammed an estimated €80m from

Trump Has a $259 million Reason to Bomb Iran

Monday, June 24th, 2019

Source: Lobe Blog June 22, 2019 | By Eli Clifton | 21 Comments On Thursday, the United States came perilously close to a military confrontation with Iran after it downed a U.S. drone that may or may not have entered the country’s air space. President Donald Trump reportedly ordered a retaliatory military strike on Iran but called it off, according

If You Are Online You Are a Target

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

Ed.’s note: Not only a target to make purchases, but for political campaigns that can specifically target you to bend your mind accordingly. Do you own your mind? Understand all this technology is being shifted to Israel under stealth. Not that we should rely on Facebook either. Notice carefully Americans fighting between themselves while Israel along with China and Russia

Boeing sued by more than 400 pilots in class action over 737 MAX’s ‘unprecedented cover-up’

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

Source: ABC News By Alan Weedon | Sunday, June 23, 2019 More than 400 pilots have joined a class action against American plane manufacturer Boeing, seeking damages in the millions over what they allege was the company’s “unprecedented cover-up” of the “known design flaws” of the latest edition of its top-selling jet, the 737 MAX. Key points: A plaintiff lodged

It’s an Information War and Amazon (AWS) Will Determine Your Future

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019

Ed.’s note: The story posted below from FP looks to disinformation designed to vector attention away from the fact Israel has allowed China to obtain American technological assistance. How do we know this? Look at the “American” company Cadence Design Systems, Inc. located in San Jose, California. Cadence Design Systems, Inc.’s CEO is Lip-Bu Tan, a Malaysian-born American executive and

The Lying New York Times Failed To Kick-Start a War With Iran

Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

Ed.’s note: Readers need to dump the New York Times. Their business model is lie and to fake news. President Trump did not approve of a military strike on Iran and then revere course. There is no differentiating between the New York Times and the CIA (production company). Fake news! Related: US Claims Drone Was Minding Own Business on Its

What’s With This Black Reparations Social Movement?

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

Ed.’s note: Social agitation gets ramped up. The header image was carefully chosen for a reason: white guilt. Be sure to read the linked article below on how a young black man in the Bronx viciously raped a white woman saying she “deserved it for slavery.” Have any friends who are white liberals paralyzed by cognitive dissonance? You tell ’em


Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

More: Trump: “I Think I Know” Who Was Behind 9/11 Attacks Please follow and like us:0

Did Israel Annex America?

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

Ed.’s note: Events are becoming more horrifying by the day. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has absolutely no credibility. As the US steps up its campaign against Iran and if 120,000 US soldiers are sent to “protect Americans”, they will be deployed for Israel. What a team: John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. We couldn’t agree more with sensible Jews

Trump’s US-China Trade War Designed to Strengthen Israel and China?

Monday, June 17th, 2019

Ed.’s note: Intel decided to build a new $11 billion semiconductor manufacturing plant in Israel, while Don the real estate guy and those behind his administration, continue a trade war with China. Trump’s trade war with China is only helping to develop technology and semiconductor manufacturing in Israel. Intel is trying to refocus growth to the data center computing market,

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