Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells and David Hawkins 1-23-2018

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  • Daily News Section for CTM Episode 870 Quote: News Section for Caravan to Midnight full long-form interview Episode 870 – Mr. David C. Hawkins Jan 23, 2018 ..

  • World War II: British treachery in the Pacific

    Above: The Brisbane Line. The British
    intended for the Japanese to copy Aus-
    tralia at least down to this line, as part
    of their strategy to have the Americans
    and Japanese exhaust themselves
    in a 15-year war in the Pacific. In
    furtherance of this strategy, Churchill
    induced Menzies to send virtually all
    of Australia’s trained manpower to the
    Middle East and North Africa.
    Right: A plaque commemorating tank
    traps near Tenter
    , NSW, installed
    as part of the Brisbane Line strategy.
    The 70
    anniversary of the bombing of
    Darwin recalls the little known history of how
    British imperial strategy betrayed Australia and
    left it at the mercy of the Japanese, until John
    Curtin came to power and asserted Australia’s
    national sovereignty by forging an alliance with
    the United States. Excerpted from
    The Rise
    and Fall of Australia
    , as printed in the CEC
    STOP the British Crown Plot to
    Crush Australia’s Unions.