Carving Out Kurdistan – Name Change: Terrorists to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) – Get Ready For an Arab Cleansing

Source: South Front

Horrifying Video Shows Execution Of Unarmed Man By US-backed Forces In Raqqa

A new video from has appeared online allegedly showing members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) executing a civilian man in Raqqa City.

In turn, a SDF commander said to Al-Aan TV channel reporter, Janan Mousa, that the SDF would investigate the crime and whether it had actually occurred in Raqqa, and would identify the perpetrators whether they were from the SDF or the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (the core of the SDF).

Meanwhile, the SDF announced that it has seized 70% of Hisham bin Abdul Malik district in the center of Raqqa city. According to Kurdish sources, the SDF is preparing to launch an operation in the western part of Raqqa to seize Al-Dariyah district. Yesterday, the SDF destroyed an ISIS tunnel in the eastern part of Raqqa city.

ISIS claimed the killing of an SDF fighter and wounding others, and the destruction of a vehicle during clashes in Al-Hal Market and Al-Qadisiyah.

The US-led coalition carried out 9 airstrikes targeted that resulted, according to opposition sources, the deaths of at least 9 civilians. It’s believed that the number of civilians killed in Raqqa city as a result of the US-led coalition bombing has exceeded 600 civilians.


Dirty Game: Imported Mercenaries

Kurds Fight for Control of Kirkuk: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 3)


The sectarian differences between Arabs and Kurds is going to cause unbelievable carnage in the coming months and years as the new state of Kurdistan is carved out.

Difference between Arabs and Kurds – Arabs vs Kurds


The city of Mosul, Iraq has been intentionally leveled to the ground to make way for the new state of Kurdistan. Go to the article Mosul Photos — If Syrians and Russians Did This You’d Call It a War Crime to view the before and after images of the city of Mosul to see the extent of the complete destruction of this city.

Shattered city: Western Mosul destruction in drone footage


Unfortunately, there is related reading:

US-Saudi ISIS Salaries Leaked Online

U.S. starts providing weapons to Syrian Kurds

Syrian Troops Find Dozens of US Anti-Tank Missile Systems in Latakia Province


The US not only supplies weapons and munitions to ISIS, but also supplies weapons and munitions to the Kurds. Create the conditions for conflict then supply both the Kurds and ISIS with weapons and munitions. In a recent VT article titled “VT had it right all along – ISIS weapons supplied by the West” linked below, readers can learn how weapons and munitions were moved through Israel through the Golan Heights, and by Ukraine to Turkey for terrorist mercenaries paid to destroy Syria.

How the US Supports the Islamic State (ISIS): One “Accidental Airdrop” vs Billions in Covert Military Aid

VT had it right all along – ISIS weapons supplied by the West


RAND Corp and Brookings Institute think tank studies indicate the creation of the new state of Kurdistan which is never discussed in the main stream media. With the creation of the new State of Kurdistan will give the US a permanent presence in the region. The creation of the new state of Kurdistan is going to result in a lot of people getting killed in the region and risks a war with Turkey. The only reason for the new state of Kurdistan being supported by the US to be carved out of Iraq and Syria is because Kirkuk is an oil-abundant region.

An Independent Kurdistan Would Impact Its Neighbors

Rand Corporation official expresses deep commitment to Kurdistan Region’s success

Building the Future: Summary of Four Studies to Develop the Private Sector, Education, Health Care, and Data for Decision making for the Kurdistan Region — Iraq

Iraqi Kurdistan: Mosul and beyond


The latest from VT on the Kurds:

The Kurds: Washington’s Weapon of Mass Destabilization


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