“Can Sherman Family’s private investigator bypass the RCMP’s Entrust Revocation Portal?”

Source: Toronto Sun

Family of Barry and Honey Sherman hire private investigator

by Joe Warmington • December 28, 2017

TORONTO — For an investigation that is not being called a homicide, there sure are a lot of homicide detectives sniffing around.

And the bizarre suspicious death probe of billionaire couple Honey and Barry Sherman just got some more company with a former homicide squad member’s private investigations firm being retained by the family.

His name is Tommy Klatt, a well-known detective who investigated 70 homicides in the 1980s and ’90s.

But for the past two decades, he’s been in private practice doing investigation work.

I’ve worked with him before, including when he was asked to consult by the families of David Madott, Omar Shearer and Kent Munro, who went missing after a Florida diving trip in 1994. He was very thorough but also had an open mind on all ideas and theories being suggested.

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[AD note: The RCMP Secure Access Portal is an electronic Privilege Management Infrastructure (PMI) use for authentication and authorization [and revocation]. It provides role-based access controls for web-based applications up to a Protected B level. The two primary products used to provide this functionality are Entrust GetAccess and Entrust TruePass.]



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