Can Venezuela and its neighbours survive the coming war?

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12 February 2019 • by Thierry Meyssan

The crisis which is destabilising Venezuela, like those which are beginning in Nicaragua and Haïti, needs to be analysed in order to enable us to address it. Thierry Meyssan reminds us of three interpretative hypotheses and argues in favour of one of them. He evokes the US strategy and the ways in which it may be countered.

On the same subject: Vídeo : “Thierry Meyssan : El plan de Estados Unidos contra America latina» (entrevista con Russia Today), 22 de Mayo de 2017. “United States are preparing a war between Latin-American states”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Mint Press News (USA) , Voltaire Network, 18 December 2018.  “Les États-Unis créent les conditions de l’invasion du Venezuela”, par Thierry Meyssan, Réseau Voltaire, 25 janvier 2019.

Today, Venezuela is divided between two legitimacies – that of Constitutional President Nicolas Maduro and that of the President of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó.

Guaido nominated himself as interim President, allegedly by virtue of articles 223 and 233 of the Constitution. We only need to read these articles to see that they in no way apply to his case, and that he can not claim from them any legitimacy for the post he seeks to usurp. Despite that, he has been accredited by the United States, the Lima Group and part of the European Union.

Some of Nicolas Maduro’s supporters claim that Washington is reproducing the overthrow of a leftist government, just as it did against Salvadore Allende in 1973, during the mandate of President Richard Nixon.

Others, reacting to the revelations of Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen about the career path of Juan Guaidó [1], believe on the contrary that this is a colour revolution similar to those we saw under the presidency of George W. Bush.

Facing an aggression by an enemy who is far stronger than oneself, it is crucial to identify its objectives and understand its methods. Only those who are capable of anticipating the attacks they are about to suffer will have any chance of surviving.

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A few thoughts on American news media sources: These are not “journalists”, they are sometimes lawyers and psychologists trained in human psychology and trained in how to manipulate large group organizational behavior. This is psychological warfare at its worst. If you depend on CNN, Fox News (Fox News is an intelligence operation straight into the White House), or any of the other major news networks for your news, your mind will be toast.

The following psychological operations CNN news article was designed to appeal to the sympathy of many male Americans who unfortunately plug into CNN for their news. From the very first paragraph, the article is written in such a way as to appeal to emotions and not actual facts. If you are not already in an emotional state or if you haven’t already made up your mind, the illogical suppositions in this article can be seen. When men read this article, they might experience a subconscious emotional flip that in many cases they really can’t control since it is part of their biology. In many cases, because of deep beliefs they hold, they will become angered if you challenge their views and beliefs if they aren’t consistent with what they are being programmed with through CNN.

They left Venezuela for a better life — now they’re selling their bodies

Now take a look at this article from the Jerusalem Post. Juan Guaido has now claimed he is “working to restore ties with Israel.” In the Venezuelan election in 2013, Henrique Capriles who is an Ashkenazi Jew, lost to President Nicolás Maduro, so it is not surprising that Jews living in Venezuela have accepted the opposition self-appointed president Juan Guaido. Israel’s Benjamin Netenyahu has recognized Juan Guaido as the president of Venezuela despite an illegal grab for power.

And in a really slick move by Guaido, he then attempted linking their “struggle in Venezuela against a dictatorship” to the Jews’ political struggle after the holocaust. There have been many different reasons stated as to why, but Israel and Venezuela presently do not have official diplomatic relations. Juan Guaido is not in control of Venezuela and he is already attempting to establish relations with Israel. As it turns out, the “Random Guy™ Juan” was apparently recruited by the US 10 years ago, if we are to give any credit to Russia’s envoy in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s Juan Guaido says he is working to restore ties with Israel

Guaido Was Recruited by the US a Decade Ago – Venezuelan Envoy to Russia


US weapons shipment seized: Venezuelan official

Preliminary Indicators for Military Assault on Venezuela

US Military Might Want to Read General Mattis’ Resignation Letter as a Military Assault on Venezuela Approaches

Venezuela – 57% Say Maduro Is Their Legitimate President

In the above article by Thierry Meyssan, he mentions that this coming war won’t just be on Venezuela but the entire Caribbean Basin, and that includes Haiti. The following news just appeared at Mint Press News on how riots have erupted in Haiti against the continuous US plundering of Haiti and its wealth. What we are seeing in Venezuela are gathering storm clouds and it isn’t likely this war against Venezuela can be stopped. It will likely expand into the entire Caribbean Basin if started.

Mass Protests in Haiti, Like France’s Yellow Vests, Threaten Modern Oligarchic Structure

The terrible forthcoming destruction of the “Caribbean Basin”

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