Canada Now Investigates ‘Climate Deniers’; Trudeau, Soros, Podesta Seek Globalist Tyranny

Climate Change Scientists THREATENED in Canada!!

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  • There is NO greenhouse gas, the Alarmist/Lukewarmist debate is rigged and fake. >

    Climate Change & Thermodynamics

  • I keep hoping to be threatened. Damn all happens. Boring life, makes you fat.

  • Don’t just blame Justin Trudeau for taking away the rights, freedoms and culture of Canadians.

    The jelly-belly, head nodding silent puppet MP’s in Trudeau’s Liberal party are the useless tits who prop up Trudeau by supporting him instead of crossing the house or become independent.

    We just need to THROW THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE AT ELECTION TIME. Enough is enough. It was the people, the voters who got the Clintons out of office and the voters in Canada can do the me thing.

    People NOT POLITICIANS have the final say at election time.

    Canada is being financially and culturally raped by Trudeau’s Liberals.

  • I was told by a Canadian that the media has been ignoring this for good reason:

  • What if we had an election and no one showed up? They would still think somebody won with a 3% voter turn out. Never mind that 97% ignored them.